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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Poppleton Centre, Main Street

Contact: Adrian Phipps 

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6.30pm Surgery

Come along for an opportunity to talk to:

  • Your ward councillors
  • Adrian Phipps, Neighbourhood Management Officer
  • The Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team
  • Street Environment Officer
  • Paul Thackray, Head of Highway and Street Operations


The Council’s Highways team answered questions on the proposed park and ride schemes and provided a display of maps to answer the main questions raised during public consultation.


Elizabeth Levett, Head of Environmental Enforcement and Parking Services gave a display for the campaign to remind people that dropping cigarette ends is an offence, carrying a £75 fine.


Adrian Phipps from the Neighbourhood Management Unit, CYC, was available to talk to residents about local issues.


Sgt Andy Haigh, PC Anna Daniels and  PCSO Nigel Colley from the Safer Neighbourhood Team gave away free timers and light bulbs as part of the Light up and Lock up campaign.


Approximately 50 residents attended the surgery.


7.00pm Main Meeting - Introduction and Minutes


Cllr Ben Hudson, chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited residents to inspect the minutes of the previous meeting, which were then signed.


Safer Neighbourhoods Team

The Safer neighbourhood Team will consult on the ward priorities and give an update of their work and forthcoming initiatives.


Sgt Andy Haigh gave an update on developments within the team stating PCSO Louise Scott was moving to Holgate and two new PCSO would be joining the team.  He then gave an update on crime and antisocial behaviour (ASB) issues.  Crime figures for the ward had been very positive, with a 32% decrease in recorded crime from 279 in 2008 to 189 in 2009, with vehicle crime, burglary dwelling, burglary other (sheds etc) and violent crime all being reduced by over 40%. 


In addition ASB incidents were down from an average of 53 incidents a month in 2008 to 44 per month in 2009.  Sgt Haigh stated these figures were very positive and compared very favourably with other areas.  Cllr. Hudson thanked Andy and his colleagues for their hard work.


Q What is being done to combat speeding in the area?

Sgt Haigh stated that he and a colleague were trained on speed guns, however they had to be tasked by the Road Policing Group to conduct speed traps.  Millfield Lane in Poppleton had been identified as a priority and the Road Policing Group had completed operations.


Q Why do you wear visibility jackets when doing speeding operations?

Sgt Haigh stated  that prevention rather then prosecution was the aim and that educating drivers was the main focus of the operations.


Q How many road accidents are there in the ward?

Sgt Haigh stated he did not know but that it could not be significant as it had not been brought up as an issue within the Road Policing Group.


Proposed Park & Ride Schemes

Paul Thackray will give an update on the proposed Park & Ride schemes and answer your queries.  This is your chance to put forward your views.


Paul Thackray (PT) gave an update on the consultation of the schemes.  The public exhibition received 402 visitors over the four day period with 75 questionnaires filled in.  In addition, 106 emails and letters had been received and over a 100 online questionnaires had been completed.  A stakeholder event was also attended by 25 people.  Paul stated in terms of the typical responses the majority of those expressing an opinion were opposed to the scheme but this is not universal and feedback in favour of the scheme has also been received


Paul then covered the application process stating that the planning application was likely to be submitted in mid November, subject to approval by the Project Board.  Responses from the consultation would be included in the application.  The City of York Planning Officer would then take over the process and ask for responses to the application within 21 days of submission.  Paul emphasised that if the application was made, the City of York website would be updated.  It would then be passed to the Council’s Planning Committees within 12 weeks of the application being submitted.  The Planning Committee is open to the public however those wishing to attend to speak must register for a 3 minute slot.


Paul finished by providing information on why the current location was picked as the preferred site these were as follows:

  • It would capture the main Park and Ride users from the Harrogate direction
  • It allows for easy dispersal of traffic west from the site towards Harrogate
  • It does not create a rat run along Northfield Lane
  • It has the potential to reduce traffic on the A59/A1237 junction


Ruth Stephenson then gave a presentation on traffic information.  The SATURN model predicts how many vehicles will arrive at the site and from where that traffic will arrive. The model shows that between the hours of 8 to 9am, of the 229 arrivals predicted arrivals at the proposed site, 126 approached from Harrogate and 92 approached from York with 11 from Poppleton.  Of vehicles approaching the A59./A1237 roundabout, 22 came from the North, 25 from the city centre and 43 from the south.


Ruth then covered modelling of predicted queue lengths in and around the proposed Park and Ride site looking at the predicted positive impact of the Park and Ride scheme and developments of the outer ring road island.  In addition, analysis undertaken of a 12-hour number plate recognition survey on Thursday 17th September, Friday 18th September and Saturday 19th September revealed that currently on average between 5-10%of the traffic uses Poppleton village as a cut through during a 12 hours period although this can rise to between 18-22% during peak periods i.e. Thursday and Friday pm peak. 


Ruth also stated that analysis from traffic data approaching the outer ring road island from Harrogate revealed that , approximately 38% turned north onto the ring road, 35% carried onto the City Centre and 27% turned south onto the ring road. This data was provided from a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Ward Funding Scheme Suggestions for 2010/11

This is your chance to find out more information about the scheme suggestions included in this newsletter.  If you have made a suggestion that is included in the list, this is your opportunity to make sure that everyone has the information they need to make an informed decision. 


Cllr Hudson informed the committee that three schemes had been added to the schemes list.  Funding towards a visitor information board about the Tithe Barn Poppleton (£500). A grant to Poppleton Community Trust to contribute towards the cost of updating heating and lighting control systems in order to reduce energy consumption and costs, and to reduce carbon emissions (£2500). A grant to Poppleton Luncheon Club (for the elderly) to help with travel and meal provision (£650).


Cllr Hudson then went through the schemes by ambition and asked if anyone would like to make a verbal statement in support of the schemes.  A representative from York and District Mind, emphasised the services provided and the need for promotion of work undertaken.  A representative from Poppleton Junior Football club illustrated the work done by the club, stating that they had over 300 members.  Rod Clarke spoke on behalf of the Poppleton Community Trust and stated the money from energy savings would recoup initial expenditure.  Carl Shepherd (CS) promoted the work done by Street Sports in the ward stating on average they had 20 children per session.  Elle Bromley put forward the case for the Urbie Bus stating on average 18 children attended sessions. 


Q (Cllr Gillies) Do you have access to smaller villages?

A (CS) – Yes we have, there is space on the Your Ward Newsletter to indicate areas.


Cllr Gillies asked the Neighbourhood Management Officer to provide Parish Councils with Street Sports contact in case they wanted to put forward proposals. 

A representative from the Poppleton Youth Club gave an insight in to the work done by the club stating they get 60 people a week over two nights and that they were hoping to open for a third night.  Cllr Gillies thanked the Poppleton Youth Club for the work they had done.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to raise local issues with your ward councillors.


Cllr Hudson thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.



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