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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Woodthorpe Primary School, Summerfield Road

Contact: Kay Bailey 

No. Item


7.00-7.30pm Drop In / Surgery


Information was made available including Local Plan proposals, I-Travel initiative and other local events and activities. Residents also had the opportunity to talk to Ward Councillors, Neighbourhood Manager and PCSO.


7.30pm Main meeting


Cllr Semlyen welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from resident Michael Cantor.




Minutes of the last meeting


Residents were invited to read and comment on the minutes of the last meeting before being signed off. Matters arising included:

i)Follow up information on Cherry Lane ownership. No one owns it, the Council have maintained it since 1977 as a courtesy. Dave Meigh has said the Council will continue to maintain it. A resident reminded the meeting that Cherry Lane from the top of Tadcaster Road to the bottom is just a continuation of that space.

ii)There is nothing in the minutes that reflected the discussion on Lendal Bridge.

In response: Kay Bailey (Neighbourhood Manager) apologised for the error.

iii)Data is still being assessed on 20mph trials. An update will be provided at the next residents’ forum meeting.

iv)Where is the Barrowman that used to work around Woodthorpe Shops? The place is becoming very untidy and litter strewn.

The Barrowman no longer works for the authority.  Cllr Semlyen reported that during the premeeting surgery this issue had been noted and a request would be put through to Russell Stone’s team for this work to be considered as a Community Payback project.

v)Was the ward grant awarded to Dringhouses Dance Group only the group has folded?

In response: Kay will clarify for the next meeting.

vi)Can someone come and talk about litter bins only CYC has a responsibility to collect litter.

In response: Russell Stone will be invited to attend (Kay Bailey to action)



Neighbourhood Policing Report


PC Jon Bostwick had sent his apologies & written report but PCSO Louise Harness gave an update on latest crime figures.

·        Criminal damage: 14 so far, down on 36%

·        burglary: 13 so far, same on last year

·        Burglary from dwellings as gone up on last year

·        Very few incidences of ASB (only 1 so far)

·        Cycle thefts – 8 so far this year

·        Shop theft – slight increase, 32 to date compared to 31 this time last year

·        Vehicle theft 10 so far this year, down from 11 this time last year

0 stolen motorbikes

Reminder that there is always someone on shift between the PCSOs which gives continuity.

Questions were invited from residents:

i)What is the rule on vehicles parking on public footpaths?

In response: the Police has changed the way we deal with this. A ticket can be given for unnecessary obstructin - £30 fine. If the vehicle is parked half on the footpath half on the road then its a judgement call for the officer.

ii)Pulleyn Drive  /St George’s Field – the work men had their vehicles on the pavement.

In response: We would encourage residents to report it to us. We would give them advice verbally if we were about in the area.

iii)i’ve been twice to Poppleton and noticed police in vehicles – do they get more police than we do?

in response: it all depends on who needs to be where at what time. It might have been a targeted patrol. But we all have our own area and there are not more police assigned to one village more than another.

iv)Around Woodthorpe shops there is yellow lines at the side of the garage but people park there eg Co-op wagons

in response: That stretch of road is private and the shopowners painted the yellow lines as a deterrent.

v)What is the position in relation to parking on grass verges. Its for the council to deal with this matter.

vi)In the city centre at Queen Street lorries stop on the road and cause chaos for other road users/pedestrians even though there are double yellow lines.

In response: If we are called or see them we would advise them not ot park there.

vii)you mentioned a significant reduction in crime rates – is there any reason for that?

In response: police patrols are more task led. We are supported by Safer York partnership. More support for victims.

viii)Are people not reporting crime as much? From my experience some crimes are not seen as a priority eg garden theft which might discourage me from reporting something again.

In response: I don’t believe so. I would encourage anyone to report a crime. It gives us local intelligence. Garden crime is a big issue. It was suggested that locks can now be purchased for hanging baskets.

ix)Are there any stats on clearup rates ie if crimes are committed how many of them are resolved to prosecution?

