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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Burton Stone Community Centre

Contact: Cindy Benton  Neighbourhood Manager

No. Item


Clifton Ward Surgery

Residents have the opportunity to talk to their ward Cllrs and the Clifton Policing Team


Residents also have the opportunity to give their views on Burton Steon Community Centre and on their ward priorities and issues.


Main meeting 7pm

Welcome & Cllr Introductions


Cllr Myers welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Cllr Wells


Clifton Police Team

The Clifton Policing Team will give an update on any issues in the Ward and will take any questions


There was no representation from the local PCSO as they had sent their apologies, however Cllr Myers informed residents that if they would like to forward any questions to him he would pass them onto the unit for a response.


Burton Stone Community Centre

Andy Laslett (Strategic Services Manager) will be giving an update on Burton Stone Community Centre and will ask residents views on the centre and its usage


Burton Stone Community Centre Update – Andy Hazlet


Andy Laslett (CYC) informed the meeting that he was responsible for 5 community centres in York including Burton Stone Community Centre.  It was noted that at the present time there were no plans to change the way the centres were operating, however in the next 12- 18 months decisions would be made regarding their future.  Therefore CYC would like to start conversations regarding the buildings, usage and whether they are meeting the needs of the local communities.

It was noted that recent condition survey did highlight some potential costs in the future and Cllr Waller would be leading a review into the community centre buildings across the city.  Mr Laslett informed the meeting he would like to start conversations regarding the usage of the Burton Stone Community Centre for example;

·        Which community spaces are used?

·        Who uses the building?

·        If another community building was used, what would be the best location?

It was noted that Mr Laslett would like to involve residents in working groups to look at these areas amongst others.


What is the current budget for Burton Stone Community Centre?


£15,000 this year, previously it had been £80,000 with 5 members of staff.  The community centre currently has 2 part time members of staff and consequently opens less frequently.


Are the users from Clifton?


It is estimated that 60% of the users are not from Clifton, a previous meeting saw 3 residents attend from a crowd of approximately 100.


Would the consultation take into account the closure of Bootham Crescent football ground?


The consultation would include information from other buildings which could potentially be used for community activities.


Would meetings be held in the evenings?


Evening meetings would be possible as the community centre is open until 10pm on certain evenings and not all rooms are in use.


Is the £15,000 per annum budget planned to continue?


Yes the budget is currently in place for the future years.  The budget will need to be managed as there are possible major repairs such as boilers which will need to be planned for.


It was noted that Clifton Green Primary School is interested in developing community links and would like to work together with the council to house community activities in the school and children’s centre.


Mr Laslett informed the meeting that the majority of the community do not have a preference to where the activities are housed.


Is the budget the same for all the community centres across the city?


Yes but the others have voluntary management committee; Burton Stone Community Centre is managed by CYC.  It is hoped that all the community centres will be involved in a forum to share knowledge and best practice.


What capacity is Burton Stone Community Centre running at?


There are currently rooms available however staff time needs to equate to usage therefore it is often necessary to sell the space first before allocating staff.


Mr Laslett thanked the meeting for the opportunity to begin  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Clifton Planning Panel

The Clifton Planning Panel will give an update on the work they have doen in the past year and will select members to the Planning Panel for the next 12 months


Geoffrey Williams explained that the Planning Panel was a small group of people tasked with reviewing planning applications and providing feedback.  The majority of the work is done online and via email.  At the current time the panel is reviewing approximately one application per week.  It was requested that if anyone would like to know more or is interested in joining the panel please contact Mr Williams as more volunteers were needed.


Cllr Myers thanked Mr Williams.



Clifton Residents Association


Clifton Residents Association – Marjorie Sharpe


Marjorie Sharpe, Chair of Clifton Residents Association gave a short speech on the work of the group.  The group was established 27 years ago and meets on the first Thursday each month to listen to residents and raise issues with the councillors of the Ward and CYC if appropriate.  The minutes of the meetings are published in the notice boards scattered around Clifton Ward.  It was noted that should anyone wish to display information in the notice boards Ms Sharpe should be contacted to ensure the material is appropriate.


Can anyone put notices in the notice boards?


Information is displayed at the Residents Association discretion; all displays must go through Ms Sharpe.



Is the Residents Association boundary the same as the Ward?


No it was originally based around council housing and therefore the boundary is towards the Clifton side as opposed to Bootham.



Could it not be changed to mirror the Ward boundary?


This would be a council decision it could be Clifton Green/ Bootham organise their own functioning group the issues may differ.  It was noted that there was a map at the back of the room and residents were encouraged to use post it notes to highlight issues in particular areas or alternatively email councillors directly.


