Agenda and minutes

Venue: Rawcliffe Recreation Hall

Contact: Michael Hawtin 

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Ward Surgery

Your Chance to meet;

  • Your Ward Councillors
  • Michael Hawtin, Neighbourhood Management Officer
  • Michelle Watling, Street Environment Officer
  • Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • York Youth Council


During the surgery the Street Environment Officer showed ‘Don’t be a Minger’ a film aimed at young people to discourage, and show the consequences of,  littering. This will be shown at secondary schools soon. Residents had the opportunity to speak to their Ward Councillors, the Safer Neighbourhood Team, the Street Environment Officer and Neighbourhood Management Officer.


Welcome & Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting will be agreed and signed, there will also be an update of any action points


Cllr Watt chaired the meeting and welcomed residents. The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed.


The Councillors explained about their dispensations to take part in the meeting and the declaration of interests in certain schemes for 2010/11. The list was available at the meeting on the ‘signing in’ table.


Street Environment Officer

Michelle Watling will introduce herself and explain how the York Pride budget can help improve your neighbourhood.


Michelle Watling introduced herself to the meeting and explained about the York Pride Budget. She gave a short list of some of the activites the budget has covered which included clearing fly tipping, removed diseased trees, equipment for Community Payback to use to maintain and tidy up the area and dog-fouling.


Safer Neighbourhoods Police Update

Representatives from the team will be at the meeting to talk about their recent activities and their neighbourhood priorities.


PC Ian Richardson introduced a new team member, PCSO Dave Ellison. He went on the talk about their activities which has included working to reduce anti-social behaviour, operations to prevent cycling offences like cycling on the pavement or without lights.


He mentioned Operation Kineto, where 160 officers went onto the travellers’ site and removed the capacity for growing drugs, they returned later and took away drugs with a street value of £20K.


Crime generally is down 35% on the same period last year, Anti-social behaviour is up by 2.5%, hot spots have been identified and the team is working on them.


Q. Has the work at Tower Court displaced the ASB to Oakdale Place and Ebsay Drive?

A. Possibly but there’s no evidence – there is a Problem Solving Plan to reduce Anti-social behaviour which includes those streets as well as Tower Court.


Q. Are you aware of the problems at the Curry’s car park on Clifton Moor?

A. Yes it is the one we are working on – the area has had some complaints we’re dealing with Brit-Safe and we will deal with the managing agent.


Provisional Local Improvement Schemes

Your chance to comment on the provisional schemes list and to influence the decision on how the budget for 2010/11 will be spent.


Residents were given the opportunity to discuss any of the schemes before the councillors decided on the list for 2010-11.


Q. How many seats are there in the Skelton Play area?

A. If successful there will be 5 seats in the area.


There was a question about the location of the benches as on the ballot they were suggested that they would be on The Pasture. This was noted.


The members explained that they weighed up the expressions of interest, they considered the number of people who supported each scheme and from what area they came. They looked for, and discounted, what appeared to be ‘tactical voting’ – supporting schemes in one area and against all in other areas. They took into account expressions of support from previous  ward committee meetings and from speaking to residents.


While the Councillors and Neighbourhood Management Officer discussed the schemes the residents had a break for coffee and biscuits.


Once the decision had been made the Councillors went through which schemes had been approved. Of the 27 proposed schemes 18 were approved for funding. (See list below)


Ambition 1: Keeping your community safe



Scheme suggestion



Install a barrier on the footpath between Tamworth Road and Lilbourne Drive to allow push chairs through but to stop scooters and mini-motos using it as a shortcut to the fields behind Tamworth Road.








Ambition 2: Valuing our young people



Scheme suggestion



A fund for York Playspace to provide  6 mobile play sessions for young children at various places in the ward. (£205 per 2 hour session.)



A grant to Kool Kids Club to buy outdoor play equipment to improve outdoor play opportunities for children in the ward at their Clifton With Rawcliffe Federation Junior School site. This will include scooters, a tennis coaching pack and football posts.



A grant to Young People's Service to continue providing youth work in the ward. This fund will cover building-based work (at youth clubs etc), detached work (could be on the streets, park etc) and by using the URBIE bus (a mobile youth club).



Relocate the gate at the Clifton Moor Community Church to be opposite the door allowing the after school club to move directly to the open space for activities.



Create a path connecting Staindale Close with Rawcliffe Recreation Field. This will link to other paths that are part of 'Routes to School'



A fund to support additional parenting courses run by Family Matters at St Mark's Church Rawcliffe.



A grant to 'Skelton Squirrels' playgroup to provide additional play sessions at Skelton Primary School. They aim to attract more families to participate as well as providing three hour sessions more days of the week.



A grant to Active York to support their ‘Fund for the Gifted’. This helps young sports people pay for training, travel and equipment that they may not otherwise be able to afford.








Ambition 3:  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Have Your Say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns.


One resident mentioned that the York and District Angling Society had done a lot of work tidying up around Rawcliffe Lake, removing trolleys and other rubbish from culverts and the lake. This was appreciated.


There was a question about raising the level of water in the lake but Councillor Moore explained that it was at the same level it has always been and the level is set by Yorkshire Water at 9.6m above sea level.


Residents were asked to call the Environment Agency if they noticed any palettes or trolleys in the drainage channels.


One resident expressed their gratitude to the Councillors for the work they do in the ward.


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