In response:There is as 30% detection rate to date. Cllr  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


I-Travel presentation


Hazel Anderson and Peter Gay from the I-travel team gave a presentation on the initiative. The Council has received £4million grant to run the project for 3 years. There are particular areas of the City targeted because they have the most car use (not this ward) however the initiative is being promoted right across the city. Residents are encouraged to find alternative ways to get around the city to benefit their health and sustainably. Further  information is available on the I-travel website www.itravelyork.info/ and Twitter  @ITravelYork. Suggestions of events for iTravel to go to were wanted – email enquiries@itravelyork.info or 01904 636359

As there were no questions, the team were thanked for coming.




Parks and Open Spaces in the ward


Part I

Cllr Semlyen invited resident and volunteer Health walk leader Estelle Ellam to talk about the Health Walks initiative and thanked Estelle for coming and volunteering

Cllr Semlyen gave apologies for the Sports and Active Leisure team who run the Health Walks – here’s a written statement from them: “We have in the past months and over the years delivered community health walks from Tesco, Tadcaster Road and from Energise, which both walk in and through Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward, covering areas such as Chapman’s Pond, Hoggs Pond, Acomb Wood, Askham Bog, Hob Moor, Bachelor Hill, Knavesmire Wood and the Knavesmire.  In the present walk programme July – September 2013 we are not starting our walks in the ward as we are changing over volunteer walk leaders but will be starting walks again in the next programme October – December 2013 from Tesco once more. Leaflet is available at tonight’s meeting. We also have a programme of led cycle rides one of which is within this ward.  Pedal to the Past - Dringhouses, Hob Moor and the Knavesmire Tuesday 20th August. 5 – 6 miles. Allow 2 - 2.5 hours for this ride.  Leaflet is available at tonight’s meeting.

The itravelyork website also has a number of leisure rides that encourage people to cycle within this ward, Leisure Ride No. 4

Millennium Bridge to Askham Bog Nature Reserve and Leisure Ride No. 8 A ride from Millennium Bridge exploring Hob Moor and Acomb Wood. Leaflets are available at tonight’s meeting.



Part II


Apologies were given from Dave Meigh (CYC Operation Manager - Contracts and strategy) who had a prior engagement. Cllr Semlyen confirmed that budgets had been reduced and there was only Dave who could respond to specific questions about hedge management. Russell Stone (Dave’s manager) had been asked to come but he too was unavailable. It was agreed to invite both to the next ward meeting – Kay to action.

The issues to raise with them also needed to include management of the Knavesmire following events. Questions were invited from residents;

i)we can’t keep cutting hedges down they’re giving oxygen to the city

ii)On Little Knavesmire there is an enormous amount of soil piled up behind the Hamilton Panthers changing room building. Cllr Hodgson said he will speak to Micklegate Councillors. Ian Tomlinson had asked if he could use the soil but was told no as it belonged to Overton Cricket Club.




Ward Updates incl Mayfield Open Space update


Mayfields Open Space

An update was read out by Cllr Semlyen on behalf of David Warburton (CYC).

“The mediation process was unsuccessful. Therefore a decision on the future management arrangements will be made by Cllr Merrett as Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and Sustainability at a public decision session on 19 July at 4.30pm. Reportsand agenda will be available in advance by

Going onto the Council website or by contacting: Laura Bootland, Democratic Services. Telephone: 01904 552062; Email: laura.bootland@york.gov.uk

There were no questions from the floor.


Ward Budget 2013-14

i)Cllr Semlyen reported that a suggestion has been received from a resident for spring blossom tree planting on the long grass verge on Moor Lane. This could only be an eligible application under the new arrangement for ward funding, if a local, constituted, voluntary organisation applied to the ward pot. Discussion then took place to get feedback from residents on the suggestion which was supported in principle:

Question:ASB is taking place – might be an issue for the longevity of the trees if planted there

Question: Does the land not belong to Chapmans Pond? No. Chapman’s Pond is a CYC site off Moor Lane.

Cllr Semlyen asked residents what proportion of the budget they would like to see allocated to the trees – it was agreed a maximum of £1,000 which would get about 4 trees.

