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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Burton Stone Community Centre

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Drop-in surgery

The drop-in surgery gives residents the opportunity to talk to councillors, council officers, the safer neighbourhood team and visiting speakers informally.


During the surgery residents spoke to the councillors, street environment officer and police. They also had the opportunity to take one of the free audible carbon monoxide alarms provided by the ward committee.


Residents spoke to the councillors and neighbourhood management officer about 3 issues which have been followed up and sent to the relevant department in the council. They were – the bus stop nr 24 Crichton Avenue which was removed during the cycle track works – A parking issue in Gelncoe Street – The cycle track along the A19 side of Clifton Green which needs repainting as it has been worn away.


The clerk of the planning panel also asked about the election of the planning panel as there is to be no meeting in May. The election will take place during the July meeting, or, if that’s not practical, during the October meeting.


During the surgery coffee and biscuits were provided by the Clifton Residents’ Association.


Welcome and minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting will be approved and any action points reviewed.


Cllr David Scott chaired the meeting – the minutes of the previous meeting were approved and he introduced the councillors and CYC staff.


Safer neighbourhood team

The safer neighbourhood team will give an update on what they’ve done in the ward.


Sgt Martin Metcalfe told the meeting that there are going to be changes to the team with some of the Police staff leaving but the Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) remaining the same. He introduced PC Ian Richardson who will take over the management of the area in March. He explained that this would mean that from March there would be 24 hour dedicated Police response for the area.


He told the meeting that reported crime was down in the area – the only area in York where this is the case. He did stress that generally York is a very safe area.


There was a question about binge drinking – this is a problem across the country. He was also asked about cycling on the pavement and without lights – the team issued 248 fixed penalty tickets, they are aware that it is a danger and will do all they can to reduce it. It was suggested that the Home Office should deal with manufacturers to get them to make bikes with lights.


Cllr Scott, on behalf of the ward committee, thanked Sgt Metcalfe for his work in the ward.


Street environment update

Rachel Stewart will give an update about what the street environment service has done and what the York Pride Budget has funded in the ward.


Rachel Stewart gave a presentation on the work of the Street Environment Team. She explained that some of the specific work in the area was the refurbishment of street nameplates, repairing damaged dog-waste bins and working with residents to create a communal garden in their street. She works with schools on projects to reduce littering and on a communal allotment.


She told the meeting that she works with Community Payback and YACROW, organisations dealing with community service or young offenders.


A resident mentioned about the Clifton Church group that clear up the Croft and Clifton Green on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Rachel said that she would like to work with any community groups doing clean-ups.


It was mentioned that there is a problem with dog waste along Grosvenor Road. Rachel told the resident to call 551551 and report it.


A resident asked bout the planning notices which seem to get left after the consultation period has expired – Rachel said she’d go out and remove the appropriate ones.


She was asked about Community Payback and she explained some of the work they do – clearing up, trimming back overgrown hedges, clearing the snow etc.


Job Connect Clifton

Sue Shooter, Job Connect Advisor, will explain how Future Prospects can help people looking for jobs or to start up a business.


Julia Massey, Sue Shooter and Colette Gray spoke about Jobs connect Clifton. This is a local scheme to help residents improve their CVs, set up businesses and find work. She told the meeting about when the events were happening – these dates are in the January Your Ward.


They have advertised this locally and delivered leaflets to homes in the area.


Local Improvement Schemes

The list of proposed Local Imporvement Schemes will be discussed and approved at the meeting.


Cllr David Scott gave an explanation of the process for the Local Improvement Schemes. He asked the meeting to see in the Your War for the proposed list and showed the powerpoint slide of the list. This was approved by the residents there.


He explained that the final budget will be set in February.


Some of the specific schemes which were mentioned were;


Allegating (11-05) this is  small amount but the hope is to encourage like-for-like funding from other sources.


York and District Citizens Advice Bureau (11-20) this is a reserve scheme because the councillor felt that as it was a large amount of money this should be kept in reserve until the budget is set. There are also other schemes that will cover a similar group so it was felt that this wouldn’t be the most effective use of funds.


Lighting improvements (11-02) This is an addition to this year’s lighting projects. If residents have any suggestions let the members know or the Neighbourhood Management officer.


Have your say

Your Chance to ask questions about local issues or concerns.


The markings on the cycle track/path and road at the end of Crichton Avenue were mentioned. It is very confusing as to who has right of way and where you should cycle or walk. This is being looked into and has been to two meetings of the council executive and should be resolved soon.


The old Shipton Street School site was mentioned – is there any news?

The funding is in place and the developer is still waiting for final approval from the Planning Department.


The snow was mentioned and the problems with clearing it. The Volunteer snow warden scheme was mentioned where City of York Council are asking for residents to clear their areas.


There is an area at the bottom of Kingsway North that is grassed. A cycle track is being constructed that is taking over a large amount of the grass.

This is part of the orbital cycle route which is being looked into.


What is happening about the cycle lane along Clifton Green? This is being looked into again. Since the ‘Call for Action’ in 2009 this has caused more issues and requests for information than anything else. It is being investigated again.


Flooding by the allotments was mentioned caused by a burst water main – Cllr Scott suggested that if it happens for residents to call Yorkshire Water and City of York Council to get them to chase it up too.


The possbility of adding a left turn filter lane on the bridge on Crichton Avenue going to Wiggington Road. This would help alleviate traffic problems along Crichton Avenue and Burton Stone Lane.


It was asked what is happening with the Nestle South Site? It was mentioned that between 45 to 48 conditions have been applied to the panning permission, these are available form the planning department. At the moment they are still waiting to find a developer or developers to do the work at the site.


It was mentioned that a comment about the unemployed had upset a resident. The cllrs were happy that the resident felt able to bring this up and that, while we try to encourage everybody to express their opinions, they are always conscious of making sure people don’t make offensive comments.


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