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Agenda and minutes

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Main Meeting 7.30 pm

Main Meeting 7.30 pm


  1. Welcome and Minutes

1.1  Cllr Jenny Brookes asked the floor if they where happy with the minutes from both the April and July meeting.


1.2 No objections where given and so the minutes where signed.


Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team


The safer neighbourhood team will give an update on police operations in the area and answer any questions you have.


2.1 PCPaul Fenwick from the Safer Neighbourhood Team introduced himself and gave a ward update.


2.2Derwent – There has been a recent theft from the Dunnington village church – lead on the roof. No information as yet.


2.3  Derwent – Poaching issue – regular vehicles poaching in the area.



2.4  Heworth Without – Sheds/garages being broken into. Tend to be attacking timber sheds and stealing power tools and anything worth sell-on value.


2.5  Osbaldwick – Anti-social-behaviour from youths – Osbaldwick shops area. They are known and an arrest was recently issued.


2.6  A resident asked in the relation to the attempted arson in Holtby why this is not mentioned? PC Fenwick explained that that incident goes back a bit further than the ones mentioned.


2.7  A resident wanted to know if there was any pattern in relation to Heworth without shed break-ins. PC Fenwick answered that they are all in the early hours of the morning and all end up stealing items of value.


Street Environment Update

Street Environment Update


Angus Young, Street Environment Officer will tell us  what the team has been doing in the Ward.


  1. Street Environment Officer  - Angus Young.

1.1  Angus Young from the Street Environment Team gave a presentation on the work of a Street Environment Officer.


1.2  Slide 1 – Who are we? – An introduction to the Street Environment Team.


1.3  Slides 2,3,4,5,6 – Engaging – Methods and examples in witch the Street Environment Team engage with the public.


1.4  Slides 7,8,9,10,11 – Education – Examples of how the Street Environment Team use education as a tool to improve peoples pride in their environment  throughout York.


1.5  Slides 12,13,14,15,16 – Enhancing – Explaining the way the Street Environment Team enhance the city of York through the work they do.


1.6  Slides 17,18,19 – Enforcement – Showing examples and scenario’s whereby the Street Environment Team can use enforcement action as part of their role.


1.7  Angus Young answered further questions about the work he has been doing in the wards.


2011-2012 Local Improvement Scheme Suggestions

2011-2012 Local Improvement Scheme Suggestions


We will talk about the proposed schemes for next year. This is your chance to tell people about any schemes you have suggested and to get more information about schemes you may support.


4.1 Councillors Jenny Brooks, Nigel Ayre and Jonathan Morleywent through the Schemes in order on the ballot, inviting residents and representatives to discuss their applications.


4.2 Cllr Alf Deuchars from Dunnington Parish Council was asked to explain the first 6 points in relation to Derwent schemes put forward by the Dunnington Parish Council.


4.3 Resident asked where the proposed lights would be for the Osbaldwick suggestion of funding towards lighting in the ward. Cllr Morley explained these are for general improvements across Osbaldwick.


4.4 A representative from Active York wished to speak on ‘Fund for the Gifted.’ She also explained that they make sure the money is spent in the Ward. She then went on to explain the reason for, and examples of, the possible activity sessions for the over 45’s to be held at the Heworth Without Community Centre on Stray Road.


4.5 Kristina Davey the spoke on behalf of Street Sport York to say that the attendances for the sessions in the ward had been good and there was positive feedback from those who attended.


4.6 A resident questioned why it would be a ward scheme to help fund a city centre space for young people? Cllr Brooks and Cllr Ayre explained that it would benefit young people of the ward.


Have Your Say

Have Your Say


Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns not covered on the agenda.


5.1 A resident asked why couldn’t more residents have come to explain their suggestions? Cllr Brooks explained that not everyone would want to discuss their schemes suggestions in a public forum and that they were invited.


5.2 A resident asked why they don’t get more warning of when a meeting is? Cllr Brooks explained that whilst they get pencilled in they are subject to change till quite late on.


5.3 An Osbaldwick resident asked where their road sweeping is? The never come and there is no response when they have tried to contact through the council.


5.4 A resident wished to point out that he felt parked cars are ruining Dunnington Village. Another resident did say though that they are a traffic calming measure when it comes to speed. Another resident believed the discussion point was too big an issue for such a small forum. Another resident then said one of the big problems are people are now parking their cars in order to get closer to the bus stop and get into town. This was agreed by a number of the floor. A resident suggested a resident parking like closer to town. It was explained that this can come at a cost to the residents.


5.5 A resident also added how dangerous it is near the doctors surgery and often have to use the middle of the road whilst going round a bend due to the cars parked.


5.6 A resident stated that the road markings around the village cross are confusing and should be changed, suggested a stop sign? Cllr Brooks explained this had been suggested before as had a mini roundabout but was not passed.


5.7 At 21.30 the meeting was brought to a close


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