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Draft minutes

Proposed venue: York College, Sim Balk Lane

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Welcome and Introduction


The minutes of the 18th July 2007 meeting were agreed as a true record.


York College - The new building


Mike Galloway (Principal of the college) and Anne Tyrol (Vice Principal) shared a talk and presentation on the new college and some of the courses and facilities, which are available.


They explained:

  • the back ground to the build of the new college
  • diversity of the courses available
  • the faults of the old college
  • security
  • travel shop, hairdressers, restaurant, theatres, sports facilities, fitness suite, lecture theatre, computer training suites


They told residents that the new college was a beacon college due to its design features.


Residents were then encouraged to ask questions:

Q.            Do you have a library local people can use?

A.        Yes but it is only a reference library and incorporates the computer suite.  Books cannot be taken out of the library.

Q.        How many students do you have?

A.        3,500 full time and 12,500 altogether (including part-time).

Q.        Do you have dedicated parking for restaurant users?

A.        No we do not have any reserved parking at all.

Q.        What public transport links do you have?

A.        We have an entrance dedicated to public transport – both buses and taxis. We encourage Park and Ride to cover morning and evenings and we also provide buses for students of York to get to college.

Q.        Do you have links with York University?

A.        Yes – very strong.  We work together to meet the needs of the city.

Q.        Is it true that construction classes are held at Clifton Moor?

A.        We have a very successful facility of construction here at the college but we do use Clifton Moor for some brickwork.

Q.        How do you look after ‘A’ level students?  Do they not get ‘swamped’ within the college?

A.        We do still take them and they are looked after by way of providing a halfway house and tutor groups.  We help them to become independent.

Q.        Why are the lights in the college on all the time.  We noticed them on a Sunday.

A.        They used to be but they are being turned off now. In fact the lighting system will automatically turn off lights if the sensors do not detect movement for 15 mins.


One resident commented that one of the sports pitch lights is blinding drivers as they come over the bridge away from Bishopthorpe. Anne assured him that this would be investigated and dealt with as quickly as possible.


When asked whether there would be an impact on the college when the new rules forcing children to stay in full time education until the age of 18 comes into force, the principal replied that a very high percentage of York children did anyway so the impact would be minimal.


Cllr Galvin thanked both Mike and Anne for their talk.


Have your say in York's future


Zoe Burns gave a brief talk about the Neighbourhood action plan and how people can feed into the plan on an ongoing basis.  She encouraged everyone to come forward with any suggestions for improvements in the ward at any time.  She pointed out her contact details in the newsletter and asked people to get in touch.


It was explained how the NAP was put together and how the councillors decided what the priorities would be – based on the consultations carried out previously.


Sports and Active Leisure


Jo Gilliand spoke to the room about the work of her department.  She told of the partners including college, universities, PCT and schools.  They cover a full range of facilities looking at the provision of activity.  They talk to young people to help identify needs.  They take into consideration from ward consultations and classes have already been set up to address some of the suggestions received. 


She told the meeting that she had copies of maps, information and contacts if anyone wanted to know more.


She explained that another of their functions is the forming of partnerships – for example: - Students from Askham Bryan college and organisations who needed help with pitch problem solutions. 


She then asked if anyone had any questions.

Q.                Do you have funding to distribute to sports organisations? Sports fields are notoriously expensive to maintain.

A.            No but we do offer advice on where these organisations can get help

with funding.

Q.                What age group do you work with?

A.                We work with all people over the age of 16.


Cllr Vassie commented that he had attended the Festival of Ideas event where over 60 people where there but very, very few residents.  He reiterated the need for more residents to give their views and that they really could make a difference to their City as well as their own area.  He confirmed that the council was always looking at ways to encourage people to get involved and if anyone had any suggestions to come forward.


2008/2009 Ward Committee Schemes


Residents were asked to consider a list of local improvement schemes recommended for funding by Bishopthorpe & Wheldrake Ward Committee in 2008-09


Representatives from organisations who had submitted an application spoke in support of their bid:

§        Sports Foundation – ‘Funds for the gifted’

§        Lighting, cycle path and marking of Simbalk Lane

§        Bishopthorpe Crossroads group

§        Street Sport

§        Bishopthorpe tennis club

§        Wheldrake village hall

§        Deighton play scheme

§        Street lights at Deighton bus stop


Cllr Galvin confirmed to the meeting that it was agreed to fund the allotment site’s provision of water to the site from this current years budget. 


Cllr Galvin confirmed to the meeting that it was agreed to fund the provision of a litter bin at the restored pinfold in Bishopthorpe  as per details supplied my the millennium trust and subject to comments from the SEO.


A discussion took place about the street lighting in Bishopthorpe and it was agreed that all the lights did not need to be on during the early hours of the morning.  It was agreed to arrange a survey of the lighting which would help in planning the lighting for the future.


Have Your Say


The new Terry’s site development was then discussed.  It was generally felt that Bishopthorpe would suffer badly with a dramatic increase in traffic.  Bishopthorpe Parish council have objected strongly to the traffic proposal for the new development.  This led to residents being generally disheartened by the planning process.  Cllrs reiterated the need for residents to voice their opinions whenever possible in order to be heard.


Cycle path near Bishop’s Palace needs to be investigated.  Residents reported that it was very dangerous in that area.


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