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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Woodthorpe Primary School, Summerfield Road

Contact: Matthew Ward 

No. Item


Drop-in surgery


Drop-in surgery 6.45pm.

The drop-in surgery gives you the opportunity to talk with your Councillors, Street Environment Officer, Safe Neighbourhood Police Team, Neighbourhood Management Officer, Community Payback Manager, Edible York representative and Energise Leisure Centre Manager.



1.1    Residents had the opportunity to talk with Cllr Tom Holvey and Cllr Ann Reid, Matthew Ward – Neighbourhood Management Officer, Michal Czekajlo – Neighbourhood Management Support Officer, Suzanne Prance – Street Environment Officer, PC Colin Park, PCSO Louise Harness, Ed Gray – Community Payback, Elizabeth Freeman – Edible York, Paul Bickle – Leisure Centre Manager, Elizabeth Smith – Dringhouses History Group.

1.2    Community Payback information and referral leaflets were available for residents.


Welcome and Introduction


Main Meeting 7.30pm




2.1 Councillor Tom Holvey welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained the purpose of the committee meeting.


2.2 Apologies were given for Cllr Sue Sunderland who could not attend the meeting due to illness.


Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

The safer neighbourhood team will give an update on police operations in the area and answer any questions you have.


3.1 PCSO Louise Harness gave an update on the police operations in the ward. Statistics for the ward shows drop of crime below the average over October 2010. A slight increase of crime was recorded in November and beginning of December, mainly due to shoplifting in Tesco. Since the beginning of January the number of offences have reduced.


3.2 Operation plan against anti-social behaviour gave great results last summer and Police will be continuing with the scheme over this year also. The success depends on the local community involvement and cooperation with Police.


3.3 Offenders who are coming from neighbouring wards are tracked by the Police; stop and search is carried out where appropriate. It helps to deter the offenders and prevent the crime.


3.4 Shed and garage alarms along with information leaflets are continually being given out to residents, to educate on how to increase their security.


Residents were given the opportunity to raise questions.


Q – Is there any update regarding speeding issues in the ward? It was discussed during the last meeting, I would like to know if there is any update?

A – Our traffic department is looking at the speeding issues on Tadcaster Road and across the whole ward. Unfortunately the process of tackling those issues is time consuming. We will come back to you with the updates on the next meeting.


Q- There are issues with speeding on Moor Lane as well. Sometimes parents are speeding while lifting their children’s to school. It is very irresponsible and dangerous.

A- This can be monitored but report the issue by submitting 95 Alive forms, which are processed by traffic management and the tasking officers to the area is possible.


Q- There is an issue with traffic lights at the junction of St Helen’s Road and Tadcaster Road. The filter light to turn right into St Helen’s Rd does always seem to function?

A – There are sensors in the road, which activate the filter for traffic lights. It may be that the senor doesn’t always pick up vehicles or that motorists sometime stop in front of where the sensor is placed. The issue will be raised with traffic management.

Cllr Reid followed up this with CYC Transport system team. The explanation was

Right turn arrows of the type found at this location only appear if the junction detects a vehicle wanting to turn right. The junction detects such a vehicle by sensors (loops) in the road. These loops are positioned in the centre of the junction, at a point where right turning traffic should be waiting.


Occasionally, some drivers are not 'enthusiastic' enough, and will not pull forward to the centre of the junction when wishing to turn right. As such, they do not cover the sensor and the junction doesn't detect anything wishing to turn right.


As you state that this is an intermittent problem, I would conclude that my explanation is the likely cause rather than any equipment failure (which would cause a permanent  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Community Payback - Ed Gray

Find out about the scheme, how you can get involved and how it can benefit the ward from Ed Gray, manager.


Ed Gray introduced himself to the meeting and explained the purpose and way how Community Payback is working.


4.1 Community Payback can be given to offenders as part of a ‘community sentence’. A ‘community sentence’ means that the offender may have to carry out up to 300 hours of unpaid work. This work benefits the community – and means the offender’s payback the community for their crimes.


