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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Wigginton Primary School, Westfield Lane, Wigginton

Contact: Claire Taylor 

No. Item


7pm Ward Surgery

Your chance to meet:


  • Cllr Paul Firth
  • Cllr Chris Hogg
  • Cllr Richard Watson
  • Claire Taylor, Neighbourhood Management Officer
  • Iain Dunn, Street Environment Officer


Representatives from:

  • The Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • Young People’s Services
  • Group Response Community Rangers


1.1  Residents had an opportunity to speak to Cllr Paul Firth, Cllr Richard Watson, Claire Taylor (Neighbourhood Management Unit), PC Alex Dobson (North Yorkshire Police), John Cooke (Group Response Community Rangers and Roisheen Childs from Older Citizens’ Advocacy York (OCAY). 


7.30pm Main Meeting - Welcome and Minutes

Welcome and Minutes


2.1    Cllr Richard Watson welcomed residents to the meeting.

2.2    The minutes of the last meeting on 7th October 2009 were approved and signed by Cllr Richard Watson. 


Police Report and Priorities

An update from your Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team on the recent police priorities ward consultation and your chance to raise any concerns. 


PC Alex Dobson and PCSO Tom Laurie gave a report on Community Safety issues and initiatives in the ward over the past months.  The following points were noted:


3.1      Crime has reduced in the ward as compared to this time last year.  The team have been doing a lot of plain clothes work and also the recent bad weather has contributed to this.  The team have been taking the mobile police office out into the ward when they are on a night shift.  

3.2      The team are still promoting the ‘Light up, lock up’ campaign and free light bulbs and timers are available to residents if they get in touch with the team.  Operation Spoke is also underway which is a campaign to deter cycle theft.  The team mark residents’ bikes with a unique reference number using a permanent ultra violet pen and their personal details are recorded alongside the reference number on a property database.  If a bike is stolen and recovered by the police it will be possible to identify who it belongs to.  Residents should contact the team on 0845 6060247 to arrange an appointment.

3.3      The team have done 6 hours of speeding enforcement work in January.  Residents were asked to continue to fill in 95 alive forms to report speeding.

3.4      The team hold regular police surgeries and these are advertised across the ward.  The team are also using the social networking site ‘Twitter’ which they are updating regularly with their activities.  Residents can follow them by logging on to Twitter and view the team profile at NYPHaxbySNT.


The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  Can 95 alive forms be done online?

Response was given that no not currently but this is something the team will look into.


b)  Why has crime reduced across the ward?

Response was given that the team have been doing a lot of plain clothes work.  Also it is a big team now so they are more visible with more people on the ground.  Crime is down all over York due to the bad weather.


c)  At the last meeting Inspector Dey commented that 9% or road traffic accidents in this area are due to speeding.  What are the team doing about the other 91%?

Response was given that the team issued tickets to drivers if they are seen talking on a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt.  PC Dobson advised the resident it would be useful for them to speak to the Traffic Management Unit and took their contact details. 


d) Some cars travel so fast coming into Old Orchard that they actually mount peoples gardens.  It is the same people at the same times of day. 

Response was given that this is on the teams patrol plan.  If we can prove there is an anti-social behaviour element linked to a vehicle we can issue the driver with a Section 59.  Residents should ring 0845 6060247 to log their complaints and fill in a 95 alive form.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Local Improvement Schemes 2010/11

Your ward councillors will present the provisional ward local improvement scheme list for the coming financial year.  


Cllr Watson invited residents to comment on the proposed list of ward committee schemes to be funded from the 2010/11 budget. 


4.1  Although the budget for 2010/11 has not been finalised, the schemes list has been drawn up on the basis that it will be a similar amount to the 2009/10 budget of £39K. 

4.2     It is a possibility that some of the schemes may not go ahead as the year pans out which will leave money for other things in the ward.


The following questions and comments were noted:


a)  The provision of salt bins in the ward is much more important that some of the schemes on the list.

Response was given that due to budget cuts, Highways removed a number of salt bins across the city, in particular the ones that were not being used regularly.  This has become an issue recently due to the spell of extraordinary bad weather.  The ward committee do fund additional salt bins in the ward and welcome suggestions for locations.


b)  £6000 has been awarded to scheme 12 (Grant to Haxby Town Council for an artificial surface either side of the multi games area on Ethel Ward playing field) when through error it was advertised on the ballot as £500.  Has the amount awarded to scheme 19 (Grant to Wigginton Parochial Church Council for replace a rotten door) been reduced to account for that error?

Response was given that no this is not the case, the ward committee ensure that there is an equal split of funding between Haxby and Wigginton.


c)  £7500 has been awarded to Haxby and Wigginton Youth and Community Association (H&WYCA).  Haxby Town Council have also awarded them £6000, how much has Wigginton Parish Council given them?

Response was given that Wigginton Parish Council has awarded £1000.


d) Is there any record of H&WYCA’s accounts?

Response was given that the accounts are available at Oaken Grove Community Centre.


Street Environment Service DVD

An opportunity to watch a short DVD aimed at secondary school children to teach them about the impact of litter.


Iain Dunn introduced the Street Environment Service DVD and made the following points:


5.1         The Street Environment Service commissioned a group of local film makers to produce a short film aimed at children of secondary school age to educate them about the impact of dropping litter.  Other methods of getting the message across have not worked so this is a new approach.  The DVD will be distributed to all secondary schools in York. 

5.2         The title of the DVD is ‘Don’t be a Minger’ and carries the message that dropping litter makes you unattractive. 

5.3         The Street Environment Team are carrying out regular patrols in the ward and the city centre.  Recently, during a two hour stint in the city centre, eight fixed penalty notices were issued to people for dropping litter, which includes cigarette butts. 


The DVD was shown to the residents.  No questions were raised.












Have Your Say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns.


The following questions and comments from residents were noted:


1)  Usher Lane coming in from Strensall is regularly strewn with litter and does not give a very good impression.  Please could we have regular litter pickers in this area.

Response was given that this may be something Community Payback Team can help with.  The team will look into this.


2)  A vast amount of litter in Wigginton comes from people throwing takeaway rubbish out of their cars.  Can the takeaways be asked to contribute money to clear up the litter.

Response was given that the team would look into this.


3)  The number 1 bus regularly stands at the bus stop on Mill Lane for up to 10 minutes causing a disruption to the flow of traffic.  Is there a more suitable location for the bus to wait such as the lay-by near the duck pond?

Response was given that the police do not like the use of lay-bys as bus stops as accidents can be caused when buses pull out.  Mill Lane is currently the most suitable location for the bus to wait.


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