Agenda and minutes

Venue: Woodthorpe Primary School, Summerfield Road, YO24 2RU

Contact: Michal Czekajlo  Community Officer

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18:30 drop-in pdf icon PDF 962 KB

Talk to your councillors, groups and organisations.

Give us your views on what is important to you in your community.


19:00 Main meeting

·         Introductions

·         Selection of the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward Planning Panel

·         Update on Tadcaster Road improvements scheme

·         Support available locally for residents during this rising cost of living crisis

·         Mini-presentations from ward grant recipients

·         Have your say


Welcome Chaired by Cllr Fenton who opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.


PCSO Grimbley then shared an update on statistics for the ward for last three months (Aug-October)

·         28 Reports of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

·         0 arson reports

·         4 Auto crimes including vehicle interference, a laptop take out of an unlocked car, 1 stolen car, 1 stolen moped

·         3 burglaries

Looking forward, they will be targeting:

Silverdale Court – car parks where youths causing nuisance;

Parking at Dringhouses School – congestion on Mayfield Grove;

Leeside Park – ASB;

Also have been going into schools and scout groups and doing presentations for children to get to know the police and what they do.


Reminder to lock house and leave a light on as prevention against burglary.


PCSO Grimbley encouraged the meeting to sign up to the Community Messaging, a platform used by North Yorkshire Police to get in touch with the community.


Operation Shimmer – will target people on bikes with no lights, giving them fines and making them walk bike home.


PCSO Grimbley highlighted they would love people to use online system to report instances of ASB This online tool enables direct way of reporting.


Operation Snap – address speeding and careless driving, if you see anything or have any dash camera footage report it.


Questions taken:


Q – Mayfield Grove congestion with school drop offs, is there a way to encourage car share?

A – PCSO Grimbley has talked to the Head Teacher about this and will chase it up.


Q - Operation Shimmer, can it also target people on bikes whose lights are too bright and shine into oncoming drivers?

A- yes, will look at this

In closing –PCSO Grimbley really wants people to start reporting anything they think might be a bit suspicious or just seem off.



Selection of the Ward Planning Panel


Margaret Silcock shared about the Panel, who was involved and how it worked. Attendees of the meeting confirmed the continuance of existing members Julie Ainsworth, Ann Gray, Philip Metcalfe, Margaret Silcock, Stephen Fenton and the admittance of Judith Gresty as a new member.

If anyone else would like to get involved get in touch with Margaret, or Fiona.



Tadcaster Road Scheme Update pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Additional documents:


Melanie Farnham, Senior Project Manager - Major Transport Projects at the City of York Council introduced herself to the meeting and gave a talk with the use of a PowerPoint presentation.


Funding for the project comes from two different streams – both from Central Government (£5m is from the Department for Transport and £1.4m from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority).

The project will incorporate improvements to drainage, cycle paths, lighting, and road surfacing along with walking, cycle and bus improvements Tadcaster Road.

Craig and Jon from Jackson Civil Engineering, the company awarded the project were introduced to the meeting. 

The project will feature 3 new pedestrian crossings, replacing pedestrian islands, widening the existing cycle lanes and pavements, adding short sections of off-road cycle path and installing bus priority technology to improve the safety and attractiveness of the route along with new street lighting.  Initial site investigation work will be taking place before Christmas with the main work starting after the New Year in January and is due for completion by September 2023.

The main site offices and compound will be at Sim Balk Lane, with a smaller compound for the storage of materials on the Knavesmire (please see attached plan)

The Project Team is working hard to keep the local community informed about the scheme. Two drop-in sessions have been planned for 27th and 29th November at St Edward the Confessor Church and a letter drop for 3000 local residents and businesses has been undertaken already.


More information can be found at


Melanie opened the floor for questions:


Q-  Is the drainage and lights work going to affect the relatively recently resurfaced road?

A – Yes, a few years back when work was done, we were unaware that this project would be coming up .


 Q- Will there be temporary pedestrian crossings when they get rid of the central islands for the work?

A – Yes


Q – Those that look after the cycle path from Bishopthorpe to Park and Ride would like to be involved with planning of developments for spiral path on the solar system way

A – This will be welcomed.  York Greenways contact details were taken post questions.


