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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Moor Lane Youth Centre, Wain's Road

Contact: Matthew Ward 

No. Item


Drop in Surgery

1.    Surgery


1.1         The surgery will give you the opportunity to talk to Cllr Gerard Hodgson, Cllr Ann Reid and Cllr Ann Semlyen, your ward team and visiting speakers informally before the meeting.

1.2         Representatives from St Leonards Hospice and the Library Service will attend to update on their work.



1.1       Residents had the opportunity to talk to Cllr. Anna Semlyen, Cllr. Gerard Hodgson, Cllr. Ann Reid, Matthew Ward and Michal Czekajlo from Neighbourhood Management Unit, Jackie Armitage from Street Environment Team, PCSO Christopher Upton, PCSO Richard Tempest, Tony Clarke from City Strategy, David Warburton from Design Conservation and Sustainable Development Team, Peter Taylor from First York, Paul Brand from Sustainable Transport Team.


1.2    Representatives from St Leonards Hospice, Chase Residents’ Association and NHS Foundation Trust were present at the surgery.



Welcome and Minutes



2.1     Cllr. Gerard Hodgson welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave basic housekeeping information.


2.2    Jackie Armitage, Street Environment Officer was introduced to the meeting. Jackie has taken over from Suzanne Prance who is on maternity leave.


2.3    Two issues were raised in relation to accuracy of the minutes from October 2011 meeting.

          The number provided to report illegal parking was incorrect. That has been checked after the meeting and the number provided is correct.

          The issue with buses struggling to get through the street is related to Moorcroft Road, not Bramble Dene.





Police Update

2.         Police Update

Find out the latest news and actions from your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.



3.1   PCSO’s Chris Upton and Richard Tempest passed apologies from Inspector Neil Drummond and PC Jon Bostwick who could not attend the meeting.


3.2    New non emergency 101 number and the way it works were described to the meeting. New system enables residents to contact particular officer directly. You will need to know officer full name or collar number to be able to contact him, or her. If the officer you trying to get in touch with is off duty, you will be directed to his/hers answering machine. When officer is back on duty he/she will contact you.

          The 101 police number costs 15p however long the call.


Residents were given opportunity to ask questions.


Q       How do I report vandalism, by calling 999, or 101?

A       If you are witnessing somebody damaging your property, you should ring 999. In case when you woke up next morning and noticed that your property was damaged, you should then ring 101, as this is not an emergency.


Q       What is the difference between 999 and 101, as you still have to action?

A       Non emergency number is intended to ease the emergency 999 number. Since the introduction of 101 number we have discovered that 999 response time has improved significantly. Response team is now operating from Acomb Police Station, that enables response officers to patrol the area more frequently.

          There are three dedicated PCSO’s who cover the area of Dringhouses and Woodthorpe and one more officer will be recruited in the near future.

In addition to non emergency number, if you need our support, or would like to get our details, please chat to us, or simply stop us on the street. Our Facebook page is now in operation; you can follow us on Twitter, or e-mail us. 


Q       Police should improve their advertising techniques. You have to acknowledge the fact that many residents have no internet access. There should be a leaflet drop for every household to explain the changes to non emergency number; otherwise people will keep using 999.  

A       We will look into that.


Q       Who are the PC and PCSO’s for Dringhouses and Woodthorpe area?

A       PCSO Angela Hollywood is responsible Dringhouses and PCSO Louise Harness for Woodthorpe. PC for the area is Jon Bostwick.


Q       Does the new 101 number work similarly to previous Police control room?

A       When you ring 101 it will take you directly to the North Yorkshire Police control room.


Q       I have reported an issue with parked cars obstructing Moorcroft Road more than once, but no one came back to me and the situation has not improved. 

A       Please leave your details with us after the meeting and we will take that forward.




3.         Buses

            Changes to the route 12 will be discussed.



4.1    Peter Taylor from First Group York offered to answer questions and take any feedback from residents.


Q       Why changes to the route 12 in Woodthorpe were made without consultation with local residents?

A       I am not sure where the idea about the route change originated from.


Q       Why some of the drivers are allowed additional running time?

A       My colleagues in Leeds are looking at network changes and that issue will be addressed.


