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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Clifton Green

Contact: Michael Hawtin, Neighbourhood Management Officer 

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Ward Committee Surgery

You will have an opportunity to talk to your ward councillors, the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Iain Dunn, Street Environment Officer, Sharron Hutchinson, Young People’s Service, Michael Hawtin, Neighbourhood Management Officer and representatives of CARS (Community Association for Recreation and Sports). Mike Tavener, Structure and Draining, CYC, will be on hand to talk about the river bank and representatives of Development and Transport, CYC, will be available to discuss cycle routes.  


1.1  During the surgery residents had the opportunity to talk to local councillors, members of the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Iain Dunn, Street Environment Officer, representatives of the Neighbourhood Management Unit, and Ruth Egan and John Pickles, City Strategy, CYC.

1.2  A number of residents voiced their concerns about changes to the road layout in the Clifton Green area and the negative impact on traffic on Westminster Road and The Avenue.


Welcome and minutes


2.1 Cllr Ken King, chair of the meeting, welcomed everyone and invited those attending to inspect the minutes.

2.2 One resident objected to an item in the minutes, but agreed that they were an accurate reflection of what was said at the meeting.

2.3 The minutes were agreed and signed.


Policing Pledge

Insp. Mark Khan will explain about the North Yorkshire Policing Pledge, what it means and some of the targets. The Safer Neighbourhoods Team will also tell you what they’ve been doing in the ward.


Insp. Mark Khan, Safer Neighbourhoods Team, circulated information about the Policing Pledge, encouraged residents to becomes familiar with it and outlined some of the following points about the pledge: 

3.1 The Policing Pledge emerged from a government Green Paper that sets out certain targets for the police to meet. Some of the main areas covered by the pledge relate to keeping people informed about policing issues, by providing feedback to people and by explaining policing decisions.

3.2 As part of the Policing Pledge, all forces will be inspected by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and a league table of police forces will be compiled. The North Yorkshire Police is currently undergoing an inspection.

3.3 The Policing Pledge helps the police to focus on delivering a good service and address any shortcomings. It is hoped that residents will be able to see an improvement in the next 12-18 months.


Among the issues raised by residents were: cycling offences; policing in the Rawcliffe Lane and Almery Terrace areas of the ward; reporting and logging of incidents; and the use of police sirens after 11pm.


The response was given that because so many people cycle in York, there are cycling offences. The law doesn’t distinguish between adults and children cycling on pavements, but officers can distinguish in how they enforce the law. Concerns about policing certain areas of the ward will be passed on to the PCSO in that area and concerns about use of sirens will be passed to Driver Training. Every incident reported is logged and one way to ensure this is to ask for an incident number. To report a crime you should contact 0845 6060247; for other matters the Safer Neighbourhoods Team can be contacted directly by email. It was pointed out that escalating a crime to get a quicker response could be viewed as wasting police time.


Cycle Routes

A representative from the Development and Transport Team, CYC, will tell you about the new cycle route and the Cycling City Project.


Ruth Egan and John Pickles, City Strategy, CYC, spoke about the Cycling City Project and answered questions about problems arising from changes to the road layout at Clifton Green.

4.1 CYC transport policy is to reduce unnecessary journeys by car and encourage people to make essential journeys by more sustainable means. The 2nd Local Transport Plan (2005) projected an increase in car travel of 14% over 5 years, a level which is not sustainable in York.

4.2 York has secured £3.68m in funding from Cycling England with match-funding from the council and other partners. The project has ambitious targets, including a 25% increase in cycling and 100% increase in children cycling to school.

4.3 The delivery strategy for the project includes: overcoming barriers to cycling identified by residents in the recent cycling survey; completing the orbital route; filling in missing links in the cycle network; and improved cycle parking.

4.5 In the second year of the project they will be taking forward ideas from the residents’ survey in which areas like Blossom Street and Wigginton Road were identified as key locations.


Among the issues raised by residents regarding cycle facilities in York were funding for the Cycling City project, cyclists cutting through the Homestead, the cycle path between Clifton Bridge and Lendall Bridge, and the impact of the cycle scheme on newly planted trees on Crichton Avenue.


