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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Acaster Malbis Memorial Hall, Mill Lane

Contact: Claire Taylor 

No. Item


6.30pm - Drop in surgery

The drop-in surgery gives you the opportunity to talk with your Councillors, Street Environment Officer, Safer Neighbourhood Police Team, Neighbourhood Management Officer and visiting speakers in an informal setting.


1.1 Residents had the opportunity to talk informally to Councillor’s Galvin and Vassie, Kate Bowers,Claire Taylor, Sally Barker, Abigail Strait, Suzanne Prance, Andy Guy , PCSO Colin Martin,PC Anna Daniels.    


7.00pm - Main Meeting

Welcome and Minutes


2.1 Cllr Galvin and Vassie welcomed residents to the meeting.

2.2 The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed.


Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update from your ward police team and your chance to ask any questions.


3.1 PC Anna Daniels gave crime figures:

Wheldrake –7.6%

Bishopthorpe – 47%


Deighton 0

Wheldrake 1

Elvington 2

Bishopthorpe 1

Acaster Malbis 0



No comments or questions were asked


Localism Bill

Kate Bowers, Head of Neighbourhood Management Unit, will talk about the Localism Bill will sets out ways to reduce bureaucracy and decentralise power and decision making. 


4.1 Kate Bowers Head of Neighbourhood Management Unit gave a detailed presentation on The Localism Bill.


An open discussion took place with the residents.


The Localism bill will be circulated in due course.    



Digital Swithover


5.1 Andy Guy from the Digital Switchover help scheme gave a presentation about the switch over which will be going ahead in Aug-Sept 2011.

He warned about certain issues he had come across,

You do not need new aerials.

You do not need a new television. (Any television can be switched) despite it’s age.

The cost of this service is £40 (exceptions made) 



Grants Update

An opportunity to hear about the projects that have been sponsored by the ward committee during 2010/11.


6.1 Due to time constrictions this item was not discussed but the information is available.


Local Improvement Schemes

This is an opportunity for discussion on the provisional list of schemes for 2011-12.


7.1 Cllr Galvin gave an opportunity to make any comments on the schemes,

No comments were made.



The list of schemes approved for funding in 2011/12 subject to the schemes being legal, feasible and with budget.



Active York for their ‘Fund for the Gifted’ scheme that helps talented young sports people and their families.



York Youth Council to help fund the set-up of a city-centre youth café.



Street Sport York to fund ten street sport sessions.



Mobile play sessions at various locations in the ward over the summer run by York Playspace.



York Young People’s Service for Acaster Malbis Youth Club to enable the club to continue running for another year.



Bishopthorpe 1st Scout Group to replace the kitchen in the scout hut.



Wheldrake pre-school playgroup to fund first aid courses for ten members of staff and management committee.



Wheldrake Parish Council to provide a rubber equivalent of play bark in the under 12’s play area in Wheldrake play park.



Elvington Village Hall to replace the floor covering in the main hall, which has become badly worn.



Install one more bench. Suggested locations include Church Lane and Main Street in Bishopthorpe, Acaster lane and Naburn play park.



Funding towards’Bishopthorpe in Bloom’



Installation of a dog litter bin at the bottom of St Helen’s Rise, Wheldrake (includes 3 years emptying).



Wheldrake Parish Council to install a street light at the end of The Cranbrooks where it meets the cycle/walkway through to Braithegate.



Installation of a Vehicle Activated Sign along the 30mph stretch of Bishopthorpe Road from the boundary into Bishopthorpe. 



Funding for the provision of additional salt bins cross the ward.



A community chest for additional projects, which may come up during the year.



Age Concern York to fund room hire for sessions of their Simple Nail Cutting Service for elderly people.



Have Your Say

Your chance to discuss local issues.


8.1 Your chance to ask questions about  issues and concerns


 The Following Questions and comments were noted:

8.2  Why is Acaster Malbis youth club only 50p seems a little low.Another resident thought it was £1 and it was low to encourage more people.


8.3 A resident asked about Scheme BW-11-05 which enables the club to continue running for another year. How many people will this scheme employ and what have the numbers been like.

8.4 Cllr Galvin will collate this information.


8.5 What is the latest regarding  North Selby Mines.

Cllr Vassie gave a update and detailed information of the site.


Meeting Close


9.1 Meeting brought to a close 8.45pm.


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