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Agenda and minutes

Venue: York Steiner School, Danesmead, Fulford Cross, Fulford, York. YO10 4PB

Contact: Claire Taylor  Community Involvement Officer

No. Item


6.30pm Informal Drop In

An opportunity to talk informally to Cllrs D’Agorne and Taylor, Claire Taylor CYC Community Involvement Officer and other partners and groups working in the ward.


Residents had the opportunity to speak informally with Cllrs Taylor and D’Agorne and with Claire Taylor, Community and Involvement Officer for the Ward.


Issue raised and discussed were as follows:


·                Cllrs agreed to find out how frequently the litter picking service  

          took place.

·                Drains on Broadway (close to the army houses) were flooding

         during the rain.  Cllrs agreed to investigate further.

·                Residents were concerned about damage being caused by

vehicles parking on grass verges.  Cllr D’Agorne reported that there was currently a council scrutiny on this issue and that he would inform them of the outcome.  In the meantime, he welcomed residents’ views on the issue and also any photographic evidence they may be able to provide.



7.00pm Formal Meeting - Welcome and Introductions


Councillor Taylor welcomed everyone to the meeting.  The minutes from the last formal meeting held on 12 October 2015 were received.  In response to a resident query, Cllr Taylor explained that the wording in Item 3 Neighbourhood Working and Ward Budgets: Community Care Fund, should be a little more sympathetic in reflecting the purpose of the Fund, which is to support projects which would decrease the need for formal social care by improving prevention or early intervention.


AGREED: It was agreed that, subject to the clarification outlined above, the Ward Committee minutes from the meeting held on 12 October 2015 be signed off.



Ward priorities and budget

Hear more about the ward funding available and how it can be used to improve the area.


Cllr Taylor outlined three suggested priorities for Ward expenditure during 2016/17:

·                a welcoming community, working together

·                promoting sustainable transport and increasing road safety

·                maintaining and enhancing the quality of the environment.


Residents confirmed they were in agreement with these priorities.


Cllr Taylor gave an overview of the Ward Budget for 2015/16 and Cllr D’Agorne provided further detail on how that money had been allocated:


Annual Ward Budget                                                                                £7,075

Community Care Fund                                                                £3,538

Annual Pride in York Fund                                                         £4,717


Total                                                                                            £15,330




·         Grant of £2500 to Melbourne Centre (workshop)                   

·         Grant of £500 to St Lawrence PCC (floor in community hall  

·         Grant of £1000 to St Lawrence PCC (community hall kitchen)

·         Grant of £700 to Friends of Danesmead Wood (petrol strimmer & support from TCV to write a management plan)          

·         Payment of £881.53 to CYC to cover the shortfall in the grounds maintenance budget                                                                                    


Total Allocated                                                                                      £5,581.53


No funds were allocated from the One Off Pride in York Fund or the Ward Highway Programme Budget in 2015/16.  Unspent amounts from each budget were carried forward into 2016/17.




The Ward budgets for 2016/17 are as follows:


Total Ward Budgets:  £24,766

Ward Highway Programme: £11,790

plus amounts carried forward for each budget from 2015/16.


Cllrs Taylor and D’Agorne provided an outline of suggested ward funded projects for 2016/17:


·                         Purchase and installation of Starpath luminous discs on the Walmgate Stray path:

£1730.60 for discs 5 metres apart

£2843.73 for discs 3 metres apart


A number of issues were raised and discussed, including the perception of improved safety on the Stray, intrusion into the Stray, the protection of wildlife and whether the installation would fully address the (mainly) student concerns. 


ACTION: Claire Taylor to confirm that the outlined costs do include the actual installation of the discs.

Post Meeting note – confirmed that the figures quoted do include installation costs.


·                     Allocation of £1,000 to fund events designed to enhance community engagement in the Ward (eg. Fishergate Summer Fair)


·                     Improvements to the Fulford Cross allotments path (£1500)

Cllr D’Agorne explained that the cost would involve the supply and lay of 6-8t of recycled stone, resulting in a raising of the path level at the river end and the repair of pot holes between the Steiner and Danesgate schools.


·                     Provide and construct approximately 25 linear metres of ecogrid parking creating approximately 9 new parking spaces alongside the Danesgate/Bridge Centre.  Post Meeting Note:  This project did not go ahead.




AGREED: It was agreed that

·                     £2,843.72 should be made available to spend on the purchase and installation of Starpath luminous discs, 3m apart, subject to feasibility.

·                      £1,000 be allocated to fund events designed to enhance community involvement in the Ward.

·                     £1,500 be made available for the supply and lay of recycled stone designed to improve the Fulford Cross allotments path.


A resident suggested that the gates at the allotment end of the Low Moor allotments path be replaced with an arrangement similar to that at the university end in order to avoid cycling hold-ups and difficulties for cyclists  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Fishergate Summer Fair - 3rd July

Hear about the plans for a Fishergate Summer Fair on Sunday 3rd July and find out how you can get involved.


Cllr D’Agorne outlined plans for the Fishergate Summer Fair due to take place from 1pm – 5pm on 3rd July 2016.  The event is designed to promote various voluntary groups from within the Ward and will include a whole range of activities, including a climbing wall.  The Danesgate Centre are kindly providing poor weather facilities.  The Lord Mayor will be in attendance.  Any volunteers and ideas, particularly for children’s activities, are welcomed.


Have Your Say

An opportunity for you to raise any issues of local interest or concern.


Residents were happy that all issues had been raised and  discussed during

the informal drop-in which preceded the meeting.


Cllr Taylor thanked residents for their attendance and contributions. Whilst the date of the next Ward Meeting has yet to be confirmed, there will be a Councillor presence at the Fishergate Summer Fair.


Cllr D’Agorne thanked Cllr Taylor for chairing the meeting and, on behalf of residents, congratulated him and wished him well for his year in office as Lord Mayor of York.




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