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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Family & Community training Rooms, Haxby Road Primary School

Contact: Michael Hawtin 

No. Item


Ward Surgery

Come along for an opportunity to talk;

Cllr. Helen Douglas, Cllr. Ken King, Cllr. David Scott.

Ian Dunn, Street Environment Officer

Safer Neighbourhood Team

Sharron Hutchinson, Youth Services Officer

Michael Hawtin, Neighbourhood Management Officer.


During the surgery residents were able to talk to the Councillors, The Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Iain Dunn the Street Environment Officer, Sharron Hutchinson the Senior Youth Worker, Michael Hawtin, Neighbourhood Management Officer. They also had the chance to speak to Tim Reeve from Advent Development Ltd about what is happening on the former Shipton Street School site. There were free solar battery chargers, batteries, jute bags and other ‘green’ products available at the surgery.


Welcome & Minutes of previous meeting

Check and approve the minutes from the last meeting


Cllr. David Scott introduce the meeting, explained where the exits and toilets were and so on. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. The Question of Hugh Bailey and Post Office closure was raised. His support for not closing post offices was mentioned. It was explained that the council is trying to stop the decommissioning process so that some of the equipment isn’t removed. The council subsidy of Post Offices in Essex was mentioned. The council is going to enter into negotiations to develop ‘Community Post Offices’.

The minutes were agreed and signed.


Shipton Street School Site Update

Tim Reeve from Advent Developments Ltd. Will update you on current and future developments at the Shipton Street Site.


Tim Reeves from Advent Developments Ltd. reminded everyone that they had held a planning exhibition a year before, in June 2007. They are in the process of Planning Application for renovation of the two existing school buildings and additional houses. They are currently going through dealing with details, adjusting the height of the new build properties etc. They are hoping to take the plans to committee and ask for approval in the next couple of months.


The refurbishment and regeneration of the existing school buildings is waiting for planning consent as soon as it is approved the work will begin.


Q. What is the number of parking spaces in the development?

A. We are providing an almost 1-to-1 ratio of spaces and garages to properties except for 5 of the 6 appartements.


Q. Will the parking impinge on the streets.

A. No the parking is enclosed within the development and there is a central triangle in the development which will be landscaped. The entrance will be in Newborough Street and the developers have paid £6,000 to the council to support the Whizz-Go project of cars available for hire for short trips and short periods. The entrance development may mean that some parking spaces on Newborough Street next to the entrance and opposite it may be removed with the addition of double-yellow lines.


There will be access to the community space on Shipton Street which also may affect parking slightly.


Q. Will the windows be wooden or PVCu?

A. We will refurbish original frames where we can and install timber frames where we can’t.


Q. What will happen about the hospital parking n the site?

A. The time for that option has now passed so it won’t be happening.


The planning panel stood up to say that they endorsed the plans entirely. A request for a show of hands to endorse it was requested. Cllr. King couldn’t take part in the vote but it was passed unanimously.


Street Environment

Iain Dunn, Street Environment Officer, will tell us how the York Pride budget has been spent and updating you on future plans.


(This item was moved up the agenda due to other commitments)

Iain Dunn reminded the meeting that the number to contact is 551551 and that they can also e-mail; ypal@york.gov.uk.


He told the meeting that the sort of thing the York Pride budget could cover included new street name-plates, dropped kerbs, removing graffiti and so on.


Some of the things that had been done in the previous year were; Work on the Croft (Deadmans Alley), removing graffiti, painting and repairing fences.


There was some discussion about alleygates with some people in favour of them and some remarking that with some there were occasionally issues with cleaning the alleys and that everyone in the area knows the codes and some people prop open the gates at all times.


Safer Neighbourhood Team

The team will continue their consultation and give you an update on the consultation from the last meeting and what they’ve done with the priorites.


Sgt. Shaun Page told the meeting that from April 07 to April 08 crime has dropped by 9%. He felt this was due to teamworking, partnership working and a good team dedicated to the ward. He reminded us that at the previous meeting the priorities identified by the public had been;

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Burglary
  • Auto Crime


He explained that ShopWatch for businesses are now meeting regularly and having an effect. Hotel Watch is well under way and is getting better at communicating and that is also helping.


Operation Declaw on Saturday evenings has stopped up to 20 people each time for cycling on the footpath and explained the law and the possible punishment to them. This will continue, time permitting.


Operation Seatus has resulted in some arrests on Burdyke and Spalding Avenues which are going through the court process. There had been 60 calls prior to this operation and none since. The was on-going work in the Croft.


Trading Standards have set up Cold Calling Control Zones in Fontayne Street and Westminster Road which seems to have helped deter cold callers.


There are police surgeries in various locations around the ward and the police are running personal safety events in schools. We give them Cop cards and do our best to break down barriers.


He mentioned the Clifton Community and Sports day on the 11th August where youth activities and youth involvement will be encouraged.


