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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Ralph Butterfield School

Contact: Claire Taylor 

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7pm Drop In Surgery

The drop-in surgery gives you the opportunity to talk to your councillors, street environment officer, safer neighbourhood team, neighbourhood management office and visiting speakers informally.


1.1      Residents had the opportunity to talk to Cllr’s Richard Watson and Chris Hogg, Claire Taylor and Lizzie Mower (Neighbourhood Management Unit), Iain Dunn (Street Environment Service), PCSO’s Tom Laurie and Jo Lane (Safer Neighbourhood Team), Jacqui Warren and Jenny Jenson (Climate Change Subgroup) and Carole Bunton (York Mediation Service). 

1.2      Residents had the opportunity the give their views on the current neighbourhood ambitions for the ward.


7.30pm Main Meeting - Welcome and Minutes


2.1    Cllr Richard Watson welcomed residents to the meeting.

2.2    The minutes of the last meeting on 22nd April 2010 were agreed and signed. 


Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update from you ward police team and your chance to raise any concerns.


Sgt Donna Musgrove gave a report and crime and community safety issues in the ward.  The following points were noted:


3.1      Overall crime across the ward is down by 24% compared to the same period last year.

3.2      The PC for the ward, Alex Dobson is currently on restricted duties following an operation.

3.3      Residents were urged to lock their doors when they are out in the garden as sneak in burglaries increase during the summer months.

3.4      The team are currently concentrating on Churchfield’s play area in Wigginton and Ethel ward play area in Haxby which have both had incidents of anti-social behaviour in the last few weeks.  The team have four suspects for the incident in Churchfield’s.   Residents are encouraged to contact the team to report incidents of anti-social behaviour.

3.5      Following a number of complaints regarding parking on pavements across the ward, in particular Walmer Carr in Wigginton and Greenshaw Drive in Haxby, the team have given a number of local residents advice about where they should and should not park.  In order to avoid isolating the community, the strategy is to advise and educate residents in the first instance. 

3.6      The new Government has disbanded the Policing Pledge which was introduced in 2008.  North Yorkshire Police will however continue to embrace the fundamental good practices of the pledge across North Yorkshire and the City of York ensuring that the quality of customer service continues to improve.


The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  How do you operate your shift system?

Response was given that the team work six days on (which compromise of three days shifts and three night shifts) followed by three rest days. 


b)  Do you have an update about the break in at Haxby Chemist?

Response was given that the team would be in touch with the resident with an update.


c)  Your team covers a vast geographical area and in my opinion is extremely understaffed.  I don’t agree that the ward committee should be having to fund Group Response Community Rangers to do work that the police should be doing. 


d) I have contacted the team on a number of occasions to report issues and the response I have received has been excellent every time. 


Draft City Wide Climate Change Action Plan

Representatives from the Planning and Sustainable Development Unit will outline the City and partners ambitions and how you can be involved in its development.  


Jacqui Warren and Jenny Jenson from the Climate Change subgroup gave a presentation on the draft Climate Change framework and Action Plan for York.  The following points were noted:


4.1          The council is very committed to tackling climate change and the framework and action plan outlines a long term focus for doing this.

4.2          The action plan is a 3 year plan which celebrates the good things the city is already doing and outlines further actions needed to achieve a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 and 80% reduction by 2050.  The plan will be reviewed every five years.

4.3          The plan aims to create sustainable homes, buildings, energy, waste, transport, economy, planning lifestyles and partnerships as well a preparing York for the impact of future climate change.

4.4           The consultation on the framework and action plan is running from July to September 2010 with the document being finalised in October 2010.  Residents can view the documents on the City of York Council’s website.


Access York - New Park and Ride site at Clifton Moor

Representatives from City of York Council and Halcrow will discuss the proposals for the Park and Ride site at Clifton Moor.


5.1    Cllr Richard Watson advised the meeting that the proposals for the Park & Ride at Clifton Moor had gone through the planning process successfully but due to restrictions on public spending, further development of this and the  Park & Ride at Poppleton including the A59 roundabout upgrade has been suspended until the situation regarding funding can be clarified.  The Government has indicated that more information will be available in the autumn, as part of its Spending Review.

5.2    A small amount of ongoing development work will continue on the Askham Bar Park & Ride to provide the best opportunity to gain access to funding in the future.


Your Ward, Your City, Your Say

The Neighbourhood Management Team are going to be at the meeting to get your ideas and suggestions about your ward, our service and our partners’ services.


6.1           Lizzie Mower from the Neighbourhood Management Unit gave a presentation on the draft One City Strategy.  The aim of the strategy is to guide organisations in making sure that residents are given opportunities to be involved in shaping York’s future (Participation), making sure that we provide the right services for all communities and ensure all residents are treated fairly (Fairness and Inclusion) and ensuring we have good community relations between communities (Community Cohesion). 

6.2           Following the presentation, residents took part in an interactive voting session to answer questions about current participation, fairness and inclusion and community cohesion in York.  The results of this will inform the final draft of the strategy.  

6.3           The strategy will be available on City of York council’s website once it is finalised.


Have Your Say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns.


The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  Has the Haxby train station project been dropped?

Response was given that the government are currently reviewing the funding for this. 


b)  I had a very successful meeting last week with Iain Dunn and the Community Payback team about doing a project in Millennium Woods.

Response was given that Community Payback do some very positive work in this ward and across the city.


c)  Cllr Richard Watson encouraged residents to send in scheme suggestions and grant applications for the 2011/12 ward committee budget by 9th August


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