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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Fulford Social Hall, School Lane, Fulford

Contact: James Hunt 

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Residents had the opportunity to talk to Councillor Keith Aspden and Councillor Ceredig Jamison-Ball; James Hunt and Cindy Benton from the Neighbourhood Management Unit; Angus Young, Street Environment Officer; Sgt. Andy Haigh and PC Jo Brooke from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team and Claire Robertson, Youth Worker.


7.30pm Main Meeting - Welcome and Minutes


2.1Councillors Aspden and Jamison-Ball welcomed residents to the Ward Committee meeting.

2.2The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.

2.3The meeting was informed that Colin Campbell could not attend the meeting to talk about Fulford community orchard, so Claire Robertson from Youth Services was present to talk about their work in Fulford.


Safer Neighbourhood Team Update

The team will consult with you about their ward priorities and give you an update on their activities and projects.


3          Sgt. Andy Haigh (AH) from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team gave a verbal update.

3.1           Crime figures for 2008/9 are as follows, so far this year:

  • Overall there has been a 15% reduction in crime across the Fulford ward.
  • Overall there has been a 19% increase in crime across the Heslington ward (mostly due to bikes being stolen from university students and student houses being broken into).


Calls for questions and comments:


Comment: Pleased to see crime is down in Fulford as there is a Leeds based company selling security systems telling Fulford residents that crime levels are up.


Q. Does the vandalism on Fulford playing field get reported?

AH: Yes, the PCs report it. The alcohol is confiscated and the young people moved on. Anti-graffiti paint (whereby the graffiti just washes off in the rain) is also being trialled.

Q. What is being done about youths congregating at the bus stop on Fordlands Road?

AH: Police are aware of the problem and do patrol around that area. Please ensure you report everything.


Presentation from Youth Services

Colin Campbell will give an update about the orchard, what has taken place and future developments for the site.


4.         Claire Robertson from Youth Services attended the ward committee meeting to talk to residents about the youth clubs that are currently being run in Fulford.

4.1             Claire made specific reference to tackling anti-social behaviour by working with councillors and the Safer Neighbourhoods Team. Could residents please let Youth Services know where young people are congregating so that these areas can be targeted for outreach work.

4.2             Fulford youth clubs are held on Monday nights at Fulford Youth Centre.

4.3             Claire also thanked the ward committee for the funding to revamp the kitchen at the youth club.


Q. Does the youth club take responsibility for ensuring the young people get home without causing any trouble?

CR: With the younger children we make sure they are picked up. With the older children it is difficult to ‘escort’ them home.


Local Improvement Schemes

Find out more about the scheme suggestions on the ballot list.  If your suggestion is on the list, please come along to tell the meeting more about it.  This is your opportunity to give everyone the information they need to make an informed decision. 


5. The local area improvement schemes were discussed one by one, verbal support being offered for schemes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24.          


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to discuss local issues and concerns.


6. There were no comments received from the floor. However councillor Jamison-Ball offered his thanks for all of the good wishes he received in his absence.


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