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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Fulford Social Hall, School Lane, Fulford

Contact: Claire Glavina 

No. Item

7:00-7:30pm Ward Surgery

Residents were given the opportunity to find out about:

-          The Local Development Framework

-          Derwenthorpe Development

-          Heslington Scout Group

Residents could speak directly to:

-          Their elected ward Councillors

-          Members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team about policing issues in the ward.

-          The Street Environment Officer for the ward.

-          Members of the Neighbourhood Management Team.


Welcome and Minutes

Approve minutes from last meeting.


The minutes of the meeting held on 11 February 2008 were agreed as a correct record.


Police Update

Find out about local police initiatives from a member of the Heslington & Fulford Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team.


Sgt Andy Haigh reported that crime in Fulford is down 45% and Heslington down 28% compared to last year, with 122 less victims of crime. Since January 2008 there have been no complaints made to the police about crime in the ward.

PC Anna Tyldesley explained how the Neighbourhood Policing Team are dealing with antisocial behaviour and speeding in Fulford and asked residents to report any new incidences of graffiti.

PC Joanne Brook explained that burglary and graffiti in Heslington are mainly occurring at the University and that antisocial behaviour at the Heslington Outgang has been tackled through the installation of a mosquito alarm.


Q Are the police interested to know about motor scooters driving up and down the riverside?

A The neighbourhood policing team are interested in this because it is a form of antisocial behaviour. Please ring the switchboard if you see this occurring. The resident was advised to provide the police with vehicle registration numbers.


Improving Your Environment

Find out more about ways we’re working to improve the environment of the ward an how you can help.


Clair Bailey, Street Environment Officer.

Matt Matravers from Heslington Scouts

Environmental Protection Team


a) Clair Bailey, Street Environment Officer explained to residents what York Pride money has been spent on between April 07-April 08. This included wildflower planting on Selby Road, graffiti removal and repainting streetlights. She asked residents to provide her with suggestions for York Pride spending in the next year.


Q There is a problem with fly-tipping between the Plough pub and garages at Delwood, what can be done about this and who can I contact?

A Clair Bailey replied saying that she will get back to the resident if she fills out a complaints form explaining the problem and its location.


Q Why have daffodil bulbs been planted in straight lines on Heslington Main Street, when they should be in random clumps?

A Cllr Jamieson-Ball answered explaining that it was a contractor who planted these bulbs last year. Clair Bailey suggested it as a possible scheme for York pride funding.


b) Matt Matravers and Ed Coop from Heslington Scouts talked to residents about the work they have done clearing up the garden of Heslington meeting room as part of the centenary of scouting. Matt thanked the Ward Committee for funds for roof repairs and other projects in the past. They also detailed some of the Scout groups plans for the future including redecorating Fulford Cubs hut. They asked residents for help in sourcing funds to send two scouts to Malawe to help renovate a hospital.


Q How long are they going out to Malawe for?

A 3 weeks


Q How many scouts are there in the Heslington troup?

A There are 25 scouts, which is small for a York group, but they are very keen to do things in the local community, so please get in touch with them if you have any ideas.


c) Neil Dodds from City of York Council Environmental Protection team explained to residents what the team do, which included dealing with the following:

Noise pollution

Light pollution


Smoke Control Areas

Waste pollution


The team are available on weekends and during the daytime, as well as weeknights, but will need prior notice for weeknight work.

Neil outlined what the team does to tackle nuisance noise, including statutory abatement notices, seizing of equipment and prosecution. Last year 216 noise abatement notices were served.

Neil explained that Smoke control areas are different from bonfires because they relate to domestic chimneys, and that Heslington village is not a Smoke Control Area.


Q Can you tackle nuisance car alarms?

A The environmental protection team can deal with stationary vehicles, they can turn car alarms off once a warrant has been acquired, but this can take a number of hours.


Q How many of the 216 noise abatement notices have been to the same people?

A We only issue one notice to each person, so there were at least 216 people who were causing nuisance noise last year.


Q Do you let landlords know about noise complaints and abatement notices served to tenants?

A Yes, we can inform the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Local Improvement Schemes

Find out about local improvement schemes recently completed in the ward and more information about further schemes planned for the year.


Claire Glavina, Neighbourhood Management Officer gave a presentation showing schemes completed using the 2007-2008 Ward Committee budget and those planned for 2008-2009. Cllrs Aspden and Jamieson-Ball provided further information where required.


Have Your Say

Your chance to discuss any issues that are affecting your quality of life with your ward councillors, Ceredig Jamieson-Ball and Keith Aspden.


Q Why is there a builders sign in a property near to the proposed Germany Beck development site?

A Cllr Aspden explained that the end property has been purchased by Persimmon homes.


Q Is there any update on the hangers at Elvington airfield?

A There are no updates on this, they have resubmitted the plans and we are still waiting to hear the latest developments.


There was a discussion about the positives and negatives of wooden posts being put on verges to prevent cars damaging the grass. A resident commented that they look unsightly and that the real problem is people walking on the verges, rather than cars. Cllr Aspden commented that the verges have been in much better condition since the posts were installed. Cllr Jamieson Ball suggested that they could be removed if there are now yellow lines preventing parking.


Q Are the council looking at taking over some of the post offices in the area?

A Cllr Aspden explained that Council officers are currently looking at and will be providing a report as to whether City of York council can keep some post offices open. The Council is not able to own or run the post offices, but may act as a facilitator and work in partnership with other organisations to keep them open. Cllr Jamieson-Ball highlighted the issue of cost of re-opening post offices due to the specialist equipment needed. 


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