Agenda and minutes

Venue: York Sports Club, Clifton Park, Shipton Road

Contact: Michael Hawtin 

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Drop-in surgery


The drop-in surgery was attended by residents who had the opportunity to talk to the Councillors, Safer Neighbourhood Team, representatives from Clifton Hospital development team, Street Environment Officer and the Neighbourhood Management Officer.


Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team


PC Ian Richardson and PCSO Dave Ellison told the meeting about what the team has been doing.


Crime is down nearly 8%

Anti-social behaviour is down 20% in the last 3 months


The team are aware that there has been a problem at Rawcliffe Recreation Field with mopeds going through the car park. The team have issued warnings to the young people doing it who didn’t realise the danger they were causing.


They are working on several campaigns to reduce truanting, increase cycle security and to stop cycling on pavements.


Clifton Hospital


Dave Johnson and the team from Clifton Hospital gave a presentation on the development. They explained that there is a need for the facility in the area as patients and family have to travel outside the region at the moment.


The presentation covered several aspects of the development, what it will look like, how visible it will be, what it overlooks, the lighting, the replacement of trees and the flood risk assessment. The sustainability of the building was also covered.


Questions were asked about parking and the building’s life expectancy. Residents suggested that the 2 storey part of the development would be intrusive.


A question was asked about the piling and it was explained that the development would use bored piling which wouldn’t cause vibrations and noise.


There was a question about making the wall higher. It was explained that making the wall higher would be very intrusive to neighbours.


The colour of the development was queried. The final colour will be agreed with the Local Planning Authority.


Communities and Neighbourhoods


Andy Binner, Operations Manager, gave a brief overview of what the team covers and the winter maintenance policy. He explained that due to the extended cold spell last winter there was a much higher call for services and their team worked long hours to clear streets and paths and fill pot holes.


The team were congratulated for their hard work and commitment during the long cold spell.


Have your say


It was raised that there has been an attempt to realign the boundary between the parishes of Rawcliffe and Skelton for about ten years. As far as is known this has been approved by central Government and should be implemented at the local elections next year. (Boundary changes only become implemented at the relevant level of elections.)


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