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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Fulford Social Hall, School Lane, Fulford

Contact: Claire Glavina 

No. Item


6.00pm-7.00pm Older People's Event

  • Free Refreshments
  • Speak to your local councillors, Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team & Street Environment Officer
  • Get advice about cold callers
  • Free Home Services Directory – trades-men you can trust
  • Benefits advice from Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Arrange a free home safety check and smoke alarm installation
  • Free energy efficient lightbulb
  • Have a go at chairobics

Find out about:

  • Grants to help cut fuel bills
  • Healthy Walks
  • Older Citizens Advocacy York
  • Falls prevention advice
  • Age Concern Services
  • York Credit Union
  • Warden Call and Social Services
  • Dial-a-ride
  • York Wheels
  • Message in a bottle
  • Older People’s Assembly

And more…..


This was an opportunity for residents to:

§         speak to their local councillors, Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team and Street Environment Officer.

§         receive advice about cold callers.

§         receive advice about falls prevention.

§         talk about benefits from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

§         find out about grants to help cut fuel bills.

§         find out about healthy walks.

§         talk to a representative from the Older Citizens Advocacy York.

§         find out about Age Concern services, Warden Call and Social Services.

§         talk about services offered from Dial-a-Ride and the Older People’s Assembly.


7.00pm Main Meeting

7.00pm            Welcome and Minutes


7.05pm            York Customer Advice Centre

Find out about services on offer for older people from City of    York Council


7.35pm            NHS Foundation Trust

Find out about the trusts, plans, services and new developments


8.00pm            Local Improvement Schemes

Find out more about the local improvement schemes put forward for 2009/2010 ward committee funding


8.25pm            Have Your Say

                        Your opportunity to raise local issues and concerns


7:05pm – Welcome and minutes:

The minutes from the July 2008 meeting were approved.



7:10pm – York Customer Advice Centre

Penny Hutchinson, acting manager at York Customer Advice Centre, spoke to residents about services on offer for older people from City of York Council:

§         The Customer Advice Centre aims to help older people to stay independent.

§         They offer:

o       Equipment for the home

o       Advice on domestic help

o       Support for carers

o       Help after being in hospital

o       Housing advice

o       Information about residential care

o       Information about the protection of vulnerable adults

o       Advice about disabled car badge applications

o       Guidance on homelessness and child protection issues

o       Signposting to other agencies including Age Concern, Red Cross, Shop mobility, Social workers, benefits advisors at the Council and York Warden Call



7:30pm – NHS Foundation Trust

Patrick Crowley (Chief Executive of the NHS Foundation Trust) spoke about what the Trust has been doing and where it hopes to go in the future, encouraging residents of the ward to become members.

§         The NHS Foundation Trust has just completed it’s first 18 months and is now looking to the public to give more guidance as to what the organisation should focus on in the future.

§         One of the main objectives of the Trust is to focus on the patient, including their safety and general experience when in hospital.

§         The Trust hopes to bring the hospital up to modern standards.

§         One of the main priorities highlighted by the NHS Foundation Trust is to increase bed numbers, which they hope to achieve by December.

§         Other priorities include making the hospital environment safe, improve staffing and reduce waiting times.

§         The building of the car park that is to help with the Wigginton Road traffic problems, should soon be underway.

§         The main aim of the Trust is to improve communication with the public and engage with the community, as well as working with the Primary Care Trust and City of York Council to best effect.



7:50pm – Local Improvement Schemes

This was an opportunity for residents to discuss the local improvement schemes put forward for 2009/2010 ward committee funding:

§         Cllr. Keith Aspden declared a non-prejudicial personal interest as a member of Fulford Parish Council and as a member of York Credit Union.

§         Support was given for the following schemes:

o       No. 8 – Free compost bins for residents

o       No. 9  - Free water butts for residents

o       No. 24 – York Citizens Advice Bureau and York Credit Union

o       No. 20 – Active York

o       No. 25 – Older Citizens Advocacy York

o       No. 19 – Fulford Sports Club

o       No.s 17, 18 and 22 – Fulford Youth Centre

o       No. 16 – Global York

§         Other issues raised by residents were:

o       Is the tree planting (no. 5) not the university’s responsibility?

·      They would be planted on the verge, which is council land. Other suggestions for their location can be made if  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


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