Proposed venue: Yvonne Forman Building, Clifton Without Junior School, Rawcliffe Lane

Contact: Michael Hawtin 

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The Surgery ran from 7;00pm to 7:30pm.

During the surgery ward scheme SK-07-22 was discussed and it was agreed that £100 of the grant could be used to hold a party at Skelton Village Hall for elderly residents.


Introduction and minutes


Cllr. Richard Moore introduced the meeting and the minutes of the last meeting were agreed.


Festival of Ideas


John Roberts gave an introduction to the ‘Festival of Ideas 2’. Which is a questionnaire that looks at the way people think York should develop and asks about the city. It is a consultation exercise which will guide strategies. He asked that everyone should complete the questionnaire on the web, from the insert in ‘Your Ward’ or from questionnaires at Tesco or B&Q.


He was asked about the numbers of people who had completed a questionnaire and he told the meeting that 1,400 had been returned by post to them and there would be more from the internet. This is a statutory requirement under the local government framework.


Police Update


Sgt. Donna Musgrove introduced the policing team and explained that they might have to leave if anything happens in the ward. She stressed the benefit of Ward Meetings as a forum to consult residents’ about their needs for policing and that multi-agency meetings are vital to effective policing in wards.


She went on the explain that the team had focussed on a couple of hot-spots and were patrolling regularly to tackle anti-social behaviour and car crime. Car crime is 17% down on a year ago.


Operation Consequence is a high visibility campaign running in the area. This is a zero tolerance approach where children caught vandalism, graffiti or anti-social behaviour through drink are taken home to inform their parents and then taken back to clear up. The police have done spot check on the shops and none have sold alcohol to under-age children. This means that the alcohol is being provided by older kids or parents. They are patrolling regularly but they are aware that it will take police, schools and parents working together to reduce this happening.


She was asked about traffic problems in the ward and explained that there were only 2 traffic officers to cover all of York.


She was asked about the play area by the Library where someone has been seen sleeping rough. She explained that her officers had been back several times but never seen anyone themselves.


She was told that people felt there was a lack of feedback. Residents had spoken to officers about their concerns but never been contacted. She told the meeting that this is an area she is working on.


Street Environment Update


Iain Dunn told the meeting that he was involved in a ‘Keep Britain tidy’ environmental campaign. There is a problem with cigarette litter since the ban in pubs etc. One aspect of the campaign involved him counting cigarette ends in 6 locations in September. (If people are caught dropping any litter they can be given a warning or even a £75 fine.) They are seeing the positive effect of the campaign already and are giving out Stubbies to put cigarette-ends in. There are other targeted campaign planned throughout the year including, Bubble gum, School children and their litter and take-away litter.


The department is 6 months into the financial year and they have employed PACY to trim the hedges on Clifton Moorgate. The hedges on Bowlands Road is now planned and the A19 verges will be done twice a year.


He reminded the meeting that if they needed to contact him his number is 551551.


He was asked about salt bins and he explained that 150 to 200 more bins had been installed than were needed which is why some are being removed where they are not required. He was asked about graffiti and explained that normally offensive graffiti is removed within 48 hours. They are liaising with the police about ways of cutting down on graffiti.


Youth Work Update


Terry Kiernan said that while numbers had been quiet at Rawcliffe they were now showing signs of picking up. At Rawcliffe young people had the opportunity to take part in football, arts & crafts, male health workshops, learning life-skills like budgeting and a games night. Rawcliffe has been awarded £1,400 from Yorkash to buy new equipment and for trips. At Skelton the village hall had been closed for some time so a detached youth worker met kids on the streets to talk to them to find out what they wanted to do. A fishing trip had been organised which was very successful. The Sports Bus had been there from 4 to 6pm on Mondays and this was also well attended. Skelton has been awarded £1,000 for new equipment and a further £1,000 for residential courses. At Cannon Lee School they are continuing their work particularly with anger management.


The Youth Team are in the process of planning a programme of events and they are in the process of employing 2 new youth workers.


Terry was asked about Clifton Without not being covered and he explained that this was because a session used to be held in the library but the funding for this finished in March this year. Cllr. Moore said that there isn’t a focal point in Clifton Without where detached work can be based.


Discussion of Ward Scheme Suggestions


Several Ward Scheme Suggestions were discussed. Street Sport York told the meeting that 1,800 young people had been to their sessions in the Ward. Their current funding is going to stop in March 2008 and they are looking for ways to fund their sessions. Age Concern are hoping that the ward will fund an outreach worker for 3 hours a week to work with socially isolated and lonely older people. Citizens Advice Bureau change the lives of 13,000 people every year. They are looking for funding to make sure that people are getting the benefits they are entitled to. York and District Sports Federation are looking for a “Fund for the Gifted”. This is to help aspiring young athletes with their training and travel expenses. 15-20% of the total awards across York are for young people in this ward, It was discussed that Ryedale Housing Association are now prepared to give a 35 year lease on the land and Skelton Parish are hoping for match funding from them as well as lottery funding. They are in the process of liaising with parents in Rydedale HA homes about the play equipment. Skelton Parish is also looking for a speed activated warning sign on the outbound stretch of Moorlands Road for increased safety. They also mentioned that a report had suggested that there were 12 lighting columns on the footpath by Orchard Field but there are currently only 3 so another light will increase safety and security.


Cllr. Richard Moore told the meeting that he had submitted scheme 17 (Support for the production of the Skelton Village Design Statement).


There was a question about the lack of schemes for Rawcliffe, the response was that there had only been one suggestion submitted.


Cllr. Richard Moore told the meeting about how to vote for schemes and mentioned that he and Cllr. Joe Watt would go through the schemes to make sure that there was no tactical voting.


It was suggested that it might be useful if there was a caption on the ‘Your Ward’ newsletter saying “Voting form for local suggestions inside” or something similar.


Have Your Say


Several issues were mentioned and passed on. Including; the top of the wall near the travellers’ site being knocked down, faulty street lighting, the council’s response time to letters, double taxation (Cllr. Moore gave an explanation of the process for resolution of claims). The last matter was the confirmation of the agreement to allow parish halls to get a grant of £100 towards Christmas parties for elderly residents within the ward (Scheme SK-07-22).


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