Q       The service operating from the top of Moor Lane ceased. Number of residents was using it, including me. Why has that happened?

A       I do not have the answer to that, but will feed that back to my colleagues.


Q       Who is responsible for updating bus timetable on Moorcroft Road?

A       This is within the remit of City of York Council.


Q       Is the timekeeping of your buses being monitored? I have heard from couple of bus drivers that no one supervises their timekeeping; as a result some buses are running 20 minutes late.

A       Yes, we do have operating system that monitors the timekeeping and are aware of existing problems.


Q       Park & Ride service that operates in Dringhouses does not stop where it used to before. Who should I contact to report that?

A       Park & Ride buses do not stop at all bus stops.


Q       It would be beneficial for residents if the Park & Ride buses could stop at every stop to give a lift to people who are on their way to the city centre.

A       Park & Ride service is intended for drivers who parked their cars at the Park & Ride site and are going to the city centre. There are multiple services operating on Tadcaster Road that serve local residents.

Q       Are you able to track your buses and send additional bus in case on is delayed?

A       We do have the tracking system, but are unable to provide additional bus in an event of delay.


Q       What do you use the tracking system for?

A       Tracking system is used to identify delays.


Q       Would it be possible to increase the frequency of the route 12 service to every 15 minutes?

A       I will feed that back to my colleagues.








Park & Ride

4.         Park & Ride

Following recent government approval for ‘Access York’ plans, Tony Clarke, City Strategy Capital Programme Manager will update the meeting on Park and Ride works for Askham Bar



5.1    Tony Clarke, City Strategy Capital Programme Manager gave an update on Park & Ride works at Askham Bar.


5.2    Askham Bar will be redeveloped under the Access York project. In addition to five existing Park & Ride sites Askham Bar will aim to:

·        Reduce congestion on radial routes and in city centre;

·        Improve air quality and environment;

·        Provide high quality public transport options;

·        Support economic growth.


5.3    Askham Bar Park & Ride is oversubscribed at the moment. 1100 additional parking spaces will be provided under the new development.Site will be relocated closer to A64.

Existing bus stops will be retained and new Park & Ride access junction will be built.


5.4    Timescale of the project.

·        Funding Re-Confirmed (Nov 2011);

·        Highway Layout Consultation (Feb 2012);

·        Complete Design (Spring 2012);

·        Tender (Summer 2012);

·        Construction (2013);

·        Opening (Spring 2014).


5.5    Highway works consultation will commence on 30th January 2012.

          Residents, businesses and user groups will be consulted. Displays of the new site layout will be displayed in libraries, Tesco and York College.

          Staffed exhibition at Park & Ride will take place on 7th February 2012.

          Comments from the consultation will have to be submitted by 24th February 2012.

          Final design of the site will be submitted to April 2012 Decision Session for approval.


5.6    For further information please visit www.york.gov.uk/askhambar , contact Tony Clarke on 01904 551641, or Matt Rudman (Assistant Project Manager) on 01904 551624, or e-mail accessyork@york.gov.uk


Residents were given opportunity to ask questions.


Q       What will happen with the existing Park & Ride site?

A       Existing site will stop functioning and the land will be sold off.


Q       Existing Park & Ride site is oversubscribed sometimes, and that is due to students using it. You should increase its capacity, but A59 site should be looked at first, as A59 it is often getting blocked.

A       Both sites will be completed at the same time. 


Q       Buses have big impact on the congestion. Could you not look at alternative transport methods, such as railway, or trams?

A       The reason why we are not going for tram trains is the cost. Park & Ride sites are much cheaper and more effective.


Q       Could you explain how the Monks Cross barriers system works?

A       The system requires you to use the bus; otherwise you will not be able to leave the car park. When you enter the bus you will be issued a ticket which will entitle you to leave the car park. You will have to insert that ticket  at the barrier on exit.


Q       Could you not install the similar system at Askham Bar Park & Ride site?

A       The cost of it would be too high.


Q       What will be the Askham Bar Park & Ride site closing time?

A       It depends on the last bus time and it is 8pm. Site will be gated after 8pm for security reasons.