4.2 The sentence is set by the court at anything between 40 and 300 hours depending on the seriousness of the crime and the offender’s record.  The work takes place on weekdays, weekends and in some cases during the evening.


4.3 Community Payback labour force is working an average of 4000 hours per month across the whole city on a wide variety of different projects. The project can be suggested by anyone, if you have a project that you would like to put forward please complete a referral leaflet or log onto our website and complete a form online or e-mail us at: communitypayback@north-yorkshire.probation.gsi.gov.uk. 


Residents were given opportunity to raise questions.


Q – Are you able to clear footpaths of snow?

A – This year we have been working together with housing department. Last year there was a problem with the communication between the council, but we have managed to find the way to work together. We will be happy to be involved and cooperate with volunteer snow wardens.


Q – If I had a work for you, would you be able to come over and do it? There are some footpaths covered with litters, overgrown hedges and overhanging trees in the ward. Would you be able to tidy them up?

A – Please make contact via e-mail, phone or fill in a leaflet. We will send project officer to assess the job. Once that’s done, if feasible, we will send the team to carry out the job.


Q - What’s are the types of jobs that you can carry out? Are these only light tasks, or you are able to carry out heavier tasks also, pot holes for example?

A – There is a wide range of projects we can carry out. If the potholes are somewhere on the side street, we could probably do it. If it’s somewhere on the main road, it will be the highways who would be responsible, due to health and safety complications. We have to look at each work individually and assess it before commencing. 


Q - There are many potholes on Cherry Lane; it is dangerous for cyclists to cycle there. Could you please look into that?

A - We will contact the racecourse regarding that matter.


Edible York - Elizabeth Freeman

Find out about growing vegetables in public spaces, how it can benefit the ward and how you can get involved with Lizzie Freeman.


5. Edible York is about nurturing existing food growing spaces in the City and bringing new food growing spaces to life. Our vision is a sustainable city where it is possible for everyone to grow, eat and cook their own food.


5.1 Edible York wants to make it possible for everyone in York to:

  • Create new food growing spaces/gardens,
  • Learn to grow and eat food for free,
  • Help grow a vibrant local food economy.


5.2 Edible York is a constituted community organisation managed by an advisory group made up of people who have a variety of different interests around the City.


5.3 We all share a passion for helping new and exciting things to grow, whether they be plants or projects.


5.4 Edible York is supported by friends at: the City of York Council, York In Transition (under whose umbrella the idea for Edible York first originated), St Nicholas Fields Environment Centre.


5.5 Abundance is our urban harvesting project.  Abundance will be keeping trees across the city healthy, and redistributing unwanted fruit at harvest time.


5.6 GardenAble is working to create accessible community allotments in York; disabling the barriers between people and gardens.


5.7 We’re always interested to hear about your projects: we’re not exclusive or fussy and want to link experienced existing projects and fresh new projects together. We would like to see the flowers arrangements in the city centre to be changed into vegetable beds in the future.


5.8 A suggestion was made by Cllr Holvey to make use of the planters at Woodthorpe Shops.


Residents were given opportunity to raise questions.


Q – The Barbican project was very successful, it wasn’t vandalised. What is your project suggestion for the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward?

A – We are looking for ideas from local enthusiastic residents. We will be asking you for the ideas and feedback.


Q – What about Woodthorpe greengrocer, we don’t want to put him out of business.

A – We will obviously discuss the project with him before planting anything.


Q – There are some trees in the Ward which are dying, can we swap them with fruit trees?

A – Yes, we could help with that, we have some trees available for planting, not only vegetables.


Q – Regarding  Woodthorpe greengrocer you could be purchasing seeds from him and then plant them. Vegetable beds should be accessible to disabled people and also schools with their gardens should be involved in the initiative.


Q – Pear trees are outstanding to plant, are you planning to plant some in Dringhouses?

There are areas around the allotments which are just a waste lands, you should consider them as possible locations.

Are the  grass areas eligible for vegetable beds?

A – We are checking with the Council before planting anything. When choosing the location for vegetable bed we must consider accessibility to water and light, then we are deciding what type of plant is best for the location.



