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Proposed venue: Heslington Church

No. Item

6:30-7:00pm Ward Surgery


Welcome and minutes of last meeting


The minutes of the previous ward committee meeting were agreed.


World Heritage bid


Alison Sinclair presented this item, explaining that there was currently ongoing consultation with residents as to whether or not there was support for York to make a bid to UNESCO for designation as a World heritage Site. A brief discussion to place about what putting a bid together would entail and what the benefits might be of attaining this status.


Police Update


Representatives of the SNT for Heslington & Fulford attended and gave feedback actions relating to resident priorities gathered at the previous ward committee meeting and to give residents an opportunity to update these priorities.

Current resident priorities were noted as:


§         Burglaries at the University

§         Antisocial behaviour

§         Graffiti



§         Antisocial behaviour

§         Speeding



Heslington East and Germany Beck Developments


Heslington East

Paul Edwards and John Meacock attended for this item. An overview was given on the Heslington East Development.  A general discussion took place on the development and the following points were noted:

§         The development will add capacity for an additional 5,000 students

§         Concern was expressed for the potential additional number of students in private accommodation in communities around the university.

§         On campus accommodation was an important part of the development.

§         Concern was expressed about the pressures of car parking on residential streets close to the university.

§         A baseline survey of the level of car parking will be undertaken before the development.

§         Concern was expressed that increasing bus fares would further concentrate students within the communities nearest to the university and the potential impact on those communities including the impact on local schools.

§         Comment was made that there were measures that the University could take to make on campus accommodation, car parking and social spaces attractive and therefore address the concerns regarding the impact in these areas.


Germany Beck

Paul Edwards presented an overview of this development and then opened up a general discussion. The following points were noted:

§         A Reserve Matters application has not yet been received.

§         Concerns were expressed about the potential for HMO’s (houses of Multiple Occupation)


Traffic Issues

§         A discussion took place about the traffic coming out of Heslington Main Street It was suggested that traffic should be encouraged to use the link road rather than going back into the village.

§         Concern was expressed about the current Heslington village bus stop location.

§         Comment was made that there had been a mixed response regarding the proposed bollard system between Heslington and Fulford


2008-2009 Ward Committee budget


A priority schemes list had been published in the Your ward newsletter accompanying this meeting. It was explained that this list would be implemented subject to legality, feasibility and budget availability. There are also a number of reserve schemes which will be brought forward should the budget be available.


Have Your Say!


§         Comment was made about the number of cyclists not having lights on their bicycle.

§         An issue of Fly tipping on Germany Lane was raised.

§         A suggestion was received for an additional bus shelter at the stop at the Bay Horse Public House in Fulford.


Cllr Ceredig Jamieson-Ball, Chair

[The meeting started at 7.00pm and finished at 9.00pm].


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