Q       Some visitor possibly will not be aware of the site closing time. What will happen if someone arrives at the Park & Ride site  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Planning Panel



6.1    At this moment Roger Jennings, Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Planning Panel Clerk called for volunteers to join the Panel. There are couple of vacancies currently. Volunteers will be expected to give up two hours of their time once a month to attend Planning Panel meeting. New members will receive necessary training and guidance.


6.2    The purpose of the Planning Panel is to exam the feasibility of all planning applications in the area. Planning Panel recommendations are submitted to City of York Council who has to consider them when making decision on the application.

          Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Planning Panel usually meet on Mondays.


Public Consultation regarding land at Dringhouses Sidings/Mayfield Pond

5.         Public consultation regarding Dringhouses Sidings/Mayfields Pond

            Discussion led by Chase Residents Association



7.1    David Warburton, Head of Design Conservation and Sustainable Development presented facts related to the Mayfield's Pond site with the help of PowerPoint presentation.

          Apology was given to the meeting for the City of York Council officer’s actions which resulted in the current situation.


·        Planning application for the development of the sidings was submitted in 1996. 

·        The title of the land was not transferred to City of York Council, but the authority is committed to recover it. Legal matters are being looked at currently.

·        The site has not been registered as Public Open Space.

·        YNET is informally managing the land. 

·        Recent work was done to improve and put the site in good order.

·        On 8th March 2012 the report will be submitted to City Strategy to agree the actions that are necessary to secure future management of the site. There are number of organisations who could manage that land and City of York Council has responsibility to set up the framework for the future management of the site. 


Residents were given opportunity to ask questions.


Q       What is the expected cost implication for the land transfer back to City of York Council?

A       There will definitely be cost implication, but we have no estimate figure. Officers work time will form part of that cost. 


Q       That land was not managed for 10 years and that is because you were unable to sort paper work out and choose reliable contractor.

A       I can ensure you that the matter will be looked at appropriately now.


Q       I bought my house on Hob Moor Terrace because it was located next to the open public space. Can you guarantee that this land will become an open public space again and the fence will disappear?

A       City of York Council is committed to recover all that land, but it might be impossible. Under current Property Law regulations any tenants on land, who occupy it have the right to fence it.  


Q       Could you give me clear information on what is going on with that land?

A       City of York Council Legal Department is in active negotiation with tenants/owners and the objective is to obtain the land back.


Q       When was that land last tested for Japanese Knotweed presence?

A       There was a problem with Japanese Knotweed previously and it was dealt with by appropriate contractor. The land was inspected and there is no evidence of that invasive plant.


7.2    Anne Leggett, Chair of the Chase Residents Association introduced herself to the meeting and spoke about Mayfield’s Pond site with the help of PowerPoint presentation.

          Anne declared that she is only the voice of the Chase Residents’ Association and the presentation is on behalf of the Chase Residents’ Association Committee, as part of an on-going public consultation.


7.3    The site occupies an area of around 7 ha and is located approximately one mile south west of York at grid reference SE 586501.  It is bordered by Mayfield Grove, Ainsty Avenue and Aintree Court and split  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Have Your Say

6.         Have Your Say

            Your opportunity to discuss issues in your neighbourhood.



Residents were given opportunity to raise questions.


Q       Under the Section 106 the Mayfield’s Pond site was granted for the housing development. I would like to hear the City of York Council officers point of view on who the Mayfield’s Pond site should serve primarily.

A       Under the Section 106 statement residents of the new development should benefit primarily. We cannot change Section 106 agreement statement.


Q       Your Voice does not include the agenda for that meeting, why was it only available online? I think that the newsletter with the agenda should be delivered to every household, as previously.

A       It is a result of the budget savings that had to be made. Neighbourhood Management and the way meetings are advertised are currently going through the review.


Q       I do litter picking on Cherry Lane and have observed the degradation of the appearance of the street.

A       We will take a note of that.


Q       Could you give me an update on the Woodthorpe Shops canopy renovation? I have asked about that at the last meeting.

A       We will find out and get back to you.


Q       Who owns the area behind the garages at Woodthorpe Shops?

A       The car park immediately behind the shops is owned by the Co-op. We assume that the area behind the garage is also owned by them, but that needs to be confirmed.


Q       What is the date of the next meeting?

A       It has not been decided yet. We think the next meeting will be in June/July time. It will be advertised appropriately.


The meeting was closed at 9:30pm.


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