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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Christchurch, Stockton Lane

Contact: Jennifer Stanley 

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Information drop is session 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This is your chance to view information, ask questions and take part in discussions on the following topics:


Heslington East Development

York’s World Heritage Bid

Youth opportunities

Face to Face Mediation

Neighbourhood Policing

Street Environment

Environmental Protection

Recycling and composting


Introductions and minutes of the last meeting


i. Councillor Ayre introduced the meeting. The minutes of the last meeting were approved by the ward committee. There were no questions regarding the minutes. 


Youth Provision

Find out more about youth provision in the area.


i. Pam Bullivant, Statementing Officer, explained that there has not been any youth provision in Osbaldwick for some time. However, there is now a weekly Youth Club, the 85 Club, in Osbaldwick. This has been successful and popular so far.


ii. Steve Rouse, Area Team Leader, York Youth Services outlined their work in the area. It was acknowledged that there is not very much youth provision in the ward.


Dunnington Reading Rooms offer a youth club. This is attended by a small group made up mainly of girls.


Outside the ward there is a youth club at Tang Hall Community Centre every Tuesday which started after Christmas and is well attended. The 68 Centre on Monkton Road also offers a range of youth activities.


iii. Q. What kind of activities are run at the youth clubs?

A. Which activities are run is mostly decided by the young people attending the clubs. Cooking, arts and crafts and games consoles are all popular.


iv. Q. Do you find that young people are motivated to go out and get involved with things or do youth workers always have to take activities to young people?

A. Some groups are motivated, some are not. Once initial contact is made with young people they do tend to have more ideas about what they would like to do.


v. Q. In the past young people used to make their own entertainment and sport rather than have everything provided.

A. There is a huge cost involved in providing youth activities. A lot of young people do have part time jobs so that they can afford to do the activities they want to.




Environmental Protection

Find out about York’s mediation service.


i. It was announced that item two on the agenda ‘Your Mediation Service’ had been replaced with Environmental Protection.


ii. Alison Brown, Environmental Protection Officer, outlined the work of the Environmental Protection Unit (EPU).


EPU investigate a range of complaints concerning noise, odour, smoke, dust and light. EPU will investigate complaints and take action against anyone causing a statutory nuisance. They also review planning and licensing application to prevent nuisances from developing.


iii. Q. What is done about fireworks not on bonfire night?

A. EPU can deal with nuisance fireworks before 11pm after which the Police can deal with it.


iv. Q. When is EPU accessible to the public?

A. They are open during office hours but can arrange out of hours visits.


v. Q. What are the regulations regarding open fires?

A. Residents can have open fires so long as smokeless fuels are burnt. EPU will investigate if smoke is being emitted in smoke control area.


vi. Q. What are the regulations regarding allotment fires?

A. Some allotments may burnt garden waste but not if it is causing a nuisance.


vii. Q. Aren’t these all Police issues?

A. No, the Police cannot deal with many of these issues and they are the responsibility of EPU.


Ward budget

A discussion of the 2008/09 ward budget provisional priority list.


i. Councillor Ayre announced that the provisional priority local improvement scheme list published in Your Ward was the decision of the ward committee. All schemes included are subject to feasibility, legality and budget availability. 


ii. Councillor Ayre asked if there were any questions regarding the schemes list.


iii. General dissatisfaction was expressed regarding the service provided by the Community Rangers. They continue to fail to lock the gates of Osbaldwick play area. Action: JS to pass this on the Rangers again and request that they attend the next ward committee meeting.


The Ward Committee agreed to continue funding the Rangers due to high votes in favour of the service. However, the Ward Committee will contact the Group Response to make clear the level of service expected from them.


Q Can the Rangers work to deter lead theft?

A. The Police are currently carrying out an operation regarding lead theft in the area.


iv. Q. The Ward Committee was asked to clarify where cycle lanes would be extended in Heworth Without.

A. This will be mainly along Stockton Lane.


v. Q. Are there any funds for non-sporting gifted young people?

A. No applications have been made to the ward committee for anything like this but the committee would welcome such applications in the future.


vi. Q.  What will the funds for Ashley Park play area be spent on?

A. A new roundabout.


The provisional list of schemes was approved by the Ward Committee.


Have your say

Your chance to raise issues and concerns with your ward councillors.


i. Q. What is the cause of the flooding on King Acres?

A. There is a problem with Yorkshire Water that is being looked into by Councillor Ayre.


ii. Q. Where will the pedestrian crossing on Stockton Lane that is to be ward committee funded be?

A. Outside Christchurch.


iii. It was commented that the surface of the road in York Street, Dunnington is in a bad condition and parts have sunk. Action: JS to refer the problem.


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