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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: York Race Course, Ebor Room

Contact: Matthew Ward 

No. Item


Drop in Surgery

1.   Drop in Surgery

The drop-in surgery will give you the opportunity to talk to Cllr Sandy Fraser, Cllr Julie Gunnell, Cllr Dave Merrett, your ward team and visiting speakers informally before the meeting. You can also find out about the future of the library services.


1.            Residents had the opportunity to discuss issues with local ward councillors, the neighbourhood management unit, safer neighbourhoods team and race course staff,

1.1         Representatives from Network Rail and O’Neill Associates showed plans for the York Engineers’ Triangle Development.

1.2         York Rotters attended to give composting information and issue ward committee funded compost bins to residents.



Safer Neighbourhood Team Update

2.         Safer Neighbourhood Team Update

          Find out the latest news from your local Policing team


2.         The Micklegate inner and outer safer neighbourhood teams attended to give an update

2.1       PC Julia Delaney, updated on Micklegate Inner Ward.

2.2       Crime in the ward is down 25% based on last year and the detection rate is up 50%

2.3       Good feedback has been received from residents follow a letter drop in the ward.

2.4       A Neighbourhood Watch scheme is starting for Micklegate Inner, the initial meeting is taking place on 8th February.

2.5       The priority for the ward remain as tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB) on Micklegate, as there has been a high number of alcohol related incidents reported.


Residents were given the opportunity to ask questions


Q-        Questions were asked over a residents contact with the Police.

A-   This will be dealt with outside of the meeting, as an individual issue.


2.6       PC Jackie Allen, under on Micklegate Outer Ward.

2.7       The biggest concern is currently the rise in graffiti in the ward. Positive action is being taken and attention is focused on two ‘tags’ CHEO and UM in black and blue paint.

2.8       Crime rates have reduced in line with the inner ward.

2.9       Overall North Yorkshire incidents are reduced 7% on last year.

2.10    The reductions in crime in the ward are largely due to information received from the community and encouragement was given for the great work to continue.

2.11    Sgt Sirrell updated on the new Facebook and Twitter pages being used by the Safer Neighbourhood team. To find them search for SNAyorkwest, updates are made on a daily basis.

2.12    The 101 national phone number has been launched.


Residents were given the opportunity to ask questions


Q-        Has 101 replaced the 0845 number

A-   Yes, the national 101 number has replaced the old number. When you ring 101 you will be connected to the local police control room, if at a county boarder you will be given a choice. 101 gives easier access as it is one number to remember nation wide. Call can be directed to an officer using their name or collar number.


2.13    Cllr Gunnell informed residents that work continues with the race course in relation to race days. The community is encouraged to  raise issues connected to race days so they can be continually monitored.

2.14    Sgt Sirrell oversees Operation Lancelot, which manages the race days to minimize the affect on the residents near the race course. New measures have been trialled over the past season so again feedback is welcome.


Q-        Have plans been made for the Queen attending in April and what will the impact be?

A-   Strategies are still in the planning stages, as there are many high profile events in 2012.


York Engineers' Triangle Development

3.         York Engineers’ Triangle Development

Developers O’Neill Associates will inform you on the development of the railway site


3.         Luan Anderson, Network Rail and Janet O’Neill, O’Neill Associates informed on the plans to develop the York Engineers’ Site.

3.1       The workforce development centre is part of the relocation of training centres. It is part of a national strategy providing state of the art training facilities.

3.2       York has been chosen due to the city’s strong rail links and history.

3.3       Staff currently at other locations will be offered relocation to the new facility, this includes signallers and maintenance staff.

3.4       The training centre will cater for up to 220 trainees, providing residential courses up to a week long.

3.5       Included in the training centre will be a 60m indoor and 150m outdoor section of track to provide a realistic environment for trainees to work in.

3.6       A three shift pattern will be run, the same as currently operated. 100 staff members will be on shift at any one time.

3.7       120 car parking spaces will be provided, these are for members of office staff. A sustainable transport scheme is run, encouraging the use of trains and public transport. Workers are expected to use rail as much as possible.

3.8       Cinder Lane will provide access for the centre. The footbridge will also remain to provide access.

3.9       The development will largely be single storey although the training centre will be higher, up to three storey, to allow access for trains on the indoor rail. An overhead gantry will be installed for the track section.

3.10    As the development is going to be seen on arrival to York, the building is designed to provide a suitable arrival. Consultations have been undertaken with conservation and archaeological trusts.

3.11    Open days at St Pauls Church, 29th February and the railway station, 1st March have been arranged for further public consultation and information.

3.12    It is hoped that the plans will go to planning committee in June.


Residents were given the opportunity to ask questions.


No questions were asked.



Hamilton Panthers Update

4.      Hamilton Panthers Update

Find out the latest news on the proposed community development



4.         Phil Sanderson attended and presented an update on the progress of Hamilton Panthers plans to develop a community facility.

4.1       A brief history was given of previous events. A public consultation has been held, a public open day in Rowntree Park has been attended and all the feedback so far has been positive.

