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Proposed venue: York High School, Cornlands Rd, Acomb

Contact: Adrian Phipps 

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The Surgery included a tour around the new revamped Energise leisure centre.  


Councillor Andrew Waller, Sue Galloway and Steve Galloway were available to answer questions.


The Safer Neighbourhood Team gave away free light bulbs and timer switches to reduce burglary.


The Street Environment Office gave an update on the anti litter campaign and work done by the department.


The Neighbourhood Management Officer handed out leaflets promoting local community centres and events.  


The Housing department did a consultation on Anti Social Behaviour for the forthcoming strategy.


A representative from Street Sports promoted the work done in the area.


Welcome and Minutes


Councillor Steve Galloway welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked representatives of the Sport and Leisure Department for the tour of the pool and leisure centre.  The minutes were agreed and signed.


Energise Pool


During the tour representatives from the Sport and Active Leisure department answered questions and provided further information.


Safer Neighbourhoods Team


Inspector Moreton of The Police Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) gave an introduction to the Safer Neighbourhood Team stating they were aimed at dealing with local issues around anti social behaviour and crime.  He also welcomed  Grace Holohan the new Police Community Support Officer to the team.


Inspector Moreton emphasised that all ward priorities of anti social behaviour criminal damage and burglary were down on the previous year.  In total there were 184 less crimes compared with this time last year.  He stated that the Capable Guardians group which is a multi agency approach to tackling anti social behaviour had been particularly effective and had secured £50,000 for a two year project diverting potential offenders into positive activities.


He also stated that the SNT had secured one of the first closure orders under new legislation of a premises which attracted persistent nuisance in the area.

In addition the team had run Operation Decommission which looked at supporting victims and targeting offenders whilst Operation Easel was currently running to reduce the amount of alcohol illegally sold to teenagers.


Inspector Moreton also gave an update of a very successful campaign to reduce incidents of anti social behaviour around bonfire night .  He also gave feedback on a partnership action day which saw a wide range of activities from enforcement operations to advice sessions occurring all around the ward.









Local Improvement Schemes 2009/10


Due to practical difficulties of getting some of the money allocated spent during the year it was proposed that money be shifted into the Kingsway West/Foxwood/Chapelfields Project which aims to help people in the Ward.  Sue Galloway gave an update on the project and especially the work with Future Prospects a local charity and the Citizens Advice Bureau.  Key achievements include:

·        an extra £30,000 pounds in benefits for the ward

·        an increase in the number of people receiving hearing aids and doorbells

·        38 people enrolled on a course

·        7 people helped to find employment

·        Over 150 people have contacted the scheme for help


In addition the issue of verge crossovers was raised due to the number of requests from individuals in the ward.


Agreed –       Outstanding monies from this years budget be allocated to the Verge Crossover programme and the Kingsway West/Foxwood/Chapelfields project.




Local Improvement Schemes 2010/11


The schemes proposed for next years budget were looked at and the Councillor Steve Galloway asked for comments and representations from the audience.


Jo Gilliland, a representative from Active York spoke in favour of the Fund for the Gifted application, which provided support to young sports people in the area.  She thanked the ward for funding in previous years and said that several youngsters had been helped in the area as a direct consequence of ward funding.  She advised that several youngsters had contacted the project but if anyone knew of anyone who would wish to be considered then to contact the project on 01904 553434.


Agreed - The list in the Your ward newsletter would go forward for ballot.


Have Your Say


The issue of youths hanging around the Bramham Road/Bramham Avenue area was brought up.  Councillor Waller stated that various initiatives were in place to try and reduce the impact of anti social behaviour in the area including new CCTV cameras for the junction by the shops.


Issues around Chapelfields Road and especially the snickets were also highlighted and Councillor Waller stated that there was an ongoing programme of securing snickets in the area to reduce the misuse of these areas.


Councillor Sue Galloway stated the importance of using local community centres and asked if anyone had any ideas for classes or events they would like to see locally then they should contact the Neighbourhood Management Officer.


Councillor Galloway thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting.    


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