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Contact: Claire Glavina 

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Ward Cycle Tour


The ward team met at a number of locations in Fulford and Heslington to talk to residents.


Location 1: Newly refurbished bus shelter at Crossfield Crescent


Location 2: Outside the Bay Horse pub on Fulford Main Street

Q A resident asked Cllr Aspden why there is a new bus stop on Main Street, Fulford, and whether this means that the bus stop on Fordlands Road is going to be removed?

A Cllr Aspden explained that the reason for the new bus stop is particularly to help residents from Glen Close and Delwood, and that the bus stop on Fordlands Road will remain.


Location 3: Fulfordgate


Location 4: Junction of Holmfield Lane and Heslington Lane.

Q A resident             raised the health and safety risks that a dead tree on Heslington Lane poses.

A Councillor Jamieson Ball and Clair Bailey promised to look into the possibility of its removal.

Q A resident asked whether the stretch of Heslington Main Street that joins onto Heslington Lane could be re-named Heslington Lane.

A Councillor Jamieson-Ball promised to pass this request on to City Strategy.


Location 5: Main Street, Heslington (outside Charles XII Pub).

Q Resident asked what could be done about the graffiti on Heslington Sports Field.

A Councillor Jamieson-Ball and Clair Bailey agreed that this has been an ongoing problem and they would deal with the issue.


At University:

Q A resident asked Cllr Aspden if anything could be done to stop any rubbish being left out incorrectly at the end of Prospect Terrace, Fulford?

A Cllr Aspden reported that the Street Environment Officer had been working with local shops to stop rubbish being left out incorrectly, but that this needed reminders occasionally. Clair Bailey would be asked to monitor the area.


Archaeology Talk


This was an opportunity for residents to hear from Steve Roskams (From the University of York’s Archaeology Department) about the Archaeological findings at the Heslington East site.


Steve Roskams gave a presentation outlining the finds and how different they are to other discoveries. Steve explained that it has been a unique opportunity in the York area to find this sort of pre-history.


Q A resident asked whether there were any finds at Badger Hill?

A Steve Roskams replied that not much was found here, due to the location of Badger Hill being away from the glacial moraine.


Q Councillor Jamieson-Ball asked whether the finds were quite unexpected?

A Steve Roskams explained that although you never know what you are going to find, they knew that there was going to be some evidence, but just not the exact nature of this.


Q A resident asked what could be done to prevent the University from building on the finds?

A Steve Roskams explained that to fully protect the site it needs to be saved. However, since the developments are going ahead, they really need to look at how some of the finds can be preserved within the University Structure. There are two things they can do 1) work ahead to clear the finds 2) Preserve some of the finds in the new development.

A Councillor Jamieson Ball responded, saying that he would try to see what he could do in terms of raising the issue with relevant people, to ensure that the finds are preserved at least partly.


Steve Roskams finished his talk by explaining to residents that the University’s archaeology department thinks it is very important to make the finds at Heslington East accessible to the public. Hence this and other talks they have done. Also that they will ensure that they communicate the discoveries to the public to ensure that people in the locality feel that it is important to them.


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