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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Dunnington Reading Rooms

Contact: Helen Jarvis-Ong  Community Involvement Officer

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Drop in 6:30-6:50pm

Meet with your local Councillors, Police and Community Involvement Officer


Main Meeting 6:50pm - Update from ward Councillors


Cllr Brooks opened the meeting on behalf of Cllr Warters and herself and welcomed residents.  It was noted the meeting had been organised in part to provide an update on the new arrangements regarding budgets and to begin to establish ward priorities


Derek Utley - Treemendous - Tree planting around York


Derek Utley gave a presentation on his work with Treemendous and the Woodland Trust.  Information was provided to residents on the work of the organisations, their vision, aims and priorities.  Recent planting within the Ward was explained in detail and it was noted that current projects outside the Ward included work in Chapelfields, Rawcliffe, Foxwood and Tang Hall.  Residents were encouraged to take part in whatever capacity from donating land, trees, time and money to purchasing and planting trees.

Mr Utley was congratulated on his work and the difference it was making.


Were there plans for the Forestry Commission to develop Scorby Wood further as significant numbers of trees had been removed and had not been replaced to date?

Mr Utley explained that it was good practice to remove trees in small areas and there was an obligation to replace these with native trees however this can take time.

What happens to the tree trunks when trees are cut down?

It was explained that the tree trunks are recycled sometimes into furniture.


Does the organisation benefit from free trees from CYC?

It was explained that Treemendous and the Woodland Trust do receive trees from CYC.  CYC also sell trees to landowners to encourage replanting.


A resident enquired to whether unwanted trees could be collected by Treemendous.

Residents were encouraged to contact Mr Utley directly who would arrange collections.


What about apple trees?

Mr Utley informed the meeting that Dave Kiely was the contact for fruit trees.


Would Mr Utley provide a similar service for other Ward committees?

Certainly if other Ward committees contact him he would be happy to help.


Mr Utley was thanked by Cllr Brooks for his time and his work on behalf of the Ward.




Douglas Holliday - Dunnington In Bloom


Dunnington in Bloom – Douglas Holliday


Douglas Holliday, Chair of the Dunnington in Bloom Committee gave a short presentation on this year’s competition and inspection report. 

The village had received for the second year the coveted Gold Award in the competition.  The areas covered by the inspection team and noted in the report were;

·        Dunnington Primary School and the work of the children in the school garden.

·        Allotments

·        Wildlife areas

·        Cemetery

·        Church

·        General appearance of the village

The village was commended on the drive to work with the community, fundraising activities and community spirit.

The committee was continuing to maintain ‘Julia’s Garden’ and grass cutting within the village however there was a shortage of volunteers and residents were encouraged to help if they were able.  It was noted that the grass cutting took place on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings and the team met at 9.30am.  Residents were informed that due to the pressures on the committee the village would not be taking part in the Britain in Bloom or Yorkshire in Bloom competitions this year.  The committee would be using the time to re-group as they had worked very hard this year.  It was noted the committee would still be organising the Christmas Trees for the village and hanging baskets would be done once a year.

Mr Holliday commented that the grates were poor at the moment however the council had been informed. 

It was noted that the social event on 17th Oct had been cancelled.


How do you make people tidy their front gardens?

People are encouraged to take part in the spirit of the competition however the committee can not force people to do anything on their own property.


What about people who have ‘wildlife areas’?

Mr Holliday explained there was a fine line as wildlife areas attract essential bugs and bees.


Liz Turnbull also encouraged residents to volunteer and informed the meeting that the ladies stopped for coffee on Wednesdays at 11.30am in the church and interested parties were welcome to join them.  Brochures were available showcasing the work of the committee.


Mr Holliday was thanked for his presentation and the work of the committee.




Find out about ward grants and budgets


Ward Budgets


Cllr Brooks informed the meeting that the new council administration following the recent election had devolved budgets back to Ward Committees.  The process would involve agreeing priorities and forming a Ward Team comprising of the elected councillors for the Ward and a representative from each of the Parish Councils.  The Ward Committee would receive applications for grants and judge them against the priorities and awards would be made as appropriate.  It was noted that the elected councillors would forward decisions to CYC for action and in exceptional cases the Director could overrule decisions.  Cllr Brooks requested that residents forward suggestions for ward priorities which would be agreed by the Ward Team prior to reviewing applications.  Applications would be received by Helen Jarvis-Ong (Community Involvement Officer).

Cllr Brooks provided the following information on the budgets available;


a.    General Ward Fund (£5451)


Osbaldwick £2198

Murton        £506

Holtby         £126

Kexby         £175

Dunnington £2146


Applications must be specific to the Ward and associated with a key priority.  There must be a tangible benefit to the local community and have a named sponsor to administer the award.  CYC could be asked to carry out the work however it would be paid for through the Ward budget.


b.   Devolved Grounds Maintenance Fund (£9211.87)

It was noted that this budget would be reduced to £6705.87 in 2016 and £5088.87 in 2017.  This should be used for specific projects to do with open spaces, grass cutting, flower beds; it is an additional budget to the one ring fenced by CYC for playing fields and grass cutting.  It was noted that the Ward would decide where reductions would be made in future years to achieve the budgets for 2016 and 2017.




c.    Pride of York Fund (£3634)/ One Off Grant (£3357)

Split:                      One off element

Osbaldwick £2931 (£1350)

Murton        £675   (£300)

Holtby         £168   (£77)

Kexby         £233   (£108)

Dunnington £3262 (£1500)


Priorities for applications should be centred around local environmental issues, the one off grant in 2016 would favour applications for initiatives which would reduce reliance on council services for example purchase of equipment to make the Ward more self reliant hence increasing the chances of achieving budget cuts without reducing services.


d.   Community Care Fund (£2725)


Osbaldwick £1099

Murton        £253

Holtby         £63

Kexby         £87

Dunnington £1223


This fund would support applications from community projects which would potentially delay people accessing social care.  Projects around reducing social isolation, prevention of falls, nutrition, transport and supporting carers were highlighted as possible areas.

Would the recent announcement regarding devolution potentially increase the budgets?

Cllrs had been informed of the budgets for the next 2 years and there were no plans for these to change.


How will the responsibilities which come under the Parish Council be raised with CYC?

Concerns or issues would be raised via the local councillors.


Who organises and applies for the grants?

Possibly community groups.


It was commented that the process was very confusing.  Cllr Brooks explained that the Ward Team would gather ideas  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Have your say


Cllr Brooks thanked everyone for their attendance and contributions.


Meeting closed at 8.30pm


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