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Venue: Manor school, Millfields Lane, Nether Poppleton, YO26 6PA

Contact: Michal Czekajlo  Community Involvement Officer

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Local plan discussion, led by key speakers Mike Slater, Assistant Director (Planning & Sustainable Development), Alison Cooke (Development Officer)



Alison Cooke explained that the local plan is going to be delivering a spatial vision for the city, with the key drivers being housing and employment growth.  In shaping the plan, consideration has been given to environmental assets and what makes York unique, along with areas of high flood risk.  Effort has been made to exclude areas of local space from the plan.  It was noted that some of the larger sites included in the plan would have to provide extra facilities.

Since the initial plan taken to members in September/October 2014 the evidence base had been updated with more information upon flood risks, green belt, etc.  Some of the listed sites had also been removed.

Housing growth will consist of 841 dwellings per annum.  Currently, there is not a permanent green belt and there will be an additional five years (added to the initial fifteen) in terms of establishing the longevity of a green belt in York.  It was noted that the plan covers a twenty year period.

It was noted that the consultation period will close on 12th September at 5pm and that comments will be taken on board.

Alison Cooke stated that the council is currently undertaking work upon the transport network in order to understand the impact.

York’s growth aspirations are based upon the national model for the country’s economic growth, which focusses upon cities.  York has been looking to diversify its industries/businesses and as a city needs to change and adapt.  York currently struggles to compete with Leeds for office development.  It also needs to sit within a national picture of economic expansion.

A resident asked what the objective was regarding the current flow of traffic.  It was noted that issues with the northern ring road are significant.  Alison Cooke stated that development can fund part of that, but not all.  What will follow and be aligned with the current proposals will be an infrastructure development plan, which will tie in with local plan.

A resident argued that functioning roads have aided development in other places, citing Selby as an example and stating that whereas Selby used to be a bottleneck, it now has a ring road and has since expanded its housing, population, etc.  They stated that in order to facilitate growth, it is imperative that people are able to move around the city and that currently no one can move on the north side of the ring road.  There is a strong feeling among the residents that the outer ring road should be duelled, but Mike Slater stated that the issue here was money, as this would require government funding.  He stated that it has been put to the government, but is not something that they currently want to do.

Alison Cooke stated that the plan shows what York could potentially look like in twenty five years’ time and that the next stages will concern the roads and whether the plan is viable/deliverable.

A resident stated that a City of York Council  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1.


Rural West York Ward Committee Budget 2016-17


It was noted that no North Yorkshire police representatives were available to attend the meeting.

Councillor Steward stated that the total ward budget was £33,830, which included £7,000 carried forward from the previous year.  He stated that applications for grants had been made by Poppleton Youth Club and the Bowls Club and that an additional application was expected from Skelton Parish Council.

There is an additional £19,780 pot for highway schemes, which Councillor Steward stated can be rolled into one big scheme for the ward over four years.  Examples might include updating zebra crossings, additional street lighting, etc.  He stated that forms were available for anyone who wished to make an application for Ward funding.



Questions and comments


The meeting was then opened up for questions and comments from residents.

A resident suggested that it would be helpful if those who submit applications received acknowledgement and notification of the kind of timescale in which they might expect to receive a response on their request.  Councillor Steward stated that the officer who deals with the ward had changed two weeks ago and that this had complicated the situation, but agreed that acknowledgements should have been sent to any recent applications.

A resident stated that they live on Millfield Lane and that there are lots of police checks there, but these tend to be very sporadic and suggested that something longer term could be put in place.

A resident stated that the police have a system whereby they will supply communities with equipment on a selective basis and that the roads in Skelton are a high risk for speeding.  They suggested that they be put on the short list for equipment.

A resident stated that the Park and Ride in the upper Poppleton “jungle” needed addressing, as it did not give a good impression for visitors.

Councillor Stewart stated that he would make a list of these concerns and raise it with the police.

A resident stated that there was a proposal for the post office to have a defibrillator installed and asked if this could be given ward funding.  Councillor Steward stated that if applications were put in, this would likely be looked favourably upon.



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