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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Woodthorpe Primary School, Summerfield Road, York YO24 2RU

Contact: Kay Bailey 551818 

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7.00pm Drop In

Talk to ward councillors, policing team ; pick up information on ward grants 2014-15, have your say on how health services are commissioned in York. York Older People’s Assembly will have a stall.


Residents were able to speak directly to their ward councillors, neighbourhood manager, community involvement officer, policing team, arts and culture officer regarding the Tour de France, Woodthorpe Hoppers and Friends of Chapmans Pond. Resident Forum grant application forms and information on how to have your say about health commissioning in York was also available.


7.30pm Main Meeting: Welcome and Minutes from the last meeting


Cllr Gerard Hodgson welcomed everyone to the meeting.   The minutes of the last meeting held on 16th October  2013 were approved as a true record of that meeting.



Annual Planning Panel Election


Roger Jennings, Secretary of the Planning Panel updated the meeting on the work of the Planning Panel and the need for new members. The Planning Panel meets on the first Monday of each month at Dringhouses Primary School from 6.00 to 8.00pm.  Should anyone be interested in joining the Panel he can be contacted on 01904 706180.


Mr Jennings asked the Councillors to look at the issue of planning training for the panel members. This had been provided by the Council historically but did not now happen and he felt there was a need for 2/3 hours of formal instruction on the planning processes for panel members.


In terms of our workload, since 1st October last year we have had 42 planning applications which is a considerable reduction from the previous year, largely because new planning laws were brought into effect in April of last year which made some planning applications unnecessary 


The meeting agreed that the current six members of the Panel, Dave Mumby, Anne Gray, John Parkinson, Margaret Silcock, Phil Metcalfe, and Roger Jennings be elected for the coming year and Cllr Hodgson thanked them all for their service over the last year together with the two retiring members of the Panel: Ian Tomlinson and Val Plitt.



Police Update


PC Jon Bostwick introduced himself and PCSO Kathryn Dennis and gave his report.  His said his remit was to tackle problems such as burglary, anti social behaviour and damage in the ward.   He asked if anyone saw anything suspicious to report it. Even if it comes to nothing it is worth checking out. Information was circulated around meeting.


He presented a comparison of crime levels between 2012 and 2013. The net figure overall had gone down by 12.2% overall from 2012 to 2013. Burglary in dwellings had gone up slightly in that period. 


He produced a report showing reported crime by quarter from April 2011. This was split into four categories, Burglary in Dwellings, Burglary Others, Anti Social Behaviour and Damage. This showed that anti social behaviour was down but that it went up during the summer months. This figure may rise again this year. Burglary in dwellings had gone down since 2011. The report showed a comparison with Holgate ward which was a similar area with similar figures, although damage and anti social behaviour figures were quite a lot higher.


Q. What is aggravated burglary?

A. Aggravated burglary is when someone has entered premises with a weapon or firearm.  Burglary crimes overall have been increasing in all wards.


Q. What is the number to call?

A. 999 if it is an emergency.  The non-emergency number is 101 which is a nationwide number.


Q. Why do house insurance prices fluctuate according to your postcode?

A. It depends upon the crime figures for an area.


Q. Do the police provide this information to insurance companies?

A. Yes, the information can be found on the North Yorkshire Police website.


Q.  Why does it take so long to answer 101 calls? It can take up to 15 minutes.

A. This is being looked at all the time. The amount of time taken to answer calls is one of the major complaints and is very frustrating.


Q. Is criminal damage caused to Council property reported to the police?

A. Yes.  Council property is not treated any differently. If we are aware of damage to bus stops etc we would report it ourselves.


Q. What are the police doing about traffic related offences such as speeding and phone calls whilst driving?

A. Traffic related matters are important. In terms of speeding complaints we would pass this to the Traffic Management department who have a list of all complaints and know where to place speeding enforcement vans. The Neighbourhood Team concentrates on crime. Cllr Hodgson said this issue would be coming to the Community Safety Committee where he would raise these questions. The North Yorkshire Police website provides information about the number of speeding tickets given out. Cllr Semlyen said she would endeavour to get this information for the next meeting.