Local Improvement Schemes 2011-2012

The list of proposed Local Improvement Schemes will be discussed. This is your chance to influence the decision on how the budget for 2011/2012 will be spent.


Councillor Tom Holvey went through the list of proposed local improvement schemes for Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward. The list has been decided working on an estimated budget. Some of these schemes may be taken from the list if the budget is reduced.






Balance of votes


Group Response patrols in the ward.




Age Concern toenail cutting service.




Moor Lane Youth Club for sessions for 10-13 year olds on Fridays.




Dringhouses Primary School – a willow tunnel within an unused area of the school playground.




Moor Lane Chill Out Zone. Providing activities for young people in the ward.




Additional salt bins in the ward.




Woodthorpe Pre-School Playground for two toddler sessions per week.




Tarmac the path from Dringhouses Road to the Sustrans cycle path.




Woodthorpe After School Club to subsidise sessions and buy equipment.




Community Chest for schemes that come up during the year.




Raise the footpath between Glenridding and the Co-op supermarket to help alleviate flooding.




Active York to support their ‘Fund for the Gifted’.




Fund to improve street lighting.





Residents were given opportunity to raise questions.


Q – Scheme 11-11, could we try to encourage residents to use the existing salt bins?

A - We are not sure if we will be using this money on funding additional salt bins this year. Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward committee fund the highest number of salt bins compared to other wards. Unused salt bins may be removed. This year we have also introduced temporary salt bags dropped in certain locations at no cost to the ward committee.


Q – Scheme 11 – 02, Is that path not covered with tarmac already?

A – NMO will visit the site shortly, if it’s only part of the path that is not covered then obviously the cost will be lower and we will be able to use that money to fund other schemes.


Q – Scheme 11 – 10, when the cost will be confirmed?

A – The site visit is required to assess the price.


Q – Scheme 11 – 07, what does it mean to improve street lighting?

A – We are looking at streets where the lighting is poor, existing lights are not sufficient enough.


Q – What about clean up and improvements to Knavesmire Wood, it was the last year scheme and it looks like nothing was done there?

A – A clean up took place earlier in the year. Working with the parks team a bench will be installed. Any funding remaining will be used for a new information board at the site.


Q – Is it possible to partly fund the schemes and use the money to support other schemes from the list?

A – We are monitoring the schemes and the transfer of funds is  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


7. Have Your Say!

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns.


Your chance to ask about local issues and concerns.


Councillor Ann Reid mentioned that there are between 250 and 500 potholes being filled per week across the city. If you want to report a damaged road or footpath call  01904 551551.


Q – I have seen van for emptying dog bins drive across Hob moor. That should be addressed, as the van tyres ruined the grass.

A – Cllrs will look into the issue.

Cllr Reid followed up this issue with Russell Stone, Head of Neighbourhood Pride Services. The usual collection driver was on holiday and the driver providing cover will be spoken to regarding the matter.


Q – There is an issue with young people playing football outside Honeysuckle House garages. It seems that they have damaged the gutter bracket on the wall there. There are also issues with skateboarders using new benches across the city, or water fountain on Parliament Street as their ramps. Should they not be paying for the damage they cause?

A –If there is a problem and you see someone causing damage to the private or council property please report that to the Police.


Q – There seems to be an issue with big amount of litters, such as plastic bottles being left by the football players at the bottom of Cherry Lane.

A – We can redirect street cleaner to that area and also address that issue with Racecourse. It will be investigated if a clause could be written into their contract.


Q – There are places where overgrown hedges and overhanging trees are causing the footpaths to narrow. Also cars parking partly on the pavements are making it difficult to walk, especially for mothers with prams.

A – Please continue to report such issues to us, we can then take appropriate action. Regarding cars parking on the pavements we will ask Police to look into the matter as it could causing obstruction.


Concern was raised regarding cats devastating gardens in the ward by leaving their droppings.


Comment on the willow in Mayfield Pond was raised. The type of willow  at the pond is cracked willow, unsuitable for building a tunnel at Dringhouses School so suitable material has been sourced.


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