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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Acaster Malbis Memorial Hall

No. Item


6.30pm - Surgery

You will have an opportunity to talk to:

  • Cllr John Galvin
  • Cllr Christian Vassie
  • Clair Bailey-Lane, Street Environment Officer
  • Sarah Garbacz, Strategic Manager, Libraries
  • Cindy Benton, Neighbourhood Pride Officer
  • The Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • NHS Foundation Trust


1.1        Local residents had the opportunity to speak to Cllr John Galvin, Cllr Christian Vassie, Ben Hyde, Sgt Andy Haigh, PC Anna Tyldesley, Fiona Williams, Sarah Garbacz and Cindy Benton.

1.2        Residents also had an opportunity to find out more about the Terry’s development, local library services and becoming a member of NHS Foundation Trust.


7.00pm - Welcome and Minutes


2.1    Cllr John Gavin welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.2    The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed by Cllr John Galvin.



An update from your Safer Neighbourhood Team on ward issues and your chance to ask any questions.


Sgt  Andy Haigh and PC Anna Tyldesley gave an update on Crime and Community Safety issues in the ward.  The following points were noted:


3.1            In October the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) consulted with residents via ‘Your Ward’ on what the police priorities should be for the Bishopthorpe and Wheldrake ward.  The outcome of that consultation was that residents believe the priorities are speeding, anti-social behaviour and drugs. 

3.2            There are forms available for residents to fill in to report any incidences of speeding in the ward.  Residents are encouraged to fill the forms in as this helps to build up a statistical picture of problem areas.  In order for a traffic unit to come to the area the SNT need evidence that there is a problem.  Some members of the SNT are shortly going to be trained on how to use speed guns.

3.3            The SNT have recently given a number of people warnings regarding cannabis.  If they are caught a second time they will be arrested.   Residents are encouraged to contact the SNT is they have any suspicions about drugs.  The team can be contacted on 0845 60 60 247 or by e-mailing yorknpt@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

3.4            The SNT also have their own priorities which are separate to the ones decided by the public.  These are criminal damage/anti-social behaviour, burglary and auto-crime.

3.5            Bishopthorpe had a big problem with anti-social behaviour but the SNT have made some in roads recently.  Residents should get in touch with the team if they witness anything or have any concerns.

3.6            The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  Are the public police priorities in order of residents’ concern?

Response was given that yes they are. 


b)  There is a problem in Acaster Malbis with people driving very fast through the village.  If I fill in a form, what will happen?

Response was given that the police now have a power under the Section 59 Act.  If they witness or are given the registration number of a vehicle speeding they can issue a warning.  If they are seen speeding again the police can seize the car and it will cost the owner £250 to recover it.


c)  Residents tend to complain about problems but never report them.  It is important to report things then some action can be taken.


Local Library Services

Sarah Garbacz (Strategic Manager for Libraries) will be talking about what is available in your local library and how to get involved.


Sarah Garbacz gave a talk on the York Library Service.  The following points were noted:


4.1      There are a number of libraries across the city offering a wide range of facilities.

4.2      The libraries are free to join and anyone who joins is automatically given a York card which entitles them to discounted entry to various places around the city.

4.3      The library service is currently loaning out ‘Smart Meters’ which enable residents to measure how much electricity their household appliances are using.  Cllr Christian Vassie reported that he would strongly recommend them.  He has been using one in his home and has saved over £350 through being able to see where energy is being wasted.

4.4      April will see the launch of the loaning out of MP3 players with audio books pre-loaded onto them.

4.5      York libraries run a family history service which includes training courses on how to trace your family tree.

4.6      The libraries team are looking at further ways to involve the local communities to gain feedback on their services.  The team want residents’ input into what the libraries should stock, if the opening times are right etc.  In the near future residents will be able to have their say on how a small part of the budget should be spent.  If residents have any suggestions for improving their local library they should e-mail Cindy Benton. 

4.7      Cllr Christian Vassie reported that the Executive have agreed an ambitious new plan to bring the central library and the archives together to make better use of them.  Fiona Williams added that there is a strong feeling among the residents of York that the archives should remain within the city walls so the plan is to bring them into the central library.  The team are applying for funding to make the necessary adjustments to the building.  It is likely to be 2-3 years before this is complete.

4.8      The libraries team are hoping to attend all the ward committee meetings in April to consult with residents on plans to turn York Central Library into an Explore Centre.

4.9      The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  Do you support book clubs?

Response was given that yes the library service does offer support to readers groups.  They have collections of books which can be hired out and the groups can influence which new stock is bought. 


b)  York Central Library is the most inaccessible library in terms of parking.  This needs to be considered as the highest priority.

Response was given that this is a long standing argument.  We will never be in a position where parking can be provided at the city centre library in its current location.


NHS Foundation Trust

A presentation on the Trust’s first year and how you can become a member.


