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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Woodthorpe Primary School, Summerfield Road

Contact: Michal Czekajlo  Community Involvement Officer

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Drop in from 6:30pm

·        Talk to your local councillors

·        Find out about community groups active in your area

·        Give us views on what is important to you in your community


Residents had the opportunity to speak informally with Cllrs Mason, Reid and Fenton. Representatives were also on-hand from the Older Citizen’s Advocacy (OCAY), the York Blind and Partially Sighted Society and the York Neighbours.


Formal meeting 7-8:30pm


Councillor Mason welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were no apologies for non-attendance.  


What is missing for older and vulnerable residents in the ward and how can we bridge the gap

Workshop and group discussion facilitated by Carl Wain, Adult Social Care Commisioning Manager as City of York Council


Cllr Mason introduced Carl Wain, Adult Social Care Commissioning Manager for CYC, who outlined some of the current pressures and challenges facing the provision of support for older and vulnerable residents.  Mr Wain reported that the Ward is in the band of top 5 wards with higher levels of obesity; of residents in receipt of home care and quantity of residents claiming Job Seekers Allowance. He added that Adult Social Care money has been invested in the Ward, via the Ward budget, to support preventative service provision, also stressing that there was a particular need to reduce social isolation amongst the elderly. 


As an example of preventative services Mr Wain pointed out the organisation display stands and introduced Walter Stockdale from York Neighbours.  Mr Stockdale explained that the organisation, which was manned by volunteers, provided help to the elderly and isolated with one-off jobs such as DIY, shopping, etc. 


Residents then broke out into discussion groups to identify any gaps in local service provision.


Several issues were raised during the feedback session, including:

        Ward Directory – Cllr Fenton reported that a proof of the document is expected in the next week or so.

        Nutrition and Health: non-clinical interventions.  More research was needed to determine current availability in the Ward.

        It was suggested that the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme could be extended to identify older residents who lived alone.  Such residents could then be approached sensitively to determine ways in which they could be supported by the community.

        Cllr Fenton made residents aware of the Postcard Project, an initiative introduced by Guildhall Ward.  Following the receipt of local ward information, residents were subsequently revisited to determine how and where they could be supported.  Mr Wain commented that examples of good practice could be shared between wards.


Mr Wain further explained that there are two methods of funding initiatives through ward based funding: through a charitable organisation submitting a grant application or through the ward (or group of wards) identifying an unmet need and commissioning a service for interested organisations to submit a bid.


Information from the meeting would be collated and residents could expect a follow-up report at the next Ward Meeting.


Selection of the Planning Panel

·        Are you interested in the built environment and how your local area develops into the future?

·        Have you got spare couple of hours every 3-4 weeks to come together with other volunteers to look at and comment on planning applications in respect of local developments received by the Council?

·        No special planning knowledge is requires and training for new volunteers will be provided.

·        There are currently 8 volunteers involved with the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward Planning Panel. On Wednesday 15 February the annual selection process will be undertaken in which current volunteers can re-stand and new volunteers join for the next 12 months period.


Mr Dave Munley, Clerk to the Planning Panel, outlined the role and operation of the panel, an independent voluntary group who meet approximately once per month to scrutinise planning applications in respect of local developments received by the Council.


Dave Munley (Clerk), Roger Jennings, Margaret Silcock, Ann Gray, Phillip Metcalfe, John Parkinson, Shane Egan, Jo Green, Jeanette Logan, Kenneth Logan, Michael Thornton, Andrew Martin, Ulrike Bullerby, Fiona Barclay, Terry McLaughlin volunteered to be on the Planning Panel for the next 12 months.                                            

The above membership was ratified by the Ward Committee.  


Anyone interested in joining the panel in future is welcome to contact Michal Czekajlo, Community Involvement Officer, for further details: michal.czekajlo@york.gov.uk


Ward budget pdf icon PDF 1 MB

An update on recently funded projects and timetable for year 2017-18


Cllr Fenton provided a slideshow detailing the spending of both the Ward Budget and the Highways Budget for 2016/17, including plans for any amounts carried forward.


The Ward Budget for 2016/17 was £36,764.84, which included the devolved adult social care budget.  Grants awarded to community and voluntary groups amounted to £12,981.46 over the year. Some schemes were commissioned, amounting to a total of £15,021.38.   