Q. At the last meeting the members of the school council offered to meet the police, what has happened about that?


A. We have been invited to a meeting at the School and Chris Pitchford is going to that when it happens.


Planning Panel

Maureen Knaggs, Planning Panel Clerk, will explain what the planning panel does, how it works and how you can become a member of the panel.


Maureen Knaggs, Clerk of the Clifton Planning Panel spoke about what they did and how they operate. She explained that they look at all sorts of plans, houses, shops, garages etc as well as being consulted on the Conservation area of Clifton Green and tree applications. They look at all planning applications for the ward and make comments. They meet every 2 to 3 weeks for an hour or so. She asked for people from the East of the Ward to volunteer.


The proposed road through the existing Nestle site was mentioned. It was mentioned that people had heard that it would be for pedestrians or cyclists and others that it would be one-way.


The planning application for Clifton Garage was discussed. It consists of 4 town houses, 2 sets of semi-detached houses and 2 blocks of 3 flats. The current application is much more in keeping with the area and it will blend in. The Sainsbury development of the old Charlie Brown site on Bootham was mentioned. The application is not in yet but it is understood that it will be the same size as the existing Sainsbury/Jacksons on Bootham.


The work of the Planning Panel was praised as being very important and interesting.


The bollarding of Rose Street, Fountain Street and Vyner Street was mentioned. There is less traffic going down the streets and it is much better for residents’ and their families.


The first stage of the Wigginton Road Park and Ride is now going to the government for the 2nd stage.


The request for volunteers form the east of the ward was repeated.


Youth Services Update

Sharron Hutchinson, Area Team Leader, will give an update on what Youth Services are doing in the ward.


Sharron Hutchinson, Team Leader York North, handed out a leaflet of the timetable of activities in the ward. A lot of sessions for 11-19 year olds in activities like, drama, cooking, arts & crafts, sports and so on.


The Kingsway Centre holds a session each weekday evening and there are 2 sessions at Burton Stone Community Centre. There are also sessions for the travelling community held at the Travellers’ Trust.


30 – 40 young people attend the sessions which tend to be between 6pm and 9pm. The events are structured and well-organised and concentrate on hot-spots and special courses such as teenage pregnancy and try to instill new skills and awareness.


Q. What about outreach work

A. If we had more money we could do more.


Q. Are the events organised for travellers open to everyone or only travellers?

A. They are only for travellers, however we are trying to integrate the travelling community and doing work to encourage it but it is a slow process.


Q. Will the sports bus be at the event on the 11th August?

A. Yes it will. The sports bus is a really good use of youth services. We do work closely with the police and there is scope for more work with them. Connections and the Youth Service are combining to become the Young People’s Service with better resources.


Have Your Say

Your chance to discuss issues that affect your quality of life.


Q. Shouldn’t the residents be consulted about lighting schemes. We’ve spoken to 10 people down Rose street and none of them were consulted. It was mentioned at a Ward Committee Meeting but shouldn’t the residents be consulted directly about .


A. One resident told the meeting that he had received a letter and notification of the work.


  1. Cllr. King replied that the consultation would need to be vague but that the issue would be looked into. He did go on to mention that the street lights were environmentally-friendly, could be fitted with baffles to prevent back light, that they are night-light compliant and that the light is only shines on the street.


Q. One resident mentioned that street lighting is an issue as it contributes to their severe migraines.


A. It was mentioned that a letter had been received from the resident’s GP that was ambiguous and that the street lighting was no more harmful that normal household lights.


Cllr. King told the meeting that the final decision is an officer decision and the Councillors are advocates. The officers have expert knowledge. He mentioned again about the baffles to completely prevent any light falling back. He mentioned that there was a site meeting on Tuesday 22nd April.


One resident wanted it to be made clear that he hadn’t complained as it had suggested in ‘The Press’.


Cllr. King went on to mention that the problem was being dealt with at the highest possible level and it would be resolved in a matter of days. He also mentioned again that the consultation issue would be looked into.


Q. Some of the trees on Burton Stone Lane were mentioned. A couple of lime trees had been removed and there was a space where a tree should be outside St Luke’s Church.


A. Cllr. King told the meeting he would mention the trees on Burton Stone Lane to Harvey Lowson the Council Arboriculturalist. He did mention that the space outside the church was on church land and therefore the council could do nothing about that.


Q. There’s a notice on a lamppost which mentions alterations to the parking regulations in the Shipton Street/Newborough Street area. There is no residents only parking scheme in operation and there are additional double yellow lines on the corners of streets.


A. There is a name on the letter attached to the lamppost and they’re the person to ring. The requests for resident parking schemes must be resident-led. Resident parking can restrict the number of parking spaces available and the price of it has doubled over the last few years. Legally there should be no parking within 15 metres of street corners so the double yellow lines are only ensuring that.


Q. We have real problems in our area – Shipton Street/Newbourough Street – it is used by hospital staff and people working in the city centre. If we go out there’s never any space when we come back. With the additional building work at Shipton Street  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


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