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Contact: Jennifer Stanley 

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Councillor Morley introduced the meeting and announced that the minutes of the last meeting have been approved. It was explained that Councillor Bill Bennett passed away in July and Councillor Nigel Ayre was elected as ward councillor for Heworth Without in the September by-elections.


Neighbourhood Policing


i. Sergeant Andy Duffield gave an update on neighbourhood policing in the area. Overall crime figures have fallen for the area.


ii. There was an increase in rural burglaries over the summer. The Police launched operation cannelloni to tackle this which was an instant success with six people being caught on the first night of the operation.


iii. City wide there has been an increase in auto-crime. This is mainly due to people leaving satellite navigation devices in their cars. 


iv. There have been several incidences of lead theft in the area recently.


v. Osbaldwick play area has regularly been left open at night and attracts anti-social behaviour. Community Rangers should be locking the play area. In other areas the Police have a key for play areas so that they can lock them if they are found open.

Action: JS to contact Community Rangers and ask them to lock the play area. AD to liaise with Osbaldwick Parish Council and arrange having a key for the area.


vi. Youths 'garden hoping' has been a problem in the area.


Q. Who are PCSOs?

A. Police Community Support Officers who are based within the Neighbourhood Policing Teams.


Q. What are the laws regarding mobility scooters using the pavements?

A. They are allowed on the pavements.


Q. Do the Police inform Community Rangers when Osbaldwick play area gates are not locked?

A. No


Q. Will resident's votes be considered when the ward committee decide whether to fund the Community Rangers next year as they are not good value for money?

A. Yes, votes will be taken into account. The Community Rangers do work very well in Heworth Without.


Q. Do the Neighbourhood Policing Team always finish shifts at midnight?

A. Normally shifts finish at 10pm but they stay out later if there are special operations being carried out.


Have your say in York's future


i. Martin Grainger explained that throughout the summer of 2003, Without Walls, York's Local Strategic Partnership, asked residents and visitors about the kind of York they wanted to see in twenty years time.  This consultation was called the 'Festival of Ideas' and comments gathered were used to produce York's first ever Vision and Community Strategy. Without Walls and City of York Council are now asking residents, once again, to join in the discussion about York's future through the Festival of Ideas 2. Residents are able to give their views by filling in the Festival of Ideas 2 qustionaire.


Q. Why were the questionarie delivard so late? They were delivard to Osbaldwick, Derwnet and Heworth Without after the date of the public consultation event, thus excluding residents of these wards from attending.

A. They have tried to let as many people as possible know about the events. The questionarie was delivard late because it was delivard with Your Ward newsletter which was delivard later than originaly planed. This was because the ward committte meeting date was changed due to the by-elections.


Q. The questionaire seems to accept that the city must grow. Why is there not an option to vote for the city staying the same size?

A. Even if limited there must be some growth. It would be difficulat to sustian the agrument that no new housing should be built in York.


Q. Yorkshire Forward have a traget for growth but have focused this on only five cities in the region. This means that pressue is being put on York to meet Yorkshires targets when this kind of growth may not be appropriate for York. York is a historic City with individual needs.

A. The individual needs of York are considered in Festival of Ideas 2.


York's World Heritage Bid


i. John Oxley, Archaeologist for the City of York Council,  outlined proposals for York's bid to become a world heritage site and addressed the question of whether York should become a world heritage site. John explained that there are possibly positive and negative aspects to becoming a world heritage site.


A multi-phase consultation with residents has begun. At present there is an on-line survey. A more in depth consultation will be carried out in the new year including displays and presentations at Ward Committee meetings. A report will be presented to the council executive in March when a decision will be made as to whether to take forward the bid.


If it is decided that the bid will be taken forward then central government will decide whether to include York on their tentative list of proposed world heritage site. Central government can nominate one site a year to UNESCO for consideration. This is, therefore, a very long process and may take at least ten years to complete.


Action: JO to keep bring a display to the next ward committee meeting.


2008/2009 Ward Committee Budget


i. Councillor Morley introduced to item and invited attendees to support their scheme suggestions and give their comments. Councillor Morely declared an interest in DHO-08-23


DHO-08-01 - residents present opposed the funding of the Community Ranger Service.


DHO-08-03 - it was commented on that this street is not in the ward.


DHO-08-04 - there are now traffic lights at this junction so the scheme is no longer needed.


DHO-08-06 - It was commented on that this school is not in the ward.


DHO-08-08 - it was commented that the verges did not need extra cuts this year. However, this was needed last year and verges were edges which improved there appearance.


DHO-08-09 - Councillor Jenny Brooks explained that verges do need protecting.


DHO-08-11 - It was commented on that Friends of Hagg Wood  are asking for a lots of money.  Councillor Jenny Brooks explained more about this as a Parish Councillor for Dunnington. This scheme links with the village design statement.


DHO-08-14 - this has been looked into before. There are buried services under this pavement which has stopped a lay-by being installed before.


DHO-08-17 - It was commented on that the ward committee has already paid for a new floor and roof in the scout hut.


DHO-08-18 - The Scouts and Guides HQ have been told that the boiler will not last long.


DHO-08-19 - This was supported by Nick Blitz form York and District Sports Federation. Those present supported this scheme.


DHO-08-20 - This was supported by Allan Marsh. Head Street Sports York Coach, City of York Council;. Allan explained that the street sport sessions in the ward have been popular this summer.


DHO-08-21 - The ward committee was asked to clarify what this scheme involved. This is a pot of money that would be set aside for youth activities in Osbaldwick throughout the year.


DHO-08-23 - Councillor Morley declared an interest in this scheme as he is a member of the allotment association. Councillor Jenny Brooks presented this item. 


ii. It was commented on that the layout of the ballot paper was harder to follow this year.


iii. It was commented on that too much money has been proposed for feasibility studies.

Q. Will the budget be split up between Heworth Without, Derwent and Osbaldwick?

A. Yes it will be split up based on population.


Have Your Say


i. A representative from York Citizens Advice Bureau explained that CAB can offer information and advice on issues such as benefits take up. Information was available at the meeting.


ii. It was requested that a speed report is included in the January newsletter. Action: JS to include this if possible.  


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