Q – The advert on the side wall of the bus shelter at the junction with Old Moor Lane obscures visibility with people waiting for the bus having to step outside to see if the bus is approaching. Can it be rectified as part of this scheme?

A – This bus stop is going to be resituated in order for users to be able to see oncoming traffic.


Cllr Widdowson raised that if during the progression of the scheme you see anything praiseworthy, please mention it as often only negative things get brought up.



Support available locally for residents during the rising cost of living crisis


Sarah introduced herself as the Local Area Coordinator for Mickelgate and explained that she is attending in place of Catherine Claudius-Cole, LAC for Dringhouses & Woodthorpe who is on annual leave.


Sarah explained what things the LACs do and can help with. Shared a list of local foodbanks and when they are open, shared that she can support with getting advice on energy usage, can issue fuel vouchers, and access funding to support household need.


Sarah also highlighted the allotment project in collaboration with York in Recovery – peer led addiction recover group. Mark from York in Recovery shared how they have worked to develop an allotment patch. Both Sarah and Catherine use the allotment space to work with people they support.


Opportunity for Questions


Q – Can the libraries get a list of foodbanks and their opening times?

A – Catherine can facilitate that when she is back also check Live Well York for the list.   Sarah gave a list of opening time to the Library, apologies I cannot remember her name.


Q - Cllr Fenton noted there are other underutilised green spaces in the ward. Could something be done with them like the allotment project with York in Recovery?

A – It was suggested Edible York might be the best contact for this.



Mini-presentations from ward grant recipients pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Additional documents:


York Cares – Ethan thanked the Ward Committee for the grant that provided materials to support their volunteers to do work creating and maintaining green corridors. York Cares supports businesses to have their employees volunteer for charities and community groups.


Q – How do York Cares decide where they will work?

A - This year was there first year working across more than one site and next year they are considering focussing work on wetlands.


Woodthorpe York Community Group (WYCG) – raise money for local charities and this year received a grant for a stage for their fun day an event bringing the local community together and raising money for charities.


St James Deacon Church – Luke thanked the Committee for the grant which purchased new light weight round tables for the hall – this has helped facilitate the groups and over 100 people that utilise the hall for activities on a weekly basis.


Dringhouses Scout Group – Martin thanked the ward for a grant towards refurbishment of the existing mess tent. The supplier, who the original tent was purchased from and the spare parts were going to be obtained closed down, therefore the Group is looking to purchase a new structure. The Scout Group have lots of kit that is also lent out to facilitate trips for other scout groups i.e. West Thorpe, or Selby.


York Greenways – Peter shared how a grant to purchase a hedge trimmer and brush cutter has facilitated their maintenance of the Solar System Green Way


Dringhouses Library – Lucy thanked the ward for the grant to purchase a large connect four and Jenga game. These purchases have added value to the outdoor patio space and its use at the library.


Mayfield Community Trust – Malcolm thanked the ward for a grant that helped them purchase a new mower which is used, not only to cut the grass, but to collect the fallen leaves and repurpose them as mulch. The grant also funded the purchase of gravel to keep the path in good repair.



Have your say


Q – Number 12 bus is unreliable and the route impractical – could the 12A be extended or the 12 be changed?

A – In response Cllr Fenton stated that it is very difficult to influence the bus companies, but there is a new “Enhanced Partnership” between bus companies and City of York Council that has its first meeting next week. He is hopeful this might help the issue.


Q – A number of big trees have been removed over recent months. Can they be replaced?

A – The Council replaces some trees, and the ward has a list of few locations for potential tree planting/replacement.  If you email Councillors with the location they will see what can be done.


Q – There is a big hole in the Ryecroft Avenue carriageway. Can something be done?

A – Right now CYC and Yorkshire Water a both saying it is the others responsibility – hopefully it will be sorted soon.

Cllr Fenton raised that he is enquiring about the smell of gas on St Helens Road railway bridge.


Q – Is lighting going to be updated as part of Tadcaster Road Scheme?

A – Yes, this will be looked at. If there are specific lights or areas you are worried about please write to Ward Councillors. 


The meeting closed at 20:50.



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