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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Dringhouses Primary School, St Helen's Road, YO24 1HW

Contact: Kay Bailey 

No. Item


7.00 Drop-in surgery

Talk to councillors and council officers.

Pick up information on 20mph limits, Smarter York & Street Environment, the Family Information Service, personal budgeting & welfare reforms.

Also library staff on proposals to transfer libraries and archives into a ‘community benefit society’....plus read your updated Community Contract!


Prior to the start of the formal meeting, residents had the opportunity to speak to the Ward Councillors, the Street Environment Officer and the Neighbourhood Manager . A representative was also present to provide information on the proposal to introduce 20-mile per hour speed limits; and Gillian Hodges attended to provide information on the proposal to transfer the libraries and archives service into a community benefit society, Family Information Service and information on personal budgeting and money advice.



7.30pm Main Meeting


Resolved:That the minutes of the meeting of the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward Committee held on 11 June 2012 be approved and signed as a correct record. A resident asked why the Informal meeting from October 2012 was not minuted (although acknowledged that it had been explained before hand that minutes would not be taken). A suggestion was made from the floor for a volunteer to take minutes at future meetings. In response: Councillor Hodgson said that they will look into this and feedback at the next meeting.





Report from the Policing Team


Cllr Hodgson read out PC Jon Bostwick’s report in his absence:

Crime figures

As can be seen in the attached document, our ward compares very well to other wards in the city. Crime on our ward overall went down by 26% from year 2011-12 to 2012-13. This compares to York West reduction of 17% and York total of 12%. Our neighbours Westfield ward only reduced by 9%. Another pleasing result was the Burglary figure. An excellent reduction of 50%,  therefore half the number of victims of burglary on our ward.

Operation Liberal

Doorstep traders offering to clear your guttering or gardening services may seem a good idea at the time, but many will attempt to inflate how much they charge or even steal property while on your roof or in your home.

Op Liberal is a national awareness of Rogue Traders and opportunist Distraction burglars that call to your home. During a week of action week on Monday 22nd April police and Trading Standards officers made joint patrols dealing with reported Rogue Traders. Local officers have been on the ward handing out crime prevention leaflets and door hangers to elderly or vulnerable residents.

The message is simple…..NOT SURE ?   DON’T OPEN THE DOOR.

If you haven’t had a visit from our team then please help yourself to a leaflet and door hanger.


PC 389 Jon Bostwick

Questions were invited from the floor:  

Question:  Can we asked for actual figures and not percentages in future

In response- Councillor will ask for this to be provided.

Question: what does ‘other’ mean on crime figures?

In response:Councillor Reid replied anything that’s not on the list.

Question: when was the last person arrested for dropping litter?

In response:  Councillor Reid said she would look into it and report at the next meeting.

Response received following the meeting:

Street Environment Service is the team that issues Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) for littering.  Fines are £75 reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days of the FPN being issued. As a team we try to do a weekly 2 hour patrol which covers the whole of the city centre and we issued 6 FPNs while on patrol on Thursday 2 May.

We then will focus patrols on problem areas as and when these come up - whether its a complaint that has come in from a member of the public or an area that we are concerned about. In Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward as you are aware we have the problem with littering from students at York College.  We issue a few FPNs when we patrol at the college but as most of the students we stop are under 18 years old they receive a stopped for littering ticket for their first offence (a letter goes to their home address (and to parents if they are under 16 years old) which they have to sign and send back to us).  We can and have issued FPNs to under 18 years if  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Ward updates including 20mph limits ; Mayfields Open Space



Tom Horner was invited to give an update on the 20mph speed limits in the ward.

Question: will residents in 30 mph area  will receive information of the 20 mph limits?

In response: All resident’s will be aware of the change and where.

Question: How did the figure of 20 mph come about?

In response: Through Government guidance proceedures

Question: How effective is the South Bank scheme?

In response: At presentdue to the road works it has been impossible to monitor however in three weeks’ time the monitoring will be complete and the figures will be available eg on twitter and feedback will be given at ward meetings.  



Mayfields Open Space

To confirm the current position and the actions taken since the cabinet member decision session last September.


Individual meetings were held (in Nov 2012) with representatives of CRA / MCT and YNET - their respective positions were noted.  I attended the 29 Nov ward committee meeting to update.


CRA / MCT have taken the opportunity to respond to the comments on their Management Plan as originally submitted and provided a revised version of the management plan - and highlighted this at the ward committee meeting.  Both CRA / MCT and YNET have attended the Nov 21012 ward committee meeting to make statements.


Mary Bailey as Head of Communities and Engagement has assisted by establishing the mediation and initial meetings have drawn out the issues and conflict.  CRA / MCT and YNET have agreed to a joint meeting and this has been confirmed for 7 May.


