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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Stockton on the Forest Village Hall, Sandy Lane, Stockton on the Forest, York, YO32 9UR

Contact: Fiona Barker 

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Surgery 6.30 - 7.00pm


Public meeting starts 7.00pm


Tuesday 28th June

Stockton on the Forest Village Hall, Sandy Lane, Stockton on the Forest, YO32 9UR



Chaired by: Cllr Paul Doughty, Cllr Helen Douglas

Also present: Fiona Barker, Active Living Officer at City of York Council



Ward Budgets for 16/17


Paul Doughty stated that social isolation and loneliness would be one of the issues most focussed on, and that the parish council was looking to reach people who are currently difficult to reach, as this is pertinent to Strensall’s demographics.

Paul stated that the Ward budget (£45,301 in total) has increased sizeably.  This is because it includes a carryover from last year.  The elections in 2015 meant that it was well into the year before the ward committee cycles, and so the allocation for highway programmes had not been used.  He stated that they will not always be allowed to carry over the budget in this manner, and it has only happened now because of the ward committee being set up later.  He stated that he and Helen would always meet up with members of the parish for suggestions on how to use it.

One idea was for a parking bay in Stone Riggs, as a lot of houses there do not have driveways.  However, Paul stated that they currently did not wish to commit to anything in case they came up against something of a higher priority.  Other ideas were for extra street lights and zebra crossings, although Paul stated that this would cost more than the general grant, and this was something to be mindful of. 

Paul referred to other grants listed upon the briefing notes, stating that various organisations had asked them to hang onto these until the new year and that they did not affect the current figure.  These included a grant to supply a notice board for Stockton on Forest Community Centre (£989.00), a grant to Strensall Carnival Committee for Carnival Contribution (£750.00) and a grant to supply gardening tools to maintain the community area at Stockton Fox Pentanque Club.

Helen stated that they were very restricted (by the Department of Transport) in terms of what could be done with the highway budget.  One idea was for a mobile speed sign (estimated cost: £3,000) at a pre-agreed location, which could then be moved to wherever it was needed.

An extra dog waste bin was also due to be allocated to Stockton on the Forest.  A question was raised about using ordinary bins for the disposal of dog waste and what was the policy on this?  Helen stated that it was fine as it went into the same landfill anyway.  An attendee stated there had been complaints about the problems this caused in intense heat, when the smell would attract flies.  Paul stated that this was a risk but that it would be difficult to enforce a policy against it.

A resident asked where the spare dog waste bin would be situated.  Paul stated that it would go wherever was most practical for collection.

Paul stated that there would be a meeting with representatives later in the year about how to use the budget.


Paul stated that sites previously earmarked for housing on the green belt land had been taken out in the Strensall ward.  He  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Community groups pitch for ward funding


Karen Evans, Chair of Strensall Sports Club, stated that she was looking to raise the profile of the club, as very few people in Strensall know that it exists.  The club had recently been renamed from Strensall Youth and Sports Association by a group of six individuals who had taken it over.  The club is a registered charity and home to various sports groups and facilities, including the Strensall Tigers Football Club.  It is also a popular venue for children’s parties.  A new website for the club has recently been created (http://strensallsportsclub.co.uk/).

Karen stated that the club has recently had problems with its floodlights and currently cannot afford to renew them.  She stated that Community Payback are going to paint the facility.

Karen said that the club currently does not have much representation among the older age group.  She said that the facility could be used for a number of activities but that she would like to know what people want.

In order to improve its profile, the club is currently looking to purchase new signs telling people where to find it.  The club is also wanting £100 for an FA pitch improvement assessment, and £450 to install CTV equipment in order to protect the facilities from vandals.  Overall, the club will be looking to request a grant of about £1000.

Helen Douglas asked if the club had any groups for the disabled.  Karen stated that the club had disabled access but currently did not have groups for the disabled and that this was something it could work on.  Karen also confirmed that coffee mornings were currently not being held at the club.

Karen stated that the signs would read “Community and Sports Club” in order to emphasise that it was more than just a sports club.  She said that she had discussed the signs with Mary Bailey and Sue Gill and that funding was now needed.  Paul Doughty stated that they could ask her back when they held their next meeting in Strensall.



Sarah Wallis - Home Library Service


Sarah Wallis, Home Library Service Project Manager, stated that she wanted to spread the word about the Home Library Service.  This is made up of volunteers who visit people who cannot get to the library easily, with an aim toward reaching vulnerable and isolated members of the community.  Sarah indicated that there were leaflets available at the back of the hall and stated that if attendees know of anyone who would benefit from the service, then her contact details could be found on the back:

Tel: 07469378205

Email: sarah.wallis@exploreyork.org.uk

Sarah also confirmed that the service could always use more volunteers, and that there was a recruitment process for those wishing to volunteer, including a DBS check.



PCSO Crime and community safety update


No PCSO available on the night to provide an update




A resident asked about the PCSCO, stating that they had not seen them for months.  Paul stated they were expecting the PCSO to attend the meeting tonight, but they were ultimately unable to attend.  Fiona Barker stated that she would typically email five of them at a time as they usually swapped around, and that she could email feedback to them.

A resident stated that, what with the school summer holidays approaching, there were concerns about rowdiness.  Paul stated that if there were any issues, then residents should drop him a line and he would get in touch.  He stated that there were issues with anti-social behaviour in the parks and that this was something to monitor.

A resident requested clarification about the breakdown of grants provided on the briefing notes.  Paul stated that the top figure (£45,301) was made up of multiple grants.  When asked about the difference between the Annual Pride in York fund and the Additional Pride in York fund, Paul stated that the Annual Pride was a regular theme, and Additional Pride referred to numerous extra areas which had been put forward for this year only.  Fiona offered to dig out the factsheet for additional pride funds, if it would help to clarify things.

Helen stated that a Ward Walk and Councillor Cafe would be taking place at Strensall library on 8th August from 2.00 – 4.30pm, details of which could be found on the Council website.  She stated that she was keen to get out and talk to people on a more informal basis and would like to be more mobile, and that this would be a trial event.



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