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Proposed venue: White Rose House, Wheldrake

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7.00 Main Meeting


Welcome and Introductions


Welcome and Introductions


York World Heritage Bid


Janet Hopton asked residents on their views on York putting in a bid to gain World Heritage status.  There are currently 27 World Heritage sites in the UK, including Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bath, Stonehenge and, in Yorkshire, Fountains Abbey and Saltaire.  It is felt that York has a very strong case for becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site, although it is recognised  that there are advantages and disadvantages to gaining World Heritage status.  Potential disadvantages include the possibility of outside scrutiny of decisions taken by City of York Council (by UNESCO and its advisors); the significant costs associated with making a bid and the fact that there is no guarantee that a bid from York would be successful.


Questions raised were:

  • Would this increase inward investment?
  • What other World Heritage sites are in the UK?
    • Some examples are Durham, Giants Causeway, Stonehenge, Bath, Tower of London, Liverpool


Swimming Pools and Facilities


Andrew Laslett, Sport & Active Leisure Operations Manager was going to do a presentation on the swimming pools and facilities, but due to an unforeseen incident at Edmund Wilsons Swimming Pool which he is dealing with, he is unable to attend.


Cllr Christian Vassie gave a brief update on the following:

  • Yearsley Pool has re-opened after modernisation and 13,000 people attended in the first month.
  • The Yearsley Pool is now only using half as much energy than previously.
  • The new pool at York High should start being built in the summer and projections should that there will be 80% less carbon dioxide.


Renewable energy is now being explored for every new council building.  For example, the Acomb library is now run on bio mass boilers.


Wheldrake Allotments


Chris Thackery gave a brief history of the Wheldrake Allotment initiative and the development.

  • The village was leafleted in 2006 to see how much interest would be generated.
  • There was a great response so an application went to the Parish Council to ask for any suitable land.
  • All sites were looked at with City of York Council and we managed to negotiate a lease for the site at the end of Church Lane
  • Just need to secure an entrance which could cost around £6000.
  • The Ward Committee have allocated funds to help get water to the site.
  • The planning committee voted that it was good use of the field and a good amenity for the village.


2008/2009 Scheme Priority List


Cllrs asked if there were any comments on the published priority scheme list for the ward committee funds for 2008/2009.

  • Thanks to the Ward Committee from the Elvington Village Hall Committee
  • Thanks from Bishopthorpe Tennis club for the grant from the Ward Committee
  • Disappointed to see that Wheldrake only got one grant.
    • The Street Sports bus that is being funded will be doing sessions in Wheldrake


Have Your Say


  • Do City of York Council have a conservation officer?

o       Yes we do

  • A planning decision has still not been made after 12 months

o       Cllr Vassie to follow up

  • Performance targets for Planning should be published, there is no communication.  They should feedback.
  • Can we get some information from the A19 consultation.

o       We will report it back at the ward committee when the reports of the consultation are ready


3.60pm - 7.00pm


This was an opportunity for residents to talk to their ward councillors, report any street environment or any other ward based issues.  


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