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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Dringhouses Primary School, St Helen's Road, York, YO24 1HW

Contact: Jill Pickering  Democracy Officer

No. Item


Drop In Surgery


Prior to the formal meeting residents had the opportunity to talk to Councillors Hodgson, Reid and Semlyen, Kay Bailey, CYC Engagement Officer, Christopher Upton PCSO and Jacqui Armitage from the Street Environment Team. Representatives from the Chase Residents’ Association and YNET were also present at the surgery.


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To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting of the Committee held on 26 January 2012.


RESOLVED:      That the minutes of the last meeting of the Ward Committee held on 26 January 2012 be approved and signed by the Chair as a correct record subject to:


The addition in Minute 7 (Public Consultation Regarding Land at Dringhouses Sidings/Mayfield Pond) in 7.15 under the points made by Barry Potter, Chair of York Natural Environment Trust (YNET) of a reference that YNET had managed the Mayfield Pond site over a 15 year period.


Councillor Hodgson updated residents on the ownership of an area of land situated behind the Woodthorpe shops which had been raised under ‘Have Your Say’ at the Committee’s last meeting. He confirmed that the owners of the land were Jaymar Estates Ltd and the leaseholder the Cooperative Group Food Limited.



Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

A representative from the Policing Team will talk about and answer questions on their work in the ward.


PCSO Chris Upton of the Neighbourhood Policing Team updated residents on their work and issues relevant to the ward. Crime statistics had fallen significantly in the York west area with anti social behaviour down by 23% and burglaries by 26% since last year. It was hoped to reduce this even further. Other areas had seen an increase in thefts from motor vehicles and he requested residents to ensure that vehicles were secured and no valuables were left on display.


During the recent warm weather residents were leaving doors and windows open presenting burglars with opportunities and he asked residents to ensure that doors and window were not left unlocked.


The York West area had been included as one of the priority areas for attending incidents of anti social behaviour involving motor vehicles. This priority was during police daytime shifts over the summer holiday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Residents were asked to report any concerns or suspicious behaviour by phone to the police non emergency 101 number.


It was reported that a 3 month private premises closure had been made in relation to a property in Sandcroft Road following a number of anti social behaviour incidents.


A Neighbourhood Watch Group had recently been set up at Miterdale in Woodthorpe and a Neighbourhood Watch Group was in the process of being set up in Gower Road, Dringhouses.


At this point residents were given the opportunity to ask questions of the Officer:


Q         Could any steps be taken to educate children not to drop litter as it had been noted that this was a problem as the end of the school day?

A         Confirmed that Officers would patrol adjacent streets 20mins prior to school finishing time and speak to any children found dropping litter. They would also examine the possibility of attending a school assembly to press home the message.


RESOLVED:                That the update from the Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team be received and noted.


REASON:                     To keep Members and residents informed on Policing matters in their Ward.



Have Your Say/Mayfields Nature Reserve

Barry Potter of the York Natural Environment Trust (YNET) will be making a presentation to residents on the Mayfields Nature Reserve.


At this point in the meeting members of the public can raise any issues or concerns they may have in respect of the ward or the earlier presentation.


Mayfields Nature Reserve


Barry Potter, Chair of York Natural Environment Trust (YNET) gave a presentation, with the aid of slides showing aspects of the Mayfields Nature Reserve.


He provided a short history of the site and of YNET a registered charity which had been set up to enhance York’s natural environment and ran a number of nature reserves in the York area. The following points were made in respect of the site:

·        It had been understood that the title agreement for the land would pass to YNET following completion of the housing on the adjacent site as had land at Danesmead

·        In the early stages, following erection of properties on ‘The Chase’, YNET had undertaken work on the site including remedial work on trees, removal of Japanese knotweed and the preparation of a 5 year management plan. The developers had been provided with plans and specifications to reclaim and restore the site which they had done and he paid tribute to the work they had undertaken.

·        YNET had continued to operate on the site however the sign off of the land had not taken place despite the S106 agreement. This had limited their works as there had been no agreement with the City of York Council.

·        YNET had received a commuted sum in anticipation of future ownership of the land and had a number of willing and able volunteers.

·        YNET were continuing the process of maintaining the landscaping, with work now being confined to the pond area, with general tidying, replacement of the fishing platform and maintenance of the fishery.

·        Confirmation that the recent packing down of shrubbery in the meadow area had not been undertaken by YNET.

·        It had been understood that the land would transfer in April 2011 to YNET. Since that time the City of York Council had set up a competition for the running of the site which YNET had not officially been made aware of until June 2011.

·        Reference to Natural England’s quote that urban dwellings should have ready and easy access to green space near to their homes which it was felt YNET had undertaken to provide for local residents for over 10 years at this site.


Residents were then given the opportunity to raise any points/questions in respect of the presentation.


Gordon Campbell-Thomas, spoke as a former member of YNET. He  understood that responsibility for the site would transfer to a specially formed group, to manage the area, with the group eventually taking over the upkeep of the land, similar to the St Nicholas Fields model. He expressed concern at the mismanagement of the site. He pointed out that YNET were an umbrella group whereas it had originally been envisaged that the site would transfer to a dedicated group. Concerns were also raised at the lack of wheelchair access to the site from Mayfield Grove.