Q. Can an alternative measure be introduced to stop speeding on Tadcaster Road, other than the speed enforcement vans?

A. That would be for the Road Enforcement Team to look at. Speeding complaints can be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


JRHT report on play area (Teal Drive/Heron Avenue)


Sarah Charlton updated the meeting on the current position regarding this play area. The play area was fire damaged two years ago and since then there has been vandalism resulting in closure. Local residents were not taking ownership of the park.   We are currently consulting with residents about what they want for the area. The area may take a different form for example a grassed area. A local event will be held to consult with the residents. We can be contacted by email or by telephone and will be doing leaflet drops with our contact details on and consulting with the residents. 


Cllr Reid reported on a session she had had with the children at the school during which the park was raised by quite a few of the children. She suggested that Sarah has a meeting with the school and ask the children for their views.


Smarter York and environment issues - with Russell Stone CYC


Russell Stone from the Smarter York team updated the meeting on the work of the team. A Smarter York initiative will be taking place in all wards in March involving street cleansing and green maintenance. They are working towards increasing the number of volunteers to work alongside the council such as snow wardens and litter pickers. He had 15 litter picker tools with him tonight for any volunteers to take home with them.  


The team would be repeating the Smarter York Spring Clean again this year on 17th March to 11th April, and on 24th to 30th March they would be working in the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward. Work identified included the Nelson play area, work on Chapmans Pond, Foxwood Park, Acomb Wood and the rough areas along the edge of the Knavesmire. The team was increasingly working with Community Pay Back Scheme. 


If you have any suggestions we will leave some contact details and get these organised. If we cannot complete the work in that week Community Pay Back have undertaken to finish any tasks we have not completed.  


Q. Concerns were raised about urinating in public, cigarettes thrown down, litter bins overflowing (at the side of the Royal York), and the filthy state of the streets, including at Energise.

A.  Council properties should be kept clean. Russell will speak about this to Energise.   


Q. The bus shelter at Rougier Street is very dirty, office staff smoking and dropping cigarette ends. 

A. The offices do try to do something for their employees, providing smoking bins. Once a month during the summer months this area is scraped and power washed. The Council has just invested in a new scraper/washer machine with attachment.


Q. The public has to take responsibility for litter. There are less litter bins than there used to be.

A.  A number of litter bins were taken out of service a couple of years ago.  Information is that standards have not dropped since then.  


Q. There is a shop on Tadcaster Road where the staff throw cigarette ends onto the pavement.

A.  Information provided will be passed on to the Enforcement Team.


Q. There has been previous debate of preventative measures, i.e more litter bins. There are a lack of notices warning people of the consequences of dropping litter and that it is an offence

A.  We have spoken about signage and why are there no notices on litter bins. The Enforcement Team are working on signage for bus shelters. Cllr Semlyen said that Leeds had a private company for litter enforcement and this could be the way forward for York.


Q. Can we get firmer with businesses and litter in the Micklegate area?

A. Planning Department inform me that there are a list of restrictions that we are able to put to new businesses but the licence means we have limited options. They are required to clean around the area of the shop but that is as far as we can go.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Tour de France - a presentation on the arrangements for the event and how communities can get involved


Gill Cooper from the Arts and Festivals Team updated the meeting on the arrangements for the Tour de France which takes place on 6th July. There will be major traffic disruption and road closures from midnight on 5th July in order to put up barriers and sweep the route. Roads will reopen at midday after the race has left the city.   Four of the five bridges in the city will be closed.


Prior to the race there will be a cultural festival from 27th March to 6th July which includes flags and banners, planting yellow and gold plants, Bike Story, 320 metre square picture.