Cllr Reid also reported that Friends of Acomb Wood are looking to improve the entrance to the wood at the Ashbourne Way end. This could also be a possible suggestion.

ii)Cllr Semlyen then suggested another beneficiary for grant funding – replacing the perspex screen on the Chapman’s Pond noticeboard via a bid from the Friends of Chapman’s Pond at an approx cost of £200-£300 subject to quotes.  Cllr Semlyen subsequently wrote to the Chair and Secretary asking them to apply for this.

iii)Roger Jennings, Chair of Dringhouses Planning Panel updated the Forum on the proposed idea to meet at Dringhouses Primary School and therefore preclude the need to apply for funding from the ward.

He was asked if the Planning Panel needed funds for the annual subscription to the Planning organisation. The response was no.

Kay Bailey updated the meeting that in principle the school was happy to offer a monthly hire to the Planning Panel, so Kay is checking with Head of Communities & Equalities Team that their budget will cover the costs of hiring the school.

iv)Cllr Semlyen asked the meeting if it residents would approve that   some of the ward budget to be allocated to the launching of the 20mph limit scheme in the ward, in the way that other cities had done so. The meeting responded that it was not appropriate.

Question: What is the rationale for Moor Lane being excluded in the 20mph areas?

In response: if you have any feedback email the 20mph team as part of the consultation or write to Cllr Merrett.

Cllr Reid – Moor Lane is recognised as being  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Have Your Say


i)Hunters Way – Issue raised about excessive speed on Hunters Way because parents are late getting children to school

ii)Acomb Wood Drive  and Alness Drive splits halfway

20mph limit will be clearly visible. How are they going to be prosecuted. In response; We will ask the Police at the next meeting.

Cllr Reid reported that the PCC said at a public meeting that the Police would not be enforcing the 20 limits.

iii)Why can’t we have speed cameras on Moor Lane?

In response: North Yorkshire Police are now using  3 mobile speed camera vans to patrol and monitor speeding as the fixed ones did not prove as effective.

Agreed to invite Julia Mulligan to the next ward meeting – Kay to action.

iv)I have been castigated asking someone to pick up their litter while waiting for a bus on Rougier St. There is also an issue of people smoking at bus stops.

In response: Cllr Hodgson said he was due to meet with the Street Environment officers. It was agreed to forward this as a suggestion for Community Payback to Russell Stone (Kay Bailey to action)

v)If you’ve taken away litter bins citywide why don’t you bring litter pickers to future meetings.

In response: this will be forwarded to the Street Environment Team.

vi)If and when we do get Woodthorpe Shops cleaned up what can we do about the blocked drains?

In response: Cllr Reid stated that the Ward did fund some work in previous years but wasn’t sure if CYC has responsibility for the drains.

The Co-op is more likely to be responsible and it would need to be a coordinated response between Yorkshire Water/Envt Agency/CYC. Cllr Hodgson said he would ask about drainage plans at a future community safety meeting.

vii)Question: in the last leaflet there was something about The Stables  site being redeveloped – is there any update?

In response: Cllr Reid stated this was part of the Local Plan proposals and that a landowner would have nominated it.

Encourage residents to go to the public exhibition on 17 July at York College for more information.

viii)Question: would that affect the bowling green?  In response: yes presumably it would.

ix)Question: when the Council puts notices up it needs to be in clearer English, in reference to the tunnel at Hob Moor due to be closed for a week. The information is not clear about alternate routes, and is too small.In response: Cllr Reid said she would chase this up.

Cllr Reid did request improved signage and it was promised.

x)Question: Bill posting at the Racecourse is not welcome. Can we get them removed?

In response: Cllr Hodgson will ask Micklegate Councillors to raise this at a committee meeting with the Racecourse.

xi)Question: There is a poster on the side wall of the hairdressers next to the garage on Tadcaster Road.

In response: Cllr Reid will chase this up. She reminded residents to report flyposting via the 01904 551550 number. If a complaint is made  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


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