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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Poppleton Community Centre, Main Street, Poppleton

Contact: Julie Hood 

No. Item


Drop-in surgery


Residents had the opportunity to speak with Councillors Paul Healey, Ian Gillies and Ben Hudson; Rachel Stewart (Street Environment Officer); Sgt Andy Haigh; Julie Hood (Neighbourhood Management Officer); Michal Czekajlo (Neighbourhood Management Support Officer); Paul Bickle (Energise Manager); Richard Wood (Assistant Director for Strategic Planning and Transport); Sue Houghton (York Northwest Project Manager); Ann Ward (York Northwest Project Officer); Ben Murphy (York Northwest Development Officer); Richard Bogg (Divisional Head – Traffic); Penny Goff (NHS Foundation Trust).


Welcome and Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting will be signed and there will be an update on any action points.


Councillor Paul Healey welcomed everyone to the meeting.


The minutes from the last meeting, 20 October 2010, meeting were agreed and signed.


Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

Sergeant Andy Haigh will give an update on the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Team.


Sgt Andy Haigh gave an update on recent work in Rural West Ward and the upcoming restructure.


The following changes will be implemented from March 21st 2011.


  • The City will be divided into four Inspector led area; East, West; Rural and City Centre.
  • PC Daniels will become SNT Police Constable for Rural West.
  • The current PCSO’s  Nigel Colley and Elle Smith will remain in Rural West with opposite shift patterns to ensure better coverage. 


Crime has risen by 43% over the last year, this is due to fraud which occurred in 2008. Due to the ongoing police investigation these have been included in this years figures not 2008.

  • The number of burglaries has been reduced by 32% over the last year with a total of 15 burglaries.
  • Drug offences and vehicle thefts have also reduced.
  • The number of domestic violence incidents are 23% lower than last year.
  • A high number of cycle thefts has increased the number of overall thefts by 39%.
  • The anti social behaviour issues around The Green during the year has increased the overall number of antisocial behaviour incidents.


The following questions were raised:


Q         The Police seem to be arresting the same offenders who then are getting released very quickly?


A         As a Police officer I am fulfilling my role, but have no influence on the Criminal Prosecution Service.  We will keep tackling the crime and arresting the offenders.


Q         There is an issue with metal items being stolen from back gardens, are the Police aware of these incidents?


A         Yes, we are aware.  We need to gather evidence regarding these incidents to ensure an effective arrest



Former British Sugar/Manor School Sites Update

Feedback on planning consultation and an update on where we are. Sue Houghton, City of York Council, York Central Project Manager.


Richard Wood, Assistant Director for Strategic Planning and Transport, and Sue Houghton, York Northwest Project Manager, gave an update on the planned redevelopment of the Former British Sugar and Manor School site.


  • The boundary of the area for development includes both the former British Sugar and the former Manor School sites.
  • A master plan for the area is being prepared by consultants for Associated British Foods.
  • After a master plan has been prepared, a planning application for the development will be submitted. The development is likely to be phased over 10 – 15 years. It is unlikely that development will start on site until at least 2012.
  • The site will be developed mainly for housing and will include local shopping and community facilities. Around 1,200 new homes could be provided with a range of different types and sizes of houses, including family housing and affordable housing. The new development will also need to provide a range of open space, leisure and play facilities.
  • Two processes are taking place at the moment. City of York Council is preparing a planning framework to guide and control the development of the area and ABF is producing a master plan for the redevelopment. 
  • City of York Council is consulting local residents and will take all suggestions into consideration. 
  • There are two existing access points to the former British sugar site, one on Millfield Lane and one on Plantation Drive. The existing access point to the former Manor School site is on Low Poppleton Lane. The scale of the proposed development means that there will need to be new access points to ensure that it is adequately served.
  • An assessment will be made of the level of existing playing fields in the area and the demand for these areas by the local community. This assessment will be carried out as part of the master planning process by Associated British Foods, and will identify whether any of the existing playing fields should be kept.
  • There is a presumption that existing trees and areas of landscape value will be retained within the new development. If it is proposed that any of these trees are to be removed, the developer will need to give clear justification for this and show that other options have been considered. In addition, new tree planting will need to be carried out as a part of the proposed development.
  • The majority of the comments made on the consultation concerned issues of access, traffic, open space and trees, shopping facilities, community and leisure facilities, employment and affordable housing.


Next Steps:

  • Report on the consultation in Summer 2011.
  • The draft SPD will be revised following this consultation process in Autumn 2011.
  • Residents will be invited by Associated British Foods to be involved in the master plan process. Residents who have responded to the consultation on the draft SPD will automatically be contacted.


Residents were given opportunity to raise questions.


Q         One of the proposed access route leads through my property


A         This is only draft  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Update on The Park and Ride and Transport Links

Richard Wood, Assistant Director for Strategic Planning and Transport and Tony Clark, Acting Head of Transport Planning will give an update.


Richard Wood, Assistant Director for Strategic Planning and Transport, gave an update on the new Park and Ride project.


A decision regarding funding for the proposed A59 Park and Ride will be made by Central Government in December 2011.


There are 45 projects across UK who have submitted their petitions for the funding. The budget designated for that purpose by Central Government is £600 million.           


Residents were given opportunity to raise questions.


Q         Is there a  ‘plan B’ in the case of funds not being granted?


A         We are thinking optimistically and hoping for the funds to be granted to us.


Q         The A59 roundabout needs redesigning as it is a very busy roundabout


A         If the bid is not successful alternative funding will need to be identified.  It may be that work has to be undertaken incrementally.


Local Improvement Schemes 2011- 2012

This is an opportunity for discussion on the provisional list of schemes for 2011 – 2012.




Residents were given opportunity to raise questions and concerns regarding the proposed schemes for year 2011 – 2012.


Q            Sheffield they have great solution for gritting the bus stops.  The buses carry salt and salt the bus stops when passengers get on so ensuring the bus stop does not become icy.  Might this help with poor conditions in York


A         This will be kept in mind for the coming year.



The list of schemes approved for funding in 2011/12 subject to the schemes being legal, feasible and within budget.







Ambition 1 – Safer communities


Improvement to street lighting in various roads in Copmanthorpe.


Ambition 2 – A cleaner, greener environment


Rufforth with Knapppton Parish Council to provide dog bin on Hannam Lane Rufforth.



Rufforth with Knapton Parish Council to provide a dog bin on Lowfield Lane Knapton.



Rufforth with Knapton Parish Council to provide a third village sign for Rufforth on Bradley Lane.



Hessay Parish Council to contribute to replace the fencing along the boundary land in Shirbutt Lane.



Nether Poppleton Parish Council to continue the bulb planting programme.



Nether Poppleton Parish Council to contribute the  maintenance of the riverbank.



Hessay Parish Council to continue the bulb planting programme.



York Rotters to provide a ‘Grow your own in a small space’ session.



Provide additional salt bins in the ward.


Ambition 3 – More community opportunities


Older Citizens Advocacy Service to support their service.



Poppleton Luncheon Club to provide hot meals for the older residents of Poppleton.



Street Sport to provide 10 sport sessions throughout the Ward for 6 – 18 year olds.



Active York to support promising young sports people as part of their ‘Funds for the Gifted’ scheme.



Rufforth Allotments to provide a water supply.



Poppleton Community Railway Nursery Ltd to purchase specialist software and printer.



Poppleton Youth Action Group to contribute to running the youth club three nights a week.



Young People Services to fund staff and resources for young people sessions.



Copmanthorpe Methodist Church to replace the old kitchen in the church to complete the refurbishment.



Have Your Say!

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns.


There were no other issues raised.


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