Between 100,000 and 180,000 people are expected in the city.  The caravan will leave the Knavesmire at 9.00am and travel across the city centre and up Bootham. The cyclists will leave the Knavesmire at 11.00am. Parking will be available in the centre of the racecourse and also in the Tesco car park. Work will take place on Cherry Lane to improve the surface as this will be an access point for vehicles.


Q. What are the arrangements for emergency vehicles?

A. Tadcaster Road will be open. There are agreed procedures for emergency vehicles. The race can be stopped in an emergency.  There will be access for emergency vehicles despite the road closures. In terms of the care sector and carers, we have ensured that we have the right resources in place.


Q. Can parking be arranged at York College and the Law College?

A. We are still looking into this.


Q. What are the implications for car parking on residential streets?

A. We do recognise there will be an issue for parking on other  streets, this will be right across the city making it difficult for the Enforcement Team but we will endeavour to get the teams to areas where there are problems.


Q. Pedestrians and cyclists use Cherry Lane as well as cars. 

A. The caravan leaves at 9.00am and the race starts at 11.00am.  By 4.30am the car parking will be open.


Q. The route goes over the ring road and along the A59, when will this be re-opened?

A. This area cannot be reopened until the race has reached Karesborough.



2014-15 Ward Priorities/Ward Budget


The ward priorities for 2014-15 were set as follows:

·        A safer thriving community

·        Cleaner, greener and healthier community.

·        More opportunities for children, young and older people.


The budget for this year has been confirmed as the same as last year at £4,450.  Applications for grants for projects should be submitted as soon as possible for the council to consider.  Any group that is based within the ward can apply including church groups so long as the projects meet the criteria.


Have Your Say


Q.  Why are there so many 20mph signs on the side streets? This must have cost a fortune as when a 20 mph sign is erected then a 30mph has to be in place as well. St James Place and Thanet Road: why have a 20mph sign there? It is a very small cul-de-sac and totally unnecessary.

Pulleyn Drive: I counted 2 back to front 20 mph signs, again totally unnecessary.

A.  The signage is not done by the Council but the Department for Transport. Back to back signs are a necessary part of the enforcement.  The overall cost for the whole residential 20mph scheme (including signage) is about £500,000 which is not a lot in transport terms if it prevents deaths and injury.


Q. Why are Acomb Wood Drive and Foxwood not included in the 20mph areas?

A.  Cllr Semlyen has asked for more roads to be included but the council was advised by the police, in terms of Scarcroft Road for example, that it had not reduced speed as much as it was hoped. 

She said she would raise this with the cabinet member for his decision. She explained that she had suggested to the cabinet member that average speed cameras be installed along Scarcroft Road. 


Q. Will the barriers go down at the new Park and Ride at 8.00pm.  There is a £72 fee to release cars after that time.  

A. The Economic Scrutiny Group looked at this issue and how to improve the night-time economy as the Park and Ride closure was not helpful. An increase in the time was requested. The outcome was that there will be a parking review across all car parks.


Q. Regarding events held on the Knavesmire and the damage caused by events such as circuses and beer festivals due to bad weather, has any thought been given to the timing of these events i.e. summer months and whether there should be more infrastructure i.e. temporary roads.

A.   We have to plan our resources with the income that we generate from such events. One problem is that the land is rented well in advance and you do not know what the weather will be like. We do have a bond for these events which covers damage and requires them to pay if the cost of the damage exceeds the bond.


Q.  Could there not be a temporary road at the bottom end of the Knavesmire?

A. This is a very expensive option and not something we would consider.


Q. A number of these events are posting bill posters around the perimeter of the Knavesmire?

A. This is not allowed and there should not be any posters or banners displayed in this way.


Q. With regard to the fencing on the Knavesmire is it going to be taken down?

A.  This is part of a football improvement project and is permanent.  The fences will have gates on them and full access will be allowed across them.


Q. Does this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.




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