Mike Proctor (MP), Deputy Chief Executive of the NHS Foundation Trust spoke about what the Trust has been doing, where it hopes to go in the future and encouraged residents of the ward to become members.  The following points were noted:


5.1       The hospital became a foundation trust in April 2007 which is good for two reasons;  1) it allows the hospital to have much more autonomy in how it delivers health services, 2) it allows the hospital to recruit a membership to whom they are accountable. 

5.2       Every member of hospital staff, everyone who lives in the York and Selby catchment area and anyone who was treated in York hospital in the three years prior to it becoming a foundation trust are eligible to become a member.  So far the trust has around 18,000 members making it one of the largest foundation trusts in the country.

5.3       The Trust has a board of governors elected by its members who are accountable to the local community.  Any member of the trust can stand to be elected as a governor.

5.4       The Trust has eight key objectives; 1) focus on patient safety and improving patient experience, 2) improved performance, 3) provide sufficient capacity to meet demand, 4) be a provider of choice, 5) look after the workforce, 6) develop and agree a strategic vision for clinical services, 7) develop the site to improve the environment in which we deliver care,  8) improve communication, consultation and public engagement.

5.5       The Trust’s current priorities are increasing bed numbers, improving staffing, improving safety for patients and reducing waiting times.

5.6       The Trust is currently seeing the majority of patients within 18 weeks of referral from the GP but want to improve on this.

5.7       The Trust is endeavouring the redevelop the hospital.  There was a temporary setback with the multi-storey car park but this is now back on track.  This will be the first stage in redeveloping the site. 

5.8       The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  The care I have received at York hospital has been excellent but it is let down by the poor parking facilities.

Response was given that the building of the multi-storey car park is back on track and it will take about a year to build.  Residents are urged to be patient during this time, the situation will get worse before it gets better but it is important to keep the end result in mind.


b)  If someone has a complaint about the hospital, what should they do?

Response was given that they should send their complaint to the Chief Executive and can expect a personal response within 25 days.


c)  I have visited a number of different hospitals and York is by far the best.


d)  How often do you walk about your wards?

Response was given that MP walks through the hospital wards everyday.


e)  Does the Trust do any work with community groups to promote prevention of illness?

Response was given that the Trust’s  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Proposed ward schemes 2009-10

Your ward councillors will present the provisional ward schemes list for the coming year.


6.1         Cllr John Galvin reported that the provisional schemes list must be agreed and formally signed off at this meeting. 

6.2         The grant to Bishopthorpe Parish Council to revitalise the play area at Keble Park may not go ahead as the council has recently been awarded £1 million pounds to build new play areas in the city and revitalise existing ones.  Keble Park may be identified as a site for redevelopment.

6.3         The plans for the street lighting on Sim Balk Lane were available at the meeting for residents to look at.

6.4         The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  If Keble Park play area does not require ward committee funding does this mean that £3500 is available to spend on something else?

Response was given that yes the money will be available but it is suggested that it is put towards some other youth activities.


b)  When are the ward committee funds likely to become available?

Response was given that the funds will be available at the start of the new financial year in April.  The Neighbourhood Management Unit will write out to groups to confirm funding and money will be released in May/June.


c)  Is a grant of £2338 to York Credit Union and Citizens Advice Bureau appropriate during this financial time?  What will that amount of money cover?

Response was given that the money has been given to promote credit unions who offer low interest loans as well as savings accounts.  The money will fund a worker to set up and run a fortnightly service.  Credit Unions are an excellent idea and residents are encouraged to support it.


d)  Why do parish councils received ward committee funding when they already have their own funds available?

Response was given that their outgoings throughout the year are taken into consideration, not just their funds at any one time.


e)  The provisional schemes list should highlight which schemes are city wide and which are ward based.

Response was given that this will be taken into account next year. 


f)  In terms of scheme BW-09-16 – improvements to the cycle track between Deighton and Escrick – the work clearly needs doing so why do we need to spend £1500 on a feasibility study?

Response was given that a feasibility study is a necessary process before the work can be commissioned.  It is unlikely that the feasibility study will cost £1500 and any money left over will be put towards the work needed.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to discuss local issues and concerns with your local ward councillors.


7.1     The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  Will the fact that York has been awarded Cycling City status have any impact on this ward?

Response was given that there was a strategy to have cycle routes from the city centre to all the villages but no progress has been made on this so far.  It is not believed that there will be great benefits for this area.


b)  Acaster Malbis floods around two to three times a year.  It floods even if it has only rained for a day.  Is the council doing anything to sort this out?

Response was given that there really isn’t anything that can be done without massive engineering works and many millions of pounds which would of course probably destroy the village.


c)  The condition of the roads in Acaster Malbis and Elvington are appalling. 

Response was given that the problem is that the roads were not designed for this amount of traffic and that the cost of re-building the roads would be prohibitive.


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