It is anticipated that there will be approximately £8,762 remaining in the Ward Budget at the end of the financial year. It is proposed to carry forward this amount and use it to top up money awarded from central council funds for improvements to the Nelsons Lane and Woodthorpe Green play areas.


It is also proposed to prospectively allocate £11,733 of the 2017/18 Ward Budget to further bolster the funds available for improvements to the 2 playgrounds.  With the section 106 funding and also the money available from the central council, this means that the two play areas will have an allocated budget of £30,000 each.  Cllr Fenton further explained that once the council have gone out to tender, the community would have the chance to have their say on the proposals received.


Cllr Fenton introduced Anne Legett from the Chase Residents’ Association who reported on further issues in relation to the Nelsons Lane play area.  Anne explained that whilst the current play equipment was safe, it had exceeded its life expectancy by a number of years and was being inspected on a weekly basis. Whilst the allocated £30,000 would go a long way, further funds would be needed to secure the future of the play area. 


Anne outlined a consultation timetable designed to give a voice to the opinions of parents and children who use the play area:


        15/02/17 – 20/03/17 Community Consultation Project, designed to collect input from local parents and children.

        03/03/17 (Nelsons Lane play area, 3pm – 5pm) Open meeting to discuss the pros and cons and views received.  Dave Meigh (Operations Manager – Public Realm, CYC) is expected to attend.

        29/03/17 (Marriott Hotel) Meeting to report back on community views and to discuss what  equipment people would like to see. Dave Meigh is again expected to  attend.


Ongoing fundraising is being planned, including a Summer Fayre.


In response to resident queries, Cllr Fenton explained that CYC had earmarked 10 play areas to receive funds of £17,000 each.  He confirmed that whilst Middlethorpe had been considered, the decision was to improve existing play areas rather than create new ones at the present time. Leeside play area was not currently eligible for funding.


Cllr Fenton noted residents’ concerns relating to the timing of the work, which may be during the summer holidays.  He agreed that timing and communication were key.


Following a prospective allocation of funds to the two play areas, the remaining Ward Budget for 2017/18 would be £17,657 and the Highways Budget £13,990.

Window for ward grant applications will be open between 1 March and 30 April.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Have your say


        Thanks were received for the clean-up of Tadcaster Road.

        The destroyed bin on Easton View is on the list for replacement.  Extra bins in new locations are unlikely to be introduced at the current time as they have a knock-on effect on collection rounds.

        It was acknowledged that the Dringhouses Library windows need repairing and that plans are in hand to do this.

        The issue of dropped litter and abandoned dog waste bags was raised and it was suggested that a notice be placed in the next local newsletter.  Cllr Fenton reported that the first weekend in March was the national Great British Spring Clean weekend and that local clean-up events were being organised.  Residents were asked to let Councillors know if they were aware of an area which needed cleaning up.

        Traffic problems on Tadcaster Road, particularly with vehicles turning in and out of Little Green Rascals, were a concern. Cllr Reid acknowledged that there were problems with traffic on Tadcaster Road generally and that the council were aware.  More specifically, Cllr Reid reported that Little Green Rascals do have a staff parking policy.

        Cllr Fenton reported that First has extended the 500 Sunday bus service until the end of March, but is looking for support to enable the service to continue, with one suggestion being the use of ward funding.  The Westfield and Bishopthorpe wards are also affected.  Tesco appears to be a common destination and the superstore is aware of the situation.  Talks are ongoing.

        The street cleaning service has been trialling a mix of a manual and a mechanical service.  Residents are invited to submit any comments they may have regarding the standards of street cleaning to Ward Councillors.

        Cllrs are aware that a number of areas in the Ward did not receive refuse collection calendars.  It was noted that collection services will be changing soon for some streets, and that new calendars will be delivered then.

        Several residents raised concerns about the funfair which was pitched at Askham Bar.  Cllr Fenton reported that he was monitoring the situation carefully and would respond and react as necessary.

        Cllrs requested residents to photograph and email details of verges which have been damaged by vehicles.  These can be put right where they are deemed to be dangerous.

        The pedestrian refuge outside the church is damaged.  Cllr Reid reported that the council were aware.  The St Helens Road traffic lights are due to be replaced and that there are investigations into removing the crossing island and replacing it with a straight across crossing instead.

        Cllr Fenton introduced Natalie Hick and Sophie Duggan who are in the process of setting up a local charity in Woodthorpe to provide support and help for people with Alzheimers.  Volunteers would be welcomed and further information would be available soon.


The meeting ended at 8:45pm.


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