Some residents questioned the reference to mismanagement of the site and lack of wheelchair access. Another resident, an experienced Tree Warden, expressed concern at the recent work undertaken  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Neighbourhood Working and Community Contracts

The Neighbourhood Manager will outline the process for grant funding for 2013/14 onwards and the Ward Committee will be asked to adopt the priorities under the Community Contract for 2012/13.


Kay Bailey, City of York Council’s Engagement Officer, gave a presentation introducing the launch of Community Contracts, agreements between Ward Committees, the local community, council departments and other organisations to provide services such as street cleaning, libraries, schools and policing.


Contracts would also address the priorities set by members based on information received from residents, statistics and local knowledge to provide a plan to meet these. It was hoped that this would focus services targeting where action was required. Priorities would then be sought annually for inclusion in the contract. Members were asked to adopt the priorities under the Community Contract for 2012/13.


The 3 priorities under the community contract for the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward were highlighted as:


·        Safer, thriving community

·        Cleaner, green environment

·        More opportunities for young people.


Information on Ward Action Groups, the Community Contract and how residents could be involved were detailed  and  available on the Council website at: http://www.york.gov.uk/content/45090/31690/Wards/125726/861009/CommunityContract

or by contacting Matthew Ward, Neighbourhood Management Officer on (01904) 551819  Email: matthew-nmo.ward@york.gov.uk


Residents referred to problems with the delivery of ‘Your Voice’, which members confirmed they would investigate if address details were left with the Clerk.


Following further discussion it was


RESOLVED:                That agreement be given for the 3 priorities for the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward under the Community Contract for 2012/13.


REASON:                     To ensure that priorities under the Community Contract are adopted for the Ward for the forthcoming year.



Ward Committee Funded Schemes 2012/13

To formally agree the schemes to be funded through the Ward Committee for 2012/13 (to view the schemes for the ward go to www.york.gov.uk/wards/).


Ward Members were asked to agree the schemes to be funded through the Ward Committee for 2012/13.


The Engagement Officer explained that funding had now been split into three pots:


·     Ward Budgets:  Each ward had an allocation to use as grant funding to commission local voluntary and community organisations to meet identified needs.

·     Other Voluntary Sector Support:  Funding to support those voluntary sector organisations that provide services to more than one ward and that are currently forced to apply for a plethora of individual ward committee grants.  It was not intended that this fund would be open to Council services such as Street Sport; however, it was proposed that in the first year only, whilst the Ward Credits pot was being established, Council services were allowed to bid.

Your Consortium had won the tender to administer the schemes according to the Council’s criteria and priorities and would provide support to the recipient organisations including accessing additional funding / revenue sources, helping them to become more sustainable.

·     Ward Credits:  A “credits pot” to be allocated to identified wards to be used to commission new services, either from within the Council or from other partners / sectors, to deliver on the Ward priorities. 

For the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward, the Chair confirmed that with a much reduced fund only organisations situated within the ward would now be eligible to bid for funding. All the eligible schemes had been considered and it was confirmed that all of these schemes had been allocated a proportion of funding:


Scheme Reference





Friends of Chapman’s Pond

Funding for ongoing maintenance of Chapman’s Pond



Bingo Club

Contribute to room hire for the Elderly Persons bingo club at Moor Lane Youth Club



Friends of Acomb Wood

A grant to the Friends of Acomb Wood, for an information notice board.



Woodthorpe After School Club

A Grant to Woodthorpe after school club to subsidise places and purchase new play equipment



St Edwards Playgroup

A grant to St Edward's playgroup for 5 pre-school sessions a week



Rising Stars

A fund for Rising Stars to help with activity costs, trips and equipment

£500 *


Dringhouses Dance Group

A grant to Dringhouses Dance Group to provide outings and contribute to running costs



*Since agreement was given to provide a grant of £500 to the organisation Rising Stars it is understood that this body is no longer operating. This budget will be redistributed by Ward Committee members locally in consultation with officers.


RESOLVED:                That Ward Members agree the allocation of ward funding as detailed above.


REASON:                     To enable ward grant funding to be allocated to local ward schemes for the forthcoming year.



Your Ward Forum

To help identify issues to be the focus for the next informal meeting.


The Ward Members introduced the ‘Your Ward Forum’ and asked residents for details of suggested issues they would like discussed at the future informal meetings.


In answer to residents questions it was confirmed that the next informal meeting would take place in October/November 2012.


The following suggestions were made for issues to be discussed at future meetings:

·        Attendance of a First York representative to provide an update on services in the ward together with an appropriate Council officer

·        Further information as to how groups can apply for ward committee funding in future years.



RESOLVED:       That the above issues be considered at future informal Ward Committee meetings.



REASON:            To ensure that issues relevant to the ward raised by members and residents at meetings are given due consideration.


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