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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Fulford Social Hall

Contact: Toby Knight 

No. Item


Surgery - 7.15pm

Your chance to meet:

  • Cllr Keith Aspden
  • Cllr Ceredig Jamieson-Ball
  • Toby Knight, Neighbourhood Management Officer
  • Suzanne Prance, Street Environment Officer.


And representatives from:

  • The Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • The Environmental Protection Unit.



  • Find out more about the proposed Air Quality Management Area on Main Street.


1.1            Residents had the opportunity to speak with cllr Keith Aspden and cllr Ceredig Jamieson-Ball; Sgt Andy Haigh, PC Anna Daniels, PCSO Colin Moreton and PCSO Jon-Mark Buchanan from the Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team; Kate Bowers and Toby Knight from the Neighbourhood Management Unit; Suzanne Prance from Street Environment Services; Marta Garcia from Waste Strategy and Andy Gillah, Mike Southcombe and Elizabeth Bates from the Environmental Protection Unit.


Welcome and Minutes - 7.30pm


2.1             Cllr Keith Aspden welcomed everybody to the meeting.

2.2             He invited residents to take a look at the October meeting’s minutes, and to raise any comments before the end of the meeting; at which point the minutes would be signed.


Police Update

The Safer Neighbourhood Team for Heslington and Fulford will provide an update on police operations within the ward and answer any questions you have.


3.1             Sgt Andy Haigh gave an update on police activities within Fulford and Heslington.

3.2             Crime in Fulford is down 26% overall compared with last year. Fulford is one of the safest wards in the city.

3.3             Crime in Heslington is up 17%, though most of this is due to cycle theft occurring at the university. Heslington is still a very safe place to live.

3.4             PC Anna Daniels spoke about the policing priorities identifies by residents through the October Your Ward newsletters. The three priorities were identified as: anti-social behaviour, speeding and cycling offences.

3.5             Fulford Road is being targeted for cycling offences as this is one of the main problem areas. If people are seen cycling on pavements or without lights then they are stopped and dealt with there and then. People cycling without lights are issued with forms which they then get stamped once the bike has been properly outfitted.

3.6             Naburn Lane is the one street that has been raised with the Traffic Management Unit as a road that sees frequent speeding. They are monitoring the area. There are ’95 Alive’ forms available that residents can use to report speeding concerns. They will receive an acknowledgement and the suggested streets will be added to the list to be monitored.

3.7             Heslington and Fulford are the two lowest wards in the whole of York for anti-social behaviour, but they will continue to deal with it when encountered. In particular, they will continue to monitor the pubs on Fulford Main Street.


Residents made the following questions and comments:


Q         Have submitted a 95 Alive form for Broadway, but nothing has been done yet.

A            Broadway is counted as Fishergate ward. Broadway is probably on the list, but it does not necessarily mean enforcement; rather monitoring and education.

Q         Do you issue forms to people cycling on footpaths?

A         No – it’s just for those cycling without lights. Cyclists on footpaths will receive verbal warnings and, eventually, fines.


A19 Air Quality Management Area Consultation

The council has identified part of Main Street, Fulford as having air quality that is below acceptable levels. Representatives from the Environmental Protection Unit will be present to discuss this and will be seeking feedback on their proposals to address the situation.


4.1       Andy Gillah, Principal Environmental Protection Officer, explained about the proposed Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) in Main Street, Fulford. Some of the points made were:

4.2       Air quality is important because of the effect that it can have on people’s health. There are government objectives that indicate a minimum standard of acceptable air quality and it is an important part of the council’s transport policy for the city.

4.3       Where the national air quality objectives are unlikely to be met, an Air Quality Management Area must be declared. This will then be followed by an Air Quality Action Plan within 12-18 months.

4.4       Fulford Road sees approximately 20,000 vehicles per day. The resulting Nitrogen Dioxide output has seen the road breach these national objectives.

4.5       There is already an Air Quality Management Area in York around the inner ring road. One of the three proposed options for the Fulford Road AQMA would see it extend to, and join with, this existing AQMA.

4.6       The area of concern in Fulford holds 33 properties; approximately 83 individuals.

4.7       For more information, people can contact the Environmental Protection Unit on: (01904) 551555, email: environmental.protection@york.gov.uk or visit: http://www.jorair.co.uk


The following questions and comments were made:


Q         The part of the presentation that talked about an AQMA needing to be declared if “national air quality objectives are unlikely to be met” seems a bit vague.

A            Monitoring stations that provide real-time averages are used, and these are very accurate. There are also monitors on lamp posts that are used, but these are not as effective. Therefore, we can only be 95% certain.

Q         The point made about Fulford not being in a smoke control area and so emissions from open fires being potential contributors seems unlikely.

A         It would have a minor influence, if any. But these things must be looked at as part of establishing the AQMA.

Q            Germany Beck developments could increase this problem further.

A         A study was conducted to look at the potential impact of Germany Beck.

Q         What are the implications of a larger AQMA over a smaller one?

A         It is probably better to have a larger one. The whole corridor will need to be looked at regardless of what is chosen.

Q         What was done as part of the Fishergate AQMA?

A         This was a little different as the AQMA was part of the whole inner ring road. It was looked at holistically.

Q         What are the changes that will be made as part of this AQMA?

A         This has not yet been discussed. First the AQMA must be declared and then the action plan can be looked at.

Q         It is very difficult to make a decision on how large an area should fall within the AQMA without first knowing what changes will be implemented.

Q            Perhaps a solution is to have drivers switch off their engines while waiting at traffic lights?

A         This is a valid point. The action plan can look at the timing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


2010-11 Local Improvement Schemes

The provisional list of Local Improvement Schemes to be funded from the 2010-11 ward committee budget will be discussed at the meeting.


5.1             Cllr Keith Aspden invited questions and comments on the proposed local improvement schemes to be funded from the 2010-11 ward committee budget.


Q            Regarding scheme 24: Please don’t plant fruit trees near footpaths as fallen fruit becomes very slippery.

Q            Regarding scheme 24: Will it be okay to eat the fruit from these trees if they are in an area of high air pollution?

A         Most pollution washes off. Locations will be looked at in detail before planting.

Q            Regarding scheme 1: The hedges at Heslington Sports Field need to be cut back. This would help reduce resident safety.


5.2       The schemes were approved as listed.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to raise any issues not covered by the agenda.


6.1             Cllr Keith Aspden invited residents to raise any issues they might have that had not already been discussed.


Q         Will the next meeting be back in Heslington?

A         Yes. Because of the AQMA item it was felt that a Fulford venue would be best for this meeting, but the next two shall be held in Heslington to compensate.


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