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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Burton Stone Community Centre, Evelyn Crescent

Contact: Michael Hawtin 

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1.1             Residents had the opportunity to speak with: Councillors Ken King, David Scott and Helen Douglas; Michael Hawtin, Adrian Phipps and Toby Knight from the Neighbourhood Management Unit; Iain Dunn, Street Environment Services; representatives from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team; representatives from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service; Alison Jones, York Libraries and Paul Morrison, Housing Services.


Introduction & Minutes


2.1             Cllr King welcomed everybody to the meeting.

2.2             The previous meeting’s minutes were agreed and signed.


Fire Service


3.1             North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service had requested to come and speak on the recent spate of fires in the Clifton area.

3.2             Bin bags have been set alight after being put out for collection the next day. The Fire Service are aware of this problem and aware that it could turn into something bigger. They are happy to receive any comments from residents, as well as offer help and fire risk assessments on properties.


3.3            Residents had the following questions and comments:

Q         Is it the same people who are causing the Bootham Stray allotment fires?

A         The two have not been linked so far.

Q         There have also been some fires at the Wigginton Road allotments.

A         They would like to look into that and report back at the next meeting.


Safer Neighbourhoods Team

The team will talk about their priorities for the ward and give an update on their activities.


4.1             Sgt Martin Metcalfe provided and update on police activity in the ward.

4.2             Following on from what was said by the Fire Service, all residents are reminded to report any fires they see to the police.

4.3             The team are no longer covering The Groves, and so are able to focus their attention solely on Clifton.

4.4             Anti-social behaviour is down 85% from last year. The team was given a dispersal order which has been a big success in the ward.

4.5             Police have been targeting Water Lane, Bootham and Clifton Bridge in an effort to combat speeding. If residents know of other areas they would like to see targeted then please let them know.

4.6             Four drug dealers have been arrested recently. Ten drug warrants have been issued in the last few months; nine of which have been positive.

4.7             Three burglars have been caught in the last week. Burglary of dwelling is down 39.5% and burglary of other is down 50%.

4.8             Auto crime is down 30%, criminal damage is down 40% and overall crime is down 25.5%

4.9             If there is an area that residents would like the team to patrol then please let them know.


Residents had the following comments and questions:

Q         Do we get in touch with you directly or the headquarters?

A         The team directly if it is something community related. Sgt Metcalfe’s email is: martin.metcalfe@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk . Alternatively, dial 0845 60 60 247 if it is something that has been and gone, and 999 if it is an emergency.

Q         The dispersal zone has now come to an end.  Why was it so short, and are there any plans to get another?

A         It was in place for three months, and there has been a huge reduction in anti-social behaviour in the ward. The zones are very hard to get. If the problem flares up again then the team will look into it, but for now things are very quiet.

Q         How do we follow up what you are doing?

A         Not much can be said publicly about ongoing operations, bu they are being very pro-active on auto/cycle theft and drugs.

Q         What can the community do to help with getting tougher penalties for the criminals caught?

A         The matter is out of police hands, so they can’t comment.


The Nestlé Site

Graham Trewhella and Peter Alcock from Cass Associates will explain what’s happening at the Nestle site and how that will develop.


5.1             Graham Trewhella from Cass Associates provided update on the Nestlé site developments.

5.2             15 acres of land are free on the southern section of the site since production moved to the northern buildings, and it is this area which they are looking to develop.

5.3             A conservation area has been identified on Haxby Road; including some of the buildings. The brief includes a green area in this section.

5.4             The new front buildings will potentially host student accommodation, office accommodation, a community centre and retail space among other things. Family housing will make up the rest of the development.

5.5             A central pedestrian walkway will form the spine that runs through the development, with adjacent public space.

5.6             Access is a key issue for the site. Plans at the moment are for traffic to be able to enter from both Wigginton and Haxby Roads, but not to connect the two.

5.7             A public consultation has been held. Feedback received was generally in favour of the developments. They are looking at the possibility of incorporating a gym and performance space based on comments received, and a traffic model is being produced to look at the effects of traffic in the area that these developments would have.


Residents had the following questions and comments:

Q         Who will make the final decision regarding the access road? It would be a good idea to have the two roads linked to ease congestion.

A         The decision will come out of the traffic modelling exercise, which will show whether it is a sensible idea or not.

Q         What is happening to the building known as ‘The Bear Pit’? It had a splendid interior and is worth preserving.

A            English Heritage looked at all the buildings, but didn’t consider it worth listing. It is very difficult to keep due to its location in the heart of the site.

Q         Have you been in contact with Cycle City regarding using the central spine as a cycle path?

A         Have been in contact with Sustrans regarding extending the network in the north of the city.

Q         How do we input into the transport survey?

A         Speak with Richard Bogg (Richard.bogg@york.gov.uk). Please do feed in before the end of the survey.

Q         Is the traffic model looking at the impact on cycling as well?

A         No; there is a parallel study looking at that which is running now. Contact Richard Bogg for details.

Q         The spine will be a good connection, but surely a magnet for anti-social behaviour at night. Are the police involved with planning?

A         The architectural liaison in the police is involved. It is important to have residential properties fronting onto the spine, as this will discourage anti-social behaviour.

Q         Very happy with that experts have been consulted in producing the traffic model, as there have been some issues with ineffective modelling in the ward.

Q         What constitutes family housing in this development?

