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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Novotel, Fishergate

Contact: Toby Knight 

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Drop-in Surgery - 7.00pm

The drop-in surgery gives you the opportunity to talk with your councillors, street environment officer, safer neighbourhood team, neighbourhood management officer or visiting speakers in an informal setting.


1.1            Residents had the opportunity to talk with: Cllrs Dave Taylor and Andy D’Agorne; Jonathan Tyler, Independent Facilitator; Toby Knight, Neighbourhood Management Officer; PC Anna Daniels and PCSO Kathryn Bean, Safer Neighbourhood Team; Jackie Armitage, Street Environment Officer; David Webster and Ray Chaplin, City Strategy; Jacqui Warren, Sustainability Officer.

1.2       Jess Duggal and James Nicholson from the Neighbourhood Management Unit were consulting residents on the Fishergate Ward ambitions and the council’s One City Strategy.


Welcome and Minutes - 7.30pm


2.1             Jonathan Tyler welcomed people to the meeting.

2.2             The April meeting’s minutes were agreed and signed.


Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

The safer neighbourhood team for Fishergate Ward will give an update on police operations in the area and answer any questions you have.


3.1             Jonathan Tyler offered congratulations to Sgt Andy Haigh on his recently being named the best police officer in York.

3.2             PC Anna Daniels gave an update on police activities in the ward. Some of the points made were:

3.3             Burglary has increased compared to last year. There has been a recent spate of thefts at the two allotment sites.

3.4             Criminal damage is also up. This is due to the allotment thefts and some graffiti.

3.5             Police are working well with partners to tackle anti-social behaviour; particularly in the Wenlock Terrace and Heslington Road areas. They are hoping to impose a strong order on one individual which should have a positive impact on the issue.

3.6             There are no roads in Fishergate classed as having a speeding issue. If anybody has noticed any problems, they can record them on the provided 95 Alive forms, which will be logged by the police.


Residents had the following questions and comments:


Q         Do you issue fixed penalty notices for cyclists cycling on pavements.

A         Yes, but we are using discretion with regards to the new areas of shared use footpaths; there is some confusion over where they start and end.

Q         Can people cycle in both directions down the new roadside cycle lane on Fulford Road?

A         Yes.

Q         Are there rules about the use of mobility scooters. Some people drive them quite dangerously.

A         There are rules, but am not presently familiar with them.


Your Ward, Your City, Your Say

Jess Duggal from the Neighbourhood Management Unit will be looking to get your ideas and suggestions about Fishergate Ward, our service and our partners’ services.


4.1             Jess Duggal, Community Engagement Officer, gave a brief overview of the One City strategy and provided handouts to residents giving a more detailed explanation.

4.2             The aim of the strategy is to guide organisations in making sure that residents are given opportunities to be involved in shaping York’s future (Participation), making sure that we provide the right services for all communities and ensure all residents are treated fairly (Fairness and Inclusion) and ensuring we have good community relations between communities (Community Cohesion).

4.3             Following the presentation, residents took part in an interactive voting session to answer questions about current participation, fairness and inclusion and community cohesion in York. The results of this will inform the final draft of the strategy.

4.4             The strategy will be available on City of York council’s website once it is finalised.


Residents had the following questions and comments:


Q         The questions don’t reflect what the council does (e.g. “Residents are involved in community activities”).

Q         The questions are quite ambiguous.

Q         What is the cost of the methodology used to consult?

A         Toby Knight explained that the Optivote handsets used for the consultation were not purchased specifically for this consultation, but are regularly used in a wide range of other projects run by the Neighbourhood Management Unit.

Q         The voting handsets lead people to vote without thinking.


York's Climate Change Framework

Jacqui Warren from the Environment Partnership Board of the Without Walls Partnership will be present to talk about the city’s plans to counter and adapt to climate change, and explain how you can be involved in its development.


5.1             Jacqui Warren, Sustainability Officer, gave an outline of York’s Climate Change Framework. Some of the points included:

5.2             The document has a long-term focus, looking towards 2050. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020, and by 80% by 2050.

5.3             It also aims to deliver sustainability in many different areas (homes, transport, planning and land use etc.) and low-carbon lifestyles.

5.4             There will be a public consultation starting September 1st, which will be finalised in October. People can complete it online at: www.york.gov.uk/consultation/

5.5             Copies of the Creating a Sustainable York leaflet are available to download at: www.york.gov.uk/environment/sustainability/sustainablecity/learnmore/

5.6             Jacqui Warren can be contacted directly on: 551666, or by emailing: jacqueline.warren@york.gov.uk


Residents had the following questions and comments:


Q         Cllr Taylor mentioned that the statistics mean very little to most people. Also, the kind of funding CYC provide for energy efficiency work is miniscule compared to what some other councils are allocating.

