Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Rawcliffe Rec - THe Pavillion

Contact: Helen Jarvis-Ong  Community Involvement Officer

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Join your elected members at this public ward committee meeting with a lunchtime soup


Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Committee Meeting, Thursday 19th September, 12:30-2:30pm, Rawcliffe Rec – Pavillion



·         Apologies from Sam Waudby

·         4 residents total in attendance (presenting their concerns in the Have Your Say, see later)


Police Update from PCSO (Jason Brooks)


·         PSCO Jason Brooks update

o   Low crime rates

o   Mainly: 1 nuisance call, 1 call vehicle entered, 3 calls vehicle theft, 2 cases violence, over 20 calls ASB nuisance – this mainly from Clifton.

o   Lots of times ASB is reported but it is potentially just congregations of young people.

o   Young people have been identified and parents have been visited/ spoken to.

o   Sometimes congregate at park or sports club

o   Controls have been put in place

o   Advice has been issued to nearby residents where theft has taken place - security and prevention etc.

o   Some neighbourhood disputes resulting in ASB cases – such as activities that typically arise in summer– loud music, fires, domestics.

o   Some theft at ALDI and TESCO supermarkets

o   Clifton Moor has had some shed burglaries and vehicles broken into – tend to be looking for tools to then re-sell

o   Some criminal damage to fences and cars

o   CCTV near the library – on top of the post

o   But no calls from the library in August

o   PCSOs receiving photos of youths hanging about

o   Looking for alternatives rather than CCTV as a deterrent

o   Parish Council offering CCTV as an option, looking at match funding

o   Victimising young people – what can be done?

o   Potential of a commissioning option – YFCF Foundation

o   September – 3 ASB calls in Rawcliffe.

o   Vehicle crimes, theft on driveways, high value cars being stolen – keyless card entry.

o   Cloned car keys is a popular choice.

o   PCSO strongly advises RFID protection pouches for keys with keyless entry. – only £6 from Amazon

o   Safer Communities Fund – CCTV? But can we put CCTV in where no criminal offences have taken place/ are taking place?

o   Clifton Backies removing the barriers – motorcycles can speed through as shortcut – used for drug running. Prevalent since dropped the barriers and the grid.

o   Barriers at Sutton Way – kids at Bootham Primary School

o   New technology used by police to catch offenders and theft criminals – DNA spray which shows up under UV lighting and can identify the person who committed the crime.


Update on Clifton Library - CYC


·         Libraries

o   New contract in place for Explore from 1st April 2019 to run the Council Libraries for the next  15 years. A new  vision for libraries was consulted with residents in 2017/18.  The vision for Clifton’s Library Learning Centre will include £2m investment to create a new larger library (like Burnholme).

o   Clifton’s Library will be a place at the heart of the community with co-located partners, reading café,  and community space for community activities and drop-in surgeries from Cllrs as examples.

o   We also aim to increase opening hours

o   Over the next year the Council will be working with Explore to identify potential co-location partners.  For example; the Clifton Sea Scouts are interested in working with us to be a joint use partner of the new library.

o   In terms of location, we will be looking across the area for any potential sites and develop a short list of good alternative sites.  For example the old Clifton junior school site could be used to create a fantastic Library Learning Centre.

o   Explore is looking at setting up a Friends group

§  Link fraud awareness and prevention meeting with Cllrs, a meeting at the library and promotion to set up a Friends of Clifton Library Group.



Councillor Updates


Ward Budgets 2019/2020 and ward priorities 2019/2020


Have your say!


·         Have Your Say

o   (Two residents) Tower Court Car Park

§  Parking on Oakdale Road

§  2hrs within a return period

§  Parking fines being sent to people using a parking space for any use within a period of over 2 hours. (e.g. drop-off and pick-up)

§  This commonly happens because GP, dentist, shop and other facilities located there often warrant people returning and popping in and out of the car park for brief stays/drop-offs.

o   (One resident) Green Lane and Beever Dyke cycle paths and Lakeside paths

§  Can we re-instate the signage

§  SUSTRANS have not been helpful

§  Signage the roads as they changed the lamp posts.

§  Resident really enjoys the cycle paths.

o   (One resident, on behalf of others as well)

§  Resident posed a question: Is it illegal to let dogs run free on a recreational ground or a sports ground?

§  Issue of dog fouling on the Rec grounds

§  Parish Council working with CYC to resolve – hanging and leaving dog dirt and dog bags

§  Dog dirt deterrent – maximum penalty/fine signs?



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