A         Linked terraces, two or three storeys high. The amount of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Library Redevelopment

Sarah Garbacz, Strategic Manager, Central Library will talk about the Library redevelopment.


6.1             Alison Jones gave an update on the Central Library’s redevelopment. Some of the points made were:

6.2             The library will be closing on October 31st and re-opening in spring 2010.

6.3             Plans are to restore the ‘open’ feel that the library originally had.

6.4             The central area will double as a performance space.

6.5             There will be general refurbishment, addition of a café among other things. Residents are referred to the Acomb Explore Centre as an example.


Residents had the following questions and comments:

Q         What will happen to the 1st floor leaflet area?

A         It shouldn’t change; it’s the downstairs that is being redone.

Q         Will there be more books or staff in the other libraries during its closed period?

A         There will certainly be more staff as those employed in the Central Library will need to be relocated for the duration of the renovations, but not sure about the books.

Q         What is the opening date?

A            Probably mid to late March. There will be press releases etc. nearer the time.

Q         Will the phone system be transferred elsewhere?

A         Yes.


Proposed Schemes for 2010/11

Find out more information about the scheme suggestions in this newsletter. If you have made a suggestion that is on the list, come to the meeting to tell everyone more about it so that they have the information needed to make an informed decision.


7.1            Residents and those representing groups that have applied for ward committee funding were invited to speak about the proposed schemes listed in the latest Your Ward:


Scheme 8:     Resident pointed out that York has 7% fewer trees than the urban average, so please support this scheme. Six trees will cost about £1,000.

Another resident mentioned that the branches on trees along Burton Stone Lane are an issue. Cllr King noted that this point has been taken up.

Scheme 9:     Resident pointed out that it is a very good idea to get people physically active.

                        Another resident asked how many children had been involved in past Street Sport sessions.

                        Allen Marsh, Street Sport representative, said that there had been three sessions so far this year, with over 120 kids attending.

Scheme 10:   Jo Gilliland, Active York, explained about the Fund For the Gifted and what it did. Around £4,000 in grants were given last year.

                        Resident asked if the grants were means tested. Response was given that they aren’t.

                        Cllr Scott asked what the fund’s definition of ‘gifted’ was. Response was given that this means competing at a city level or higher.

                        Cllr Scott asked how many children in Clifton benefitted. Response was given that there was one rower, plus around ten who attended a training camp.

                        Jo Gilliland pointed out that grants can only given if residents ask for them, so please let them know if any Clifton children might be able to benefit from a grant.

Scheme 12:   Secretary of Bootham and Clifton Out and About spoke about the scheme. It is open to any disadvantaged individuals in the ward. The money pays for coaches, subsidises meals etc.

Scheme 13:   John Burgess, OCAY, spoke about the scheme. The organisation essentially helps older people with any issues that are worrying them. It is volunteer led.

Scheme 19:   John Burgess, York Mind, spoke about the scheme. The group receives a tiny amount of financial assistance from the national Mind organisation, but then are looking for support where they can. They have helped ten people find permanent jobs.

Scheme 5:     Resident pointed out that any feasibility study would need to tie in with Cycle City study.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to discuss issues and concerns with your ward councillors.


8.1            Residents were invited to raise any issues that had not been discussed in the meeting agenda:


Q            Westminster Road and The Avenue are being used as a rat run. The problem has been worsened since the Water End alterations. Residents have counted the vehicles passing and noted:

                        Saturday 12 September, 1200 – 1500: 486 vehicles seen.

                        Tuesday 15 September, 0730 – 0930: 399 vehicles seen.

                        Tuesday 15 September, 1600 – 1800: 388 vehicles seen.

            Residents of the area are upset with the lack of quick action on the matter. They want through traffic stopped; not simply slowed down. The only way to achieve this is by installing bollards – road closure, which the majority of residents support, despite the inconvenience it would cause. The council has looked at reducing speed in the area, but not at stopping traffic altogether. 20mph signs are unenforceable.

A         All ward councillors agree that the situation is not satisfactory and have taken the matter before the committee. Despite arguing the case strongly, the response given was that it would be premature to close the road at this stage. Cllr Scott noted that this has caused much frustration for all. Speed restrictions will not stop traffic. They will be looking at the traffic consultation document due out shortly, which will be distributed to residents in the area, before deciding on how to proceed. The Water End alterations went 70% over budget and have caused a lot of problems.

Q         What can residents do about the situation?

A         Cllr Scott said that the Council Chief Exec. Had visited the area recently. All residents, please keep up the pressure. Cllr King noted that delays in action were happening all the time. On 11th July 2007 approval was received for the development of the Shipton Street School site, the application was agreed on 17th December 2008 and nothing has happened since.

Q            Westminster Road has come close to seeing a serious accident. Someone will get hurt if it is kept open.

A            Councillors agree.

Q         It will likely take a serious accident for something to happen.

Q         Thank you from Avenue Terrace, which has recently been gated. One old lady on the street is taking down her outhouse and creating a garden now that the gates are there.

Q            Perhaps the route of the cycle lane that has caused problems should be altered? Would a small number of cyclists travelling down Westminster Road be better than cars?

A         The councillors note the suggestion, but do not think it is likely to happen.

Q            Resident is a cyclist and feels a lot safer using the Water End junction since the changes have been made. The root of the problem is that York has too many cars.


Cllr King thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.


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