4.2       Due the historic nature of the building, Hamilton Panthers are working with Dringhouses Local History Group to catalogue any historic value from the building. Photographs have been taken of the interior and exterior of the building.

4.3       Gary Limbert, CYC Football Facilities Project Officer has been working closely with Hamilton Panthers to attract funding.

4.4       Fundraising is going well and plans are made to continue this year.

4.5       The planning application will be submitted in March, the planned start date for the building will be in 2013. The police architectural liaison officer has been consulted with for the plans.

4.6       There has already been interest shown from local clubs for using the community facilities and cafe as a meeting place, including athletic groups, dog walkers and cycling clubs.

4.7       Progress can be monitored on the Hamilton Panthers website, www.hamiltonpanthersfc.co.uk Facebook and twitter (@PanthersFC).


Residents were given the opportunity to ask questions


Q-        When is the demolition planned, there are houses backing on to the site will they be consulted?

A-   Dates haven’t been set as the planning is yet to be agreed. Work will be done with residents and information of plans will be available.


Cllr Merrett added that news will be made available via the ward committee and any CYC publications.


Ward Committee Schemes Update


5.         Matthew Ward, Neighbourhood Management Officer, updated on the ward committee funded schemes for the current year.

5.1       Schemes funded this year include,

·         Providing compost bins for residents,

·         doorstep green waste collections,

·         funding for a waste reduction campaign through St Nicholas Fields,

·         a grant to York Rotters for compost training,

·         installation of new signage on Little Knavesmire,

·         funding for Southlands Junior Club, for yrs 3 and 4 and Dramadaries, yrs 7 to 9.

·         Funding for Active York, which directly benefitted a resident of the ward,

·         Funding to Youth Services for Clements Hall youth club

·         Grant to Older Citizens Advocacy, to give over 50’s the opportunity to speak on issues affecting them.

·         Support for the Outdoor Learning Centre, directly benefiting pupils from Millthorpe School,

·         10 Streetsport multisport sessions, for young people, some of the best attended in the city,

·         A grant to St Chads Grey Scout Group for flooring improvements.

·         Printing to support Hamilton Panthers FC in their community facility development.

5.2       Cllr Fraser added that support had been given to Micklegate Action Group in their ongoing work to establish the Minster Quarter, www.micklegatequarter.co.uk. The group have held their first public event, Carols on Micklegate which was successful and supported by the Lord Mayor. The ward councillors continue to support the work of the group.


Residents were give the opportunity to ask questions.


Q-        Salt bins were mentioned, where is the nearest one to Nunmill Street?

A-   Either Bishopthorpe Road carpark or Nunthorpe Avenue.


Q-        How can a street party be organised?

A-   There is information available as part of York800, which gives full details of who to contact and what is required for parties.


Have Your Say

6.         Have Your Say

Your opportunity to raise issues about your neighbourhood


6.         Residents had the opportunity to raise issues and concerns about their local neighbourhood. The following were raised


Q-        Street lighting reports are needed across the ward, they have been reported but nothing has happened.

A-   It was requested that locations of any street lights not working are passed to Cllrs, who will follow up the issues. It was added that if the fault is to do with the electricity supply it can mean some delay.


Q-        Residents of Tranby Avenue didn’t receive the latest Your Ward, in the past it has served as a timely reminder of the ward committee meetings.

A-   For money saving purposes, there are ongoing trials on the best method to deliver information to residents. It has been feedback that the latest deliveries of Your Voice containing Your Ward has not reached numerous household as it was delivered with the Advertiser that many houses in the ward don’t receive.


Q-        Is it possible to do anything about under lit areas of the ward?

A-   It in the current circumstances it isn’t certain what budget will be available for street lighting next year. All lighting columns undergo a full structural survey and as many have been condemned this year priority has to be given to replacing them initially from next year budget.


Q-        How soon should a light be mended if it is just the bulb?

A-   The policy is 3 days, if it’s a supply issue then as mentioned before there will be a longer delay.


Q-        Is there any news on the Terry’s development?

A-   The section 106 agreement has been agreed and requires signing, there is hope that work will start imminently.


Q-        Is there any update on the 20mph area for the ward?

A-   Officers are currently progressing the proposal and hope to extend the area to cover Bishopthorpe Road, Scarcroft Road and Clementhorpe. As progress is made information will be delivered to residents.


Q-        Is there anything in the section 106 agreement for education provision, as the development will increase demand on the current facilities.

            Cllr Fraser declared an interest as a governor at Knavesmire Primary School.

A-   The details have been agreed but weren’t available at the meeting, it was thought that there was provision for primary education but it wasn’t known if there would be provision for secondary education. Both primary schools in the ward are currently oversubscribed. Knavesmire Primary school have plans to expand and the plans were available at the meeting, comments from residents were encouraged. As section 106 money is released in line with housing development it could be some years before funding is available.


Q-        Does the ward have aspirations for the provision of cycle parking in residential areas?

A-   Cycle parking has usually been targeted at shopping facilities, such as on Micklegate and Bishopthorpe Road. As for residential areas, there haven’t been requests received possibly due to fears over security but there is no reason why it couldn’t be looked at. Discussions  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


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