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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Dringhouses Primary School

Contact: Matthew Ward 

No. Item


Drop in surgery 6.45pm

Come along to meet your councillors.

The drop-in surgery will also give you the chance to walk with your Street Environment Officer, Safer Neighbourhood Police Team, Neighbourhood Management Officer and representatives from York Libraries in an informal setting.


1.1       Residents had the opportunity to talk to with Cllr Anna Semlyen, Cllr George Hodgson, Cllr Ann Reid, Cindy Benton – Neighbourhood Manager,  Matthew Ward - Neighbourhood Management Officer, Michal Czekajlo – Neighbourhood Management Support Officer, Suzanne Prance – Street Environment Officer, PC Mark Antonelli, PCSO – Craig Boumphrey.

1.2       Additional Local Improvement Scheme suggestion forms were available for the residents.

1.3       Pictures and information on Mayfield Pond were presented by York Natural Environmental Trust.


Welcome and Minutes 7.30pm

Update on any action points.


2.0    Councillor Semlyen has welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained the purpose of the committee meeting.


2.1    Councillor Semlyen has explained to the meeting where the fire escapes routes are and asked for the mobile phones to be switched off.


2.2    Copy of the minutes from the previous meeting was passed around. It was decided that the minutes will be signed at the end of the meeting after everyone have seen them.



Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

The safer neighbourhood team will give an update on police operations in the area and answer any questions you have.


3.1    Independent Police Councillor Craig Shaw gave an update on the current changes with the holder of Inspector post for the area. Inspector Phil Cain who took over the area couple of months ago has now moved to work as Chief Inspector in the Control Room. Iain Surrell will temporarily cover the Inspector post for the area until permanent replacement is found. Apologies were given for short notice and lack of continuity regarding the Inspector post holder.


3.2    Pc Mark Antonelli gave an update on the recent police restructure.

Changes to the police structure made on 21st March 2011 resulted in change to policing boundaries. York was divided into four areas: York Central, York West, York East and York Rural. Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward was divided to small ‘individual communities’ with dedicated Police officer attached to each of them. Police officers can also be delegated to the hot spots in the area if required.

PC Mark Antonelli became the beat manager for Dringhouses,  Woodthorpe and Westfield together with PC Colin Park allowing cover 7 days a week.


3.3    Crime statistics for the ward are available on request from PC Antonelli. The number of ASB incidents has dropped down comparing to year 2009 with no identified hot spots at the moment.

Target hardening bid for shed bars and locks was submitted along with information letter drop to target slight increase in burglaries.


3.4    Operation ‘Secure’ is progressing in York West currently. The purpose of the operation is to minimise shed and garage burglaries identifying hot spots and delegating officers to those areas.


Residents were given the opportunity to raise questions.


Q       There is an issue with drivers parking on the pavements; can I contact the police to report the problem? PCSO’s used to be more visible on the streets, dealing with drivers who were parking on the pavements. They are not as visible now, why has that happened?


A       Police is not dealing with all parking related issues any more, as Local Authority has taken over some parking enforcement powers. We can only action in the event when car parked on the pavement is causing obstruction that makes it impossible for you to walking past it.

Councillor Semlyen has suggested at this point that parking enforcement and highway management representative should be invited to next meeting to answer those questions.


Q       Police could take some initiative and instead of going through formal action route simply talk to the offending driver and address the issue.


A       I agree with that and will pass your suggestion back to our team.


Q       We had the conversation regarding parking issues before and not gone anywhere further since year 2009. What could you do as the police to stop people from parking on grass verges?


A       We can issue fine for causing the obstruction and after certain time we can remove the obstructing vehicle.


Councillor Semlyen has said that someone from the City of York Council Parking Services will be invited to the next meeting  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Community Safety

Discussions on the ward provision of Community Rangers and crime reduction initiatives.


4.1    Matthew Ward presented the brief history of the Community Safety scheme in the ward.

·        In 2005, Community Rangers were initially funded when residents perceived that there was a lack of police presence in the ward.

·        Changes in Police structure introduced Safer Neighbourhood Teams, with which came the introduction of Police Community Support Officers, PCSO’s.

·        So, the ward now benefited from Community Ranger Patrols and higher levels of visible police patrols, working in partnership to address Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

·        Reports from Community Rangers were regularly received, informing of where patrols were made and what incidents of note occurred.

·        Residents were able to report incidents on a free phone/local phone number.

·        The Community Ranger manager would attend ward committees to address issues and report back to residents.

·        Residents continued to prioritise the Community Ranger Patrols to received ward committee funding.

·        Currently Kingdom Security have taken

over the company (formally Group Response).

·        No free phone number has been available for residents to report issues.

·        Reports have NOT been received by NMU to show patrol data.

·        CYC Procurement has been asked to obtain quotes from security companies.


4.2    Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward allocated £4.500 towards Community Safety scheme for this year and one invoice for £365 was paid already.


4.3    Meeting was asked for ideas regarding the future of the scheme and possible options were given by Neighbourhood Management Officer:

·        Continue funding patrols but tender a new company.

·        Allocate funding to Police initiatives for the ward.

·        Eg. ‘Target Hardening’ - Shed bars, garage security measures, improved security at Leeside Park, Nelsons Lane and Chapman's Pond.

At this moment Clls Semlyen has asked the meeting if the current contract should be cancelled.

The majority have agreed to that idea.

At this point the discussion has started and following questions and concerns were raised.


Q       Do we need patrol company, or better support the Police?

Q       We were promised report on how usable the patrol is. We had no report, therefore are unable to say how useful they were.

