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Neighbourhood Policing Team Update


Sgt Andy Haigh & PC Anna Tyldsley gave an update on ward issues and priorities.

·        In the last year crime has reduced by 12% in the ward and this is especially noticeable with Criminal Damage and autocrime.

·        However, the figures for the month of April show a reduction in Wheldrake by 4% but an increase in Bishopthorpe by 12%.

·        The ward priorities for the next 3 months are; Anti social behaviour, speeding, Drugs, Autocrime

·        The police have been working closely with trading standards on the cold calling zones in the ward.


Residents raised the following issues and questions.

·        Was any arrests made for the bogus police officers?

o       Yes, the culprits were from the North East

·        Can we stop the parking on the corner of School Lane?

o       The police are aware this is an issue but it needs reporting to the Council. Ward Cllrs will look in to the possibility of double yellow lines

·        Has there been any arrests in relation to lead thefts?

o       Yes, some arrests have been made

·        There has been problems with youths and some vandalism at St Andrews Church


Street Sport


Allan Marsh is one of the Street Sport coaches.  Allan thanked the ward committee for the £2,000 to fund 10 sessions of the street sports bus in Bishopthorpe & Wheldrake in the coming year.


The aim of Street Sport York is to introduce young people to sport and physical activity, by bringing free sports sessions to local green spaces. The aim is to increase participation levels and provide a safe and inclusive service for people aged 5-18.


Questions raised were;

·        Where will the sessions be in Bishopthorpe & when?

o       The timetable has yet to be finalised but the sessions will be at the school.  All sessions will be well advertised.

·        Have you ever done these sessions at Elvington?

o       Yes they have been at the medical centre

Parish Councils were encouraged to help fund extra sessions


Cold Calling


Dawn Clarkson from the Trading Standards spoke to residents about cold calling and doorstep crime in the City.

·        There is a link between cold calling & doorstep crime

·        All reported rogue traders will be investigated by Trading Standards

·        There are now 14 Cold Calling zones within the City.

·        If not all the street agrees to the Cold Calling zone then partial zones can be done.

·        You can just nominate your street and Trading Standards do the rest.

Dawn also explained that Trading Standards have a home service directory of traders that have been checked and approved.


Issues and questions raised;

·        What about Charitable collections?

o       The zones are aimed at traders and Charity collections are not actually selling anything

·        Does it have to be done by street or can you do a whole village?

o       Yes it will only be done per street

·        If one person says no then does that mean it cannot be done?

o       There can be stop and start parts in the zones

·        Do we need the big sign on the lamppost?

o       Yes, because otherwise the area is not identifiable and trading standards cannot write to the traders who ignore the sign if they don’t see it.


Bishopthorpe Parish Council


Stewart Harrison, Chair of Bishopthorpe Parish Council gave an update on the work of the Parish Council, this included;

·        Stewart has been the Chair since 2001.  There are 10 Parish Councillors for Bishopthorpe

·        Major expenditure on the village hall.  An application has gone to the lottery for an expansion

·        The Parish Council has helped restore the war memorial in St Andrews Church yard.

·        Have helped supply funds for the Christmas tree and lights in the village.

Stewart Harrison also expressed his dislike of the ward committee and the process through which ward funds are allocated.


The following questions and issues were raised;

·        What is happening with Chantry Lane?

o       Path is blocked off temporarily because of vandalism

·        Currently 20 footpaths are being investigated to be a public right of way.

·        The  river needs maintaining at Acaster Malbis as it is getting narrower and shallower


Have Your Say


No other issues raised


Ward Surgery


This was an opportunity for residents to talk to their ward councillors, report any street environment or any other ward-based issues.  Opportunity to local at displays on the new swimming pool and give views on the Local Development Framework for York.


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