At this stage I feel it would be prejudicial to the mediation process to add anything further or for me to attend the ward committee meeting.


The land is now vested with the council – who necessarily carry ultimately responsibility for its management – formally determining the future management arrangements is important, but should ideally involve all those who have and interest in being involved.


The  joint mediation meeting has to be on the basis of no pre-determined outcomes - however the mediators are aware of the context and the 'common ground' which is the long term management of the land for public benefit


A further update will be provided following the joint meeting on 7 May.



Ward committee’s priorities 2013-14 - find out how to bid for ward grants


Cllr Hodgson read out the grants that had been awarded in 2012-13:

The budget of £4,450 was spent on the following grants (AMENDED VERSION):

£580 to Friends of Chapmans Pond

£500  to Monday Bingo Club at Moor Lane Youth Centre

£500 to Friends of Acomb Wood

£1,225 to Woodthorpe After School Club

£1,225 to St Edwards Playgroup

£400 to Dringhouses Dance Group



A grant was allocated to Rising Stars dance group but we were informed that it had ceased to exist so the £500 was split between St Edwards Playgroup and Woodthorpe After School Club.

This has resulted in a £20 underspend.

Question: Asked the councillors to explain the budget as the figures do not add up correctly

In response: Kay Bailey will look into this and will report back at the next meeting planned 4th July (amended version incorporated into these minutes above)

Question: If there is only 19% of young people in the ward why was the grant so large to young peoples projects?

In response: Councillor Semlyen explained it depends a lot on who applies.

The ward priorities for 2013-14 were announced:

A safer thriving community

A cleaner green environment

Opportunities for children and young people

Cllr Hodgson explained that the budget would be allocated to support these priorities in the form of grants. Local groups were invited to take an application pack away and fill it in ASAP.




Appointment of the Planning Panel


The current chair Mr Roger Jennings gave a report. The panel meet once a month in St Edward’s church hall looking at and commenting on planning applications from the previous month. They have the power to approve/disapprove amend or reject plans and then forward them to City of York Council with recommendations.

At present the panel are looking for new members as they only have 7 members if you’re interested please contact Kay with your details. The next meeting is 13th May.

The current members and 3 new members names were announced and put forward as members of the panel for 2013-14. Residents were asked if anyone had any objection to them being on the panel. There were no objections so the members were voted in.

Planning Panel members elected are as follows:

Roger Jennings

Ann Gray

John Parkinson

Ian Tomlinson

Val Plitt

Margaret Silcock

David Munley

Phil Metcalfe

Tom Holvey




Have Your Say!


Question: The issue of the surface of Cherry Lane was raised as it dangerous.

In response: Councillor Reid informed the meeting if it is the top half of the Lane that is down for repair this year if it’s any further down this is a private road and not the responsibility of the Council. She will look into who owns it..

Response chased up by Cllr Reid after the meeting:

I have contacted a range of Council Officers who have confirmed that:-

·         It is not adopted highway, the mapping system does not appear to record this land as part of the Knavesmire property. 

·         Cherry Lane is not registered with the Land Registry & is indeed not adopted highway or council land. 

·         The route is not recorded on the Definitive Map, nor is it under investigation as part of our work to compile a Def Map for the former County Borough of York.  This does not preclude the possibility of public rights existing that are not yet formally recorded however and on the face of it it looks as though public rights probably do exist as people often use it to get down to the Knavesmire either on foot, cycle and in their cars.

·         that public rights requires investigation at some stage: from my own on site survey of the Wards I had already noted this particular route for investigation at a further stage which leads towards the production of a definitive map for the Former County Borough of York


Question: Who gives permission for events on the Knavesmire in bad weather as its damaging the area? Possibly keep events to summer only. Councillor replied we have no say over weather conditions

Question: Is water pumped on to the Knavesmire to avoid flooding elsewhere?   If so by whom? Response: No, it backs up from the river via the Knavesmire culvert.

Question: Once the floodwaters have receded is any cleaning up done of the ground?   A resident was told by someone from the Environment Agency was told that it was "dirty" water and therefore children shouldn't walk across the area after the water has gone.

Not that I am aware of, the water is essentially silty river water and will contain little, if any, sewage which is the usual reason for this advice. If it was a risk it would equally apply to adults!

Question: What is the protocol for hiring out the Knavesmire?

In response: When people hire the land, as part of their contract, they undertake to pay for the cost of any repairs.  This is the case with regard to the flooding last year and we are currently awaiting the final bill which will be allocated to those involved for payment.  They are all more than willing to pay what they owe.


Question: Asked why the trees have been removed on the A59

In response: Councillor informed the meeting that it was to do with the Park and Ride being built.

Question: regarding litter issues could we not adapt  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


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