There was a discussion about the new cycle scheme at Clifton Green and the resulting traffic problems. Residents described the delays and increased traffic resulting from the new road layout and some residents spoke in favour of the scheme. Among the issues that arose were: the width of the cycle lanes, signage, the consultation and decision-making process behind the scheme, the options and funding available to improve the situation and suggestions from residents about how to address the issues.


Responding to the questions and issues, officers pointed out that guidelines on the width of cycle lanes come from the Department of Transport, Cycling England and Sustrans and agreed that improved signage was necessary. It was pointed out that the scheme came before an Executive Member Advisory Panel; members made a decision taking into account the recommendations of council officers, whose reports included concerns raised during public consultation and warned of increased congestion which would improve as motorists found alternative routes. Officers have considered the possibility of reinstating the filter lane. The scheme is due to undergo a safety audit and funds have been set aside to address problems identified by the audit.   


Residents noted the dramatic increase in traffic on Westminster Road and The Avenue, and pointed out that the situation would get worse when the speed humps are removed to allow heavy vehicles access to St Peter’s School. Among the suggestions from residents were: traffic restrictions on Westminster Road and The Avenue; exploring alternatives to removing the speed humps; having a Keep Clear sign at the entrance to Westminster Road; using the successful closure of other ratruns as a model; and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Young People's Service

Sharron Hutchinson will tell the meeting about some of the opportunities available for young people in the ward.


This item was deferred until the next ward committee meeting.


Clifton Family Fun Run

Cllr. Douglas will tell the meeting about the Clifton Family Fun Run and about how to get involved.


Cllr Douglas spoke about the Clifton Family Fun Run.

5.1 The Clifton Family Fun Run is organised by PCSO Gill Kitson and Cllr Douglas in aid of SNAPPY. It will take place on Sunday, July 5 at Burton Stone Community Centre, there will be prizes and an opportunity to see the newly formed majorettes group. Entry forms and sponsorship forms are available.


Sustainable Communities

Find out about the Sustainable Communities Act.


Zoe Burns, Head of Service, Neighbourhoods Management Unit, introduced the Sustainable Communities Act.

6.1 The Sustainable Communities Act is a lobbying Act that seeks the ideas of residents to potentially generate new powers for local authorities. It is informed by the idea that local people are best informed to know what is required in their local communities.

6.2 Proposals should relate to powers that are currently held by central government and that, if changed, would bring environmental, economic or social benefit. Some issues that might be addressed by the Act include: business rates on car parks, reregulation of bus services, post office closures, protecting establishments that are seen as a community hub, and power generation.

6.3 In order to develop ideas to pass onto the LGA (Local Government Association), the deadline for initial suggestions is May 8, 2009. Suggestions can be made by filling in a form that is available from the Neighbourhood Management Unit, completing the online survey at the council website, or by emailing shapingneighbourhoods@york.gov.uk.   


Among the suggestions raised by residents were how the Act might work in relation to planning regulations and if it could be used to give local authorities more control over their finances.


CARS Fun Day (Community Association for Recreation and Sports)

Representatives will tell you about the CARS Fun Day and how to get involved.


This item was deferred until the next ward committee meeting.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to discuss local issues and concerns with your ward councillors.


Q. A resident from Almery Terrace voiced concern about ward committee-funded benches that had been placed near houses and were encouraging anti-social behaviour. Residents would like the benches to be moved to an area away from houses.

A. The response was given that councillors are aware of the problems and that Iain Dunn is investigating possible solutions. The councillors are committed to moving the benches.


Q. A resident highlighted the problem of speeding vehicles on Haxby Road and suggested that a Vehicle Activated Sign might be placed there.

A. The response was given that the resident should report the speeding problem using a Speed Concern Report. It was also suggested that the area might be considered as a 20mph zone.


Q. A resident voiced concerns about the effect of heavy traffic on a tree on Westminster Road which is protected by a preservation order.

A. The response was given that the school has suggested diverting traffic around the tree.


Q. A resident pointed out that there have been some incidents of CYC overpaying people. Can anything be done about this mistake?

A. The response was given that some officers have also been underpaid. The shadow executive member is trying to get some answers.


Q. Can CARS Fun Day be on the agenda for the next meeting.

A. The response was given that it will be on the agenda for the next meeting.


A resident submitted apologies from 25 residents of Westminster Road who wished to register complaints about the traffic situation there.






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