Cllr Myers thanked Ms Sharpe.




Clifton Ward Budgets

Ward Cllrs will announce how much ward budget is avaialbel and the different pots.  This will be open to discussion and Cllrs will take any questions or suggestions


Ward Budgets


Cllr Myers provided information on the new arrangements for the Ward budgets, it was noted that application packs were available online or from CYC;

·        Annual General Ward Fund - £7490 - applications welcomed from community groups.

·        Community Care Fund - £3745 - to support activities which would potentially delay people needing to access social care.  Cllrs would be holding a number of meetings to engage with the community.  It was noted that in the Clifton Ward there was a higher level of elderly people needing to access pension credit than in other parts of the city.  Priorities for the Ward would be established through consultation and applications would be assessed against priorities.

·        Pride in York Fund - £4993 – to support environmental projects aimed at keeping the area presentable.  It was noted that this fund is additional to work currently carried out by CYC.

·        One off Pride in York Fund - £7547– to initially support projects which potentially would prevent additional funds being needed at a later stage.

·        Ward Highway Programme - £12484 – this budget would be in place for 4 years to target Ward maintenance not covered by CYC for example improving footpaths and street lighting.  Residents were referred to the map and encouraged to highlight areas to target.  It was noted funds not used could be rolled forward.


Are these budgets for the current financial year to 31st March 2016?


Yes, it was acknowledged the deadline was short and due to the councillors being newly elected priorities were not in place.  It was intended that a small group of key people from areas such as housing, police, social care, church groups, young people and schools form a Ward Team with the councillors to set the priorities.  It was important that the right decisions on the funding be made.



How can applications be made before priorities are set?


It was acknowledged it was difficult due to the short deadline however people were encouraged to apply anyway.  Some key priorities to be discussed would undoubtedly surround the vulnerable; those affected by pension credit and the reduction in youth services amongst others.

Cllr Myers informed the meeting the young people in Clifton would be encouraged to have their say and activities had been arranged to access this body of the community.  A meeting had been arranged at Canon Lee school to talk to their pupils.



Is the Community Care Fund linked to the Care Act?


The Community Care Fund should be used to support people in a different way by initiating projects which would potentially delay the need to access social care.  Projects around addressing social isolation, transport limitations, support for carers, nutrition and prevention of falls.



Is this just for older people?


No, all adults whatever age who potentially would require support?



Environmental Budget

Cllr Myers informed the meeting that the Environmental Budget for the Ward which is used to pay for hedge cutting, grass cutting and winter maintenance would be cut in 2016 from  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Have Your Say

Residents are invited to ask Cllrs any questions or raise any queries on local issues


Have your say

Cllr Myers invited questions from the floor.


The recent improvements to the broadband in York had seen a significant number of pavements blocked and damaged.  Communication regarding the project had been poor and a number of pavements had been reinstated to a poorer standard, the work had also been hazardous at times due to cabling.  Were questions being asked to why the project had not been carried out to a good standard?  Why hadn’t the work been done in smaller sections to minimise damage and ensure pavements were reinstated properly?


Councillors assured residents that they were aware of the problems and questions had been asked, they were awaiting a response.



Some residents had been kept informed after asking the contractors directly regarding access to drives, whereas some had not been consulted at all.



It was commented that it was very good that students at Canon Lee were being consulted on the Ward priorities, previously when the young people had been involved the response had been excellent.  It was noted that the level of child poverty in the area was high compared with other areas and it was good to invest time finding out the issues from the youth in the community.


The application deadline was very late compared with other years.  Residents were informed that there were more meetings and events planned and Cindy Benton offered to work with groups to get the applications in.


Will unspent funds be carried over?


Possibly however it is hoped the priorities will be set in the next 6 weeks and the budgets used this year.  It was noted that it is often difficult for groups who are funded late as the activities often occur earlier in the year.  Councillors apologised but explained it had been unavoidable this year due to the elections and the reintroduction of the devolved Ward budgets.


Is the Ward notice board which was damaged to be replaced?


This work is in progress and quotes are being sourced, the Ward Team will agree the contractor.


The flood levels need repainting and the bronze plaque had been stolen at the bridge.  Councillors assured residents the plaque would be replaced however not in bronze.  It was noted the JB Morrell plaque had also been removed.  Councillors agreed to work with the Civic Trust regarding a replacement.


Residents raised issues regarding the traffic management system at Westminster Road and Water End.  It was felt that the model was poor and caused issues.  It was agreed this would be raised with the council for further consultation to take place to resolve the issues.

Cllr Myers thanked everyone for their attendance at the meeting.  It was felt it had been a good meeting and residents were encouraged to pass information on.

The meeting closed at 8.25pm




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