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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Ralph Butterfield School, Station Road, Haxby

Contact: Claire Taylor 

No. Item


7pm - Drop in surgery

The drop-in surgery gives you the opportunity to talk with your Councillors, Street Environment Officer, Safer Neighbourhood Police Team, Neighbourhood Management Officer and visiting speakers in an informal setting.  


1.1      Residents had the opportunity to have an informal chat with Councillors Watson and Firth, Claire Taylor, PC Alex Dobson and PCSO Tom Laurie, Suzanne Prance, Gordon Loftus, Brian Elmer and Bernie Flanagan.


7.30pm Main Meeting

Welcome and minutes


2.1    Cllr Richard Watson welcomed residents to the meeting.

2.2    The minutes of the last meeting on 4th October 2010 were agreed and signed.  


Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update from your ward police team and your chance to ask any questions.


PC Alex Dobson and PCSO Tom Laurie gave an overview of Community Safety issues in the ward over the last few months.  The following points were noted:


1.1  Crime and Anti-social behaviour has gone down across the ward.

December was a particular good month for low levels of crime.

1.2 There have been 14 crimes reported so far in January.

1.3 Recently there has been a problem with eggs being thrown at properties.  Some of the perpetrators have been caught this evening.

1.4 A pub in Haxby is selling very cheap alcohol which is causing some anti- social behaviour problems.  Residents were encouraged to contact the team if they are aware of any incidents.

1.5 The team tried to set up a ‘Pub Watch’ scheme in 2010 but unfortunately did not receive the necessary support from licencee’s in Haxby.  The police have subsequently pulled out. 


The following questions and comments were noted:


a)    Is it a crime to carry eggs?!

Response was given that yes it there is an intention to use them to cause damage.

b)    Are your resources going to be cut?

Response was given that yes they are but not able to give any more details at this stage.


Teenage Pregnancy

Amanda Gaines from Adults, Children and Education will talk about the issue of rising teenage pregnancy in the ward and the steps being taken to tackle this.


Bernie Flanagan from Adults, Children and Education (ACE) gave a presentation on the work being done to address the rise in Teenage Pregnancy.  The following points were noted:


4.1  Teenage pregnancy is a big issue which effects both the teenager and their baby.

4.2  On average there are about 120 teenagers having babies in York every year.  This figure does not include the number of pregnancies that result in termination.

4.3  There is a link between teenage pregnancy and poverty/deprivation; generally the more deprived the area, the higher the rate of teenage pregnancy.  Haxby and Wigginton ward has an unusually high rate of teenage pregnancy which is out of kilter.

4.4  Low self esteem, unhappiness at school and poor family relations can be a contributing factor for teenage pregnancy.  Parents can find it very difficult to discuss sex education with their children.

4.5  Relationship education needs to come from all people who have contact with young people. 

4.6  ACE are running a programme called ‘Speakeasy’ which supports parents and guardians to be able to talk to their children about sex and relationships.  Information about sessions running was available at the meeting.

4.7  ACE are also working with health centres to help them to be a friendlier and receptive environment to young people.  Haxby and Wigginton Health Centre is involved in this scheme.  More details can be found on their website at: www.haxbygrouppractice.co.uk. 


York Mind

Brian Elmer from York Mind will tell the meeting about their services and the work they are doing in the ward. 


Brian Elmer from York Mind gave an overview of the service offered.  The following points were noted:


1.1   One in Four people suffer with a mental health problem.

1.2   York Mind are grateful for the grant of £500 from Haxby and Wigginton ward committee to promote the services of Mind, raise awareness of mental health issues and publicise volunteering opportunities.  This is one of a number of ward committees supporting York Mind during the 2010/11 financial year.

1.3   These grants have been used to send out information packs to a wide range of organisations across York including all GP surgeries, churches, libraries and Community Mental Health teams.  The grant was also used to send out a Christmas Card/factsheet of the services open over the Christmas period – a difficult time for many of the service users.

1.4   York Mind will soon be amalgamating with Our Celebration, another charity in York which supports people with mental health problem.


The following questions and comments were noted:


a)     Do you have a befriending service?

Response was given that York Mind has run a befriending service for two years, funded by The National Lottery.  This service focuses mainly on people who are socially isolated; so far around 50 people have been matched.   The service is always looking for volunteers, if anyone is interested they should contact York Mind office on (01904) 647014.


Digital Switchover


Andy Guy gave a brief talk on the Digital Switchover Help Scheme.  The following points were noted:


4.1       August 10th 2011 is digital switchover day in the Yorkshire region; the analogue TV signal will be switched off and replaced with a digital TV signal.  This will not affect anyone who already has more than 5 TV channels.

4.2       The Switchover Help Scheme run by the BBC aims to help the older and disabled people to be ready for the switchover. 

4.3       People are eligible for the scheme if they are a) 75 or over, b) have lived in a care home for six months or more, c) get or could get disability living allowance, receive attendance or constant attendance allowance or mobility supplement or d) are registered blind or partially sighted.

4.4       There is a small cost involved but it is free for eligible people who receive pension credit, income support, income based jobseekers allowance or employment and support allowance.  The scheme comes with one years free aftercare.

4.5       470,000 people in this region are eligible for the scheme, all of whom have received a letter from Digital UK inviting them to apply. 

4.6       Residents were encouraged to spread the message out to everyone who would benefit from the scheme.

4.7       More information can be found online at www.helpscheme.co.uk, by emailing www.digitaluk.co.uk or calling 0800 408 5900 (freephone).


Local Improvement Schemes

This is an opportunity for discussion on the provisional list of schemes for 2011-12.


7.1   Cllr Richard Watson referred residents to the January 2011 Your Ward for the provisional list of schemes for 2011/12.

7.2   He advised that the budget confirmed for 2011/12 but the provisional list had been based on last years budget of £39,000. 

7.3   Any amendments needed once the budget has been confirmed will be announced at the next ward committee meeting.

7.4   There were no comments from residents on the provisional scheme list.


Have Your Say

Your chance to discuss local issues.


8.1  Cllr Richard Watson invited questions and comments from residents about any issues in the ward.  The following were noted:


a)    What is the target date for getting the worst of the potholes repaired?

Response was given that work is going to be done over the next month.  Residents were encouraged to continue to report any new potholes by ringing York Pride Action Line on (01904) 551551.


b)    There is a lot of broken glass in the underpass between Haxby and Joseph Rowntree school. 

Response was given that this will be passed onto the Street Environment Officer.




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