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Proposed venue: Clifton Methodist Church

No. Item




After the introduction Sally from Age Concern had to go to another Ward Committee Meeting so she explained about the benefits of the proposed Age Concern scheme. She said that if it were approved it would enable older people to enjoy life more.


Festival of Ideas


Claire Beech – The first Festival of Ideas happened in 2003, and is now being renewed. It takes the form of a consultation exercise where residents are asked how they would like the city to be and to develop. The responses are fed into the LDP community strategy blue print for the future of York. The topics include housing, climate change, environmental issues, historic and natural issues, flood risk and employment.


There are several ways to get involved; completing the form included in “Your Ward”, at the city summit which was held on 16th October and at exhibitions.


Q.        How will views expressed be taken into account.

A.        Every comment is recorded. All the comments will be summarised and the results publicly available.


Q.        Where will the evidence be?

A.        The evidence will be given the widest possible circulation.


2008/09 Ward Committee Schemes


There was a discussion about ward scheme suggestions. After the debate it was mentioned that the Clifton Clock face renovation may have funds form 07/08 and 08/09. The face is corroded and collapsing after trying to paint it. It is also unsafe as it is only screwed in and rust has eroded them. There were no objections from the meeting.


Neighbourhood Policing


Hambleton Terrace had been highlighted by through the PCSO having suffered vehicle crime, break-ins, drugs and an ASBO incident. The meeting was reminded that they should call 0845 6060247 and get an incident number for every time they called. This would mean that the police could target the areas that need their support. The police don’t know if there’s a problem if they’re not told.


The police were told that the work they had done with Smart Water had been great. They explained that they were working together as a team with different partners.


The Neighbourhood Policing team’s shift end at 10:00pm and then the response team take over. The new Chief Constable is looking at shift patterns. The response team is looking at long-term problem solving issues. They will concentrate on drug and find targets. The PCSOs may have restricted powers but are extremely useful at gathering intelligence.


The alleygating at Newborough Street had been left open to allow customers to access the premises.


The Neighbourhood Policing Team were thanked for being more visible, for replying to calls and e-mails and for visits.


After consultation with residents the priorities have been identified as;

  1. More CCTV
  2. Focus on drug problems
  3. The alleyway between Clifton  & Clifton Green Primary (Deadman’s Alley).


CCTV cameras on Wiggington Terrace and Kitchener St would be very useful. Grange House has suffered break-ins, vandalism and car break-ins but CCTV may not be enough.


There are regular problems in the alley. It was thought that it had been logged but it hadn’t been. Inspector Khan will investigate drug-use, bloody needles, criminal damage and dog mess in the alley. Safer York Partnership have already been to look at the alley and Cllr. Scott has e-mailed several departments with issues and is awaiting responses.


Have Your Say


Residents raised the following questions/concerns/issues;


There is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in Avenue Terrace, Avenue Road, De Grey Court, De Grey Terrace and West Grange. There are volunteers and they have a committee but it was felt that they could do more and they should try to get more people involved and other streets. Cllr. Will support alongside police, Safer York Partnership to bring people together to deal with associated problems.


Q. Is it true that they are going to build houses on the bowling green?

A. It will be investigated, nothing has been seen but will look into it.


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