Q       How does the procurement process works?


A       At this moment we have to decide if we retain the community patrol or no. It was out of our control when Kingdom Security took over Group Response. Procurement has to go through process of gathering quotes from companies that are interested in providing that security service.


Q       Do other wards have similar Community Safety scheme?


A       There were five wards funding that scheme, however Westfield has recently decided to withdraw.


Cllr Reid has commented that Community Rangers were funded by the ward committee for the number of years and it was good for residents to have alternative phone number to ring to report ASB. Community Patrols were different and used to provide additional service to the Police.


Matthew Ward has red the letter from Inspector Iain Surrell regarding Community Safety scheme.


Following questions and comments were raised.


Q       Have we paid Kingdom Security three months salary and not seen them on the streets?


A       We are trying  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Street Environment Service

Suzanne Prance your street environment officer will give an update on her activities and let you know how to get involved in improving your area.


5.1    Suzanne Prance gave an update on the Street Environment Services activity across York and in Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward.


5.2    Street Environment Services are engaging with the community through:

·        Team events, raising awareness of the environmental issues such as litter, fly tipping, graffiti and educating;

·        Handing out over 4000, SES designed, mini bins to residents, again raising awareness that cigarette ends are classed as litter – high profile work;

·        Press releases and articles in the Your Ward publication to highlight the work we do which helps promote pride in our City – Young Archaeologist!;

·        Working together with other agencies to achieve a positive outcome;

·        Work together with local businesses to provide long term solutions.


5.3    The Street Environment Services are educating the community.

·        The Street Environment Services produced the DVD “Dropping Litter Makes You A Minger” in 2009. The film has been shown to most Year 6 students in York – and will continue to be rolled out through various media.

·        The Street Environment Services are continually promoting anti environmental crime campaigns, and take the lead to ensure the City continues to thrive.

·        The Street Environment Services are major players at annual Crucial Crew event – providing students with an insight into their role, educating them in the process – taken further with Take Part 2 project.

·        The Street Environment Services produce educational materials such as: posters, banners and handouts which educate ad inform.


5.4 Street Environment Services use their small dedicated improvements budgets to provide specific local area improvements – physical improvements on Council Land.

·        The Street environment Services are working together with the community through ward councillors, local residents groups, Parish Councillors, North Yorkshire Police, Joseph Rowntree Trust and many other individuals and partners, to continually enhance local neighbourhoods, targeting known hotspots.

·        Street Environment Officer is holding  an budget which can be used to make improvements in the ward, these can be:

§  Planting of bulbs;

§  Replacement of street name plates;

§  Installation or repairs of street furniture – new bins/benches/bollards;

§  Clearance of overgrown weeds;

§  Contribution towards larger projects within the ward.

·        The Street Environment Services are working very closely with Community Payback. The relationship they created helps with projects in the community utilising yet another resource.


5.5    The Street Environment Services have a graduated approach to tackling environmental contraventions and use enforcement as a last resort.

·        Notice can be served on illegal travellers encampments to move them from public land;

·        The Street Environment Services issue Fixed Penalty Notices for littering, incorrect refuse presentation and unsightly properties;

·        The Street Environment Services are putting prosecution files together for fly tipping offences and domestic and commercial waste “Duty of care” contraventions;

·        The Street Environment services work alongside Police,  Environment Agency,  DVLA, Trading Standards and HMRC to carry out stop and search exercises for unauthorised waste carriers;

·        The Street Environment Services can serve legal notices for unauthorised advertisements;

·        The Street Environment Services gather evidence of graffiti tags around the City for shared intelligence with North Yorkshire Police  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


York Libraries

Fiona Williams from York Library Service will talk about the Explore vision and explain how libraries work with their local communities.


6.1 Apologies were given for Fiona Williams – Head of Libraries and Heritage who could not attend the meeting due to illness.



Have Your Say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues.


The following questions were raised.


Q       Pylon felled down in November last year near to Hob Moor allotments. It was removed in April and last Tuesday company called ‘Amey’ arrived to repair the lights. The repair was unsuccessful and the lights are still not working there.


A       We will look into this matter and get back to you.


Q       It is apparent that councillors Semlyen and Hodgson do not live within the ward boundaries. Can you give us the assurance that you will be available to the residents of Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward?


A       We do not live in the ward, but are available for you. We have carried out street surgeries currently and will be going around the ward and meeting with residents. You will find us hard working councillors.


Q       Why is the York Pride logo not appearing on the letters from the Council any more? Have the Labour party decided to change it.


A       As this is apolitical meeting, this question will not be answered.


Q       As concessionary pass holderwhy do I have to pay 50 pence for Park and Ride bus fare? It used to be free.


A       That fare was approved with the City of York Council budget in February 2011. It was introduced to avoid service cuts.


Q       What is the update on FTR service?


A       It is under the review.


Q       When will be the next meeting?


A       It will be on the 19th October 2011.


Q       Am I allowed parking my car on the Park and Ride parking after last service at 7.30pm?

A       You can still park, as other services are stopping there and the parking is not closed, but parking the car overnight is not allowed. We have tried to persuade the company to extend the service until late, but were unsuccessful.


The following comments were made.


If you have any bus information queries please ring 01904 551400.

While booking your hospital appointment you can ask for bus voucher as we the appointment card.


Further information about funding bids can be obtained from Helen Sikora from City of York Council.


York College volunteering fair will take place in September. Please give us your suggestions on what the volunteers are required for in the ward.


Minutes from the last meeting were agreed as accurate and signed.




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