Q         What does WOW stand for?

A            Without Walls board. This is the local strategic partnership present in York.

Q         Some local authorities allow people to buy things that have been discarded by others at household recycling centres; why doesn’t CYC do this?

A         A good point. The Waste Strategy team are apparently looking into this matter.

A         Cllr D’Agorne mentioned that there is a Community Furniture Store just off James Street that provides a similar service.

Q         The Blossom Street consultation was very bad. Sustainable transport is a real issue in this city.

A         Cllr D’Agorne agreed that there are difficulties in moving forward in the area of sustainable transport. Government funding for transport has been cut by 25%.

Q         It is cheaper to use the Park & Ride than to catch the bus from a location closer to town!

A         Cllr D’Agorne explained that the Park & Ride sites are owned by CYC and the fares set by them. Bus companies can charge whatever they like for the other services they provide.


5.7            Jacqueline Warren noted that a new local transport plan is currently being developed for 2011, including the statutory duty to reduce carbon emissions. Residents will be consulted on this.


Alterations To Fulford Road

Council officers will report on the review of the new arrangements and listen to your concerns.


6.1       Cllr Taylor gave an introduction to the topic. They are aware that there are a number of problems with the changes made, but people are asked to remember that this is a huge project, and not yet complete.

6.2       David Webster, Project Manager, talked through the recently completed safety audit on the Fulford Road alterations. Some of the main findings included:

6.3             Difficulties for cyclists exiting the Hospital Fields Road junction.

6.4             Between Hospital Fields Road and Fulford Cross, there is confusion over where bus and vehicle lanes merge. Also there are concerns about turning into and out of Maple Grove, Imphal Barracks and the Aldi/Iceland car park.

6.5             The section near Fulford Cross is currently incomplete because a gas main was discovered while working on the site. The gas company has been ordered to fix the issue, but this has not yet happened.

6.6             It is not obvious where the shared-use facilities on the eastern and western side start and end. There are also issues with some cyclists travelling too fast.

6.7             Some general concern and confusion about the use of puffin crossings. Residents who are unfamiliar with how to use them can email toby.knight@york.gov.uk and request a leaflet.

6.8             Some of these problems can and are being addressed with rather painless quick fixes. Any major alterations would require a report to be prepared and submitted to the council. There would also be a significant cost.

6.9             Cllr Taylor pointed out that there are also many benefits to some of the changes made. The plans were not knocked-up overnight. Council officers, council members, the contractors and local residents were all consulted (although the public consultation perhaps could have included more properties), and the problems now experienced were not foreseen by anyone.


Residents made the following comments. Council officers made note of these and will take them away and analyse along with other feedback received:


Q         Traffic speed has increased since the changes. This has made crossing the road at Broadway junction more difficult.

Q         A proper crossing, instead of a traffic island, is required near the supermarkets.

Q         The scheme is awful for cyclists. It makes Fulford Road the most dangerous road in York for cycles; especially with the increased traffic speed. Off-road cycle lanes are required. Turning right is dangerous all the way along the road.

Q            Changes may be expensive, but I have personally witnessed 3 near misses. How long must residents wait until the problem is fixed?

Q         Traffic is being backed up all the way into town due to the changes by the supermarkets (turning into and out of the car parks).

Q            Regular bus user. Have spoken with all the drivers; none of whom like the bus lane by the supermarkets or feel that it has improved travel time.

Q         Taxis travel far too fast on the bus lanes. Turning into Maple Grove, taxis and bikes can be obscured by larger vehicles. Would like the filters back.

Q         Why aren’t the entire stretch  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Have Your Say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns not covered on the agenda.


7.1             Residents had the following questions and comments:


Q         The chair has done a great job of controlling the meeting.

A         Thank you.

Q         There is still lots of unnecessary traffic and parking on Maple Grove.

A         Cllr Taylor noted that this is a problem. Local companies on Hospital Fields Road have been contacted and asked to request that staff refrain from parking there, but they have every right to do so – even if it does frustrate residents.

Q         Part of the conditions attached to the construction of the Iceland and Aldi supermarkets was that there would be no late night deliveries. However, there have been deliveries received at 10.30pm.

A         Noted. Will follow this up.

Q         The new recycling bins are heavy and will be awkward for elderly people to carry.

A         Cllr Taylor said that the council will do something if residents are struggling to use the existing bins. There are slimmer versions available. Please speak with us after the meeting.


7.2            Jonathan Tyler thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.


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