Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Skelton Village Hall, The Village, Skelton, York, YO30 1YB

Contact: Ian Cartwright  Community Involvement Officer

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The local Plan -

Michael Slater, assistant Director of Planning and Public protection, City of York Council


Local Plan – an overview of the plan was given and particularly the timescales of how CYC was working with the inspectors. Population data now suggested lower levels of housing would be required than previously but there were numerous variables. Questions and discussions were on infrastructure for the plan, the possible duelling of the A1237, how doctor and education provision fitted into the plan, the balance of affordable housing and whether too many flats had been built across York when more houses were needed.



Developing the Del Monte Site


Del Monte – an update was given including a number of changes the developer was seeking to make to the housing numbers and the potentially the site boundary and the fact it was due to go to Planning Committee in a few weeks. Questions and discussions were on what aspects of the development could be changed, given what went to planning previously, residents’ concerns about the A19 and crossing it, as well as the increase in the number of houses from 60 approved at planning to a proposed 78.



Ultra Fibre Broadband

Introduction in Poppleton and general update.– Paul Crane Talktalk plc





Ultra Fibre Broadband – details of the poor state of fibre in the UK compared to overseas were given before an overview of rollout across the city were given including the move to Poppleton. It was said the move to Poppleton was not initially planned but was based on a believe commercial interest and similar could be done in Skelton if there was the likely takeup. The rollout was going well across the city with higher takeups than expected. There was an open house in Rawcliffe that people could see, with booking, if they wanted.



General updates



General Updates – an update was given on traffic schemes including around Leeman Road, a possible addition to the Rawcliffe-Poppleton Park bridge and the possible closure of the Knapton/A1237 junction.



Ward budget


Ward Budget – details were given on some of the schemes money had been given to this year and the to spend totals of £13,750 (general budget) and £38,719 (highways).


A reminder was made to the meeting that ward funding for community groups is currently available.



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