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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Burton Stone Community Centre, Evelyn Crescent

Contact: Jack Woodhams  Community Involvement Officer

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6:30 - 7:00pm Informal Drop In

6.30pm Drop In - The following will be in attendance:

·        Ward Councillors.

·        Jack Woodhams, Community Involvement Officer (Communities and Equalities Team)

·        Reducing the Risk of Falls Project, Sarah Green Crowther & Jed Smawfield

·        Citizens Advice York 

·        North Yorkshire Police, PCSO Chris Pitchford

·        North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Julie Norton Smith

     York Community Safety Officer.

·        Colourful Clifton – Kristina Davey, Environment Officer (Communities and Equalities Team)



Residents had the opportunity to speak informally with Cllrs Myers and Wells and also with the local PCSOs.  Information on fuel poverty and the fitting of smoke alarms were available from York Citizens Advice and the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, respectively.  Di Lambert was available to discuss the provision mapping of services in the Ward. 




7:00pm - 7:05pm Formal Meeting - Ward Councillors Introduction


Councillor Myers welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies were received from Kristina Davey, Environment Officer, Community and Equalities Team. 


Approval of Minutes


The minutes from the Clifton Ward Meeting held on Tuesday 23rd August 2016 were presented to the meeting.  There were no matters arising.


AGREED:  It was agreed that the minutes were a true record of the meeting and that Cllr Myers be authorised to sign them as such on behalf of the Committee.







7:05pm - 7:15pm - Burton Stone Community Centre Update - Andrew Laslett


Burton Stone Community Centre


Cllr Myers introduced Andrew Laslett, operations manager, CYC, who updated the committee on the future of the Burton Stone Community Centre.


Mr Laslett reported that since March 2016, the City of York Council (“CYC”) has been consulting users and Clifton residents about the future use of the Centre.  In February 2017, CYC concluded that the building was not sustainable and created proposals for a smaller community facility as part of a redevelopment of the whole site. 


The proposals were put to out for consultation with residents and users.  This produced a disappointingly low response, despite a range of 2-way communication and information dissemination/gathering methods being used.


Feedback did, however, highlight several issues for consideration, including, amongst others, the need for a waiting area and the fact that the size and shape of the proposed Community room is inadequate.  Whilst the response rate was low, door knocking confirmed that leaflets were received and it was concluded that the proposal is accepted with no major objections.  CYC will now prepare a full business case proposal and seek Council approval in Summer 2017.  Any feedback from the consultation will be shared with the designers for incorporation into the final design where appropriate.


The timetable for development will be confirmed this Summer, although it is estimated that it will begin, and thus the current centre close, in July 2018.


Mr Laslett emphasised that CYC would be working with users to try to accommodate them elsewhere during the development period.


In response to resident queries, Mr Laslett reported that he did not know the final height of the building at this stage.  The package of works needed would go out to tender.




7:15pm -7:25pm - North Yorkshire Police Update - PCSO Chris Pitchford


Cllr Myers introduced PCSOs Pitchford, Cartwright and Copeland who gave an overview of safety in the Ward.


Over the year so far, there have been 121 reported incidents of anti-social behaviour (“ASB”).  There were 57 incidents of directed personal ASB and 12 of environmental ASB. A range of actions were currently being taken, including s.59 notices for the anti-social use of mopeds; targeted early hours and hotspot patrols; stop and account of any youths encountered; Youth Encounter Forms issued to youths misbehaving; and reactive action to youths trespassing on abandoned sites.


Whilst police are aware of several ASB hotspots, residents are encouraged to report any incidents of ASB using the 101 telephone number.  The PCSOs stressed that they can only target areas if they are aware that there is ASB happening. 


A DotPeen machine is available for free property marking.  Any residents interested in using this service should contact a PCSO, look out for a community event or contact the local policing team via email on:




In response to resident queries, the PCSOs reported the following:

·                    A letter explaining how to contact the police service in the case of non-emergencies (101) and emergencies (999) has been sent to all residents in North Yorkshire.

·                    Police are aware of the drugs hotspot on Grosvenor Terrace.  They can act if the problem is on the street. However, if it is indoors then they would need to serve a warrant.  Residents are encouraged to report any concerns as increased information can help support a warrant and pressure can be put to bear on the landlord to enforce his tenancy.

·                    Police are currently targeting moped related ASB following an incident at Clifton Moor between a man and a youth on a moped.  The incident is currently under investigation.


Cllr Myers thanked the PCSOs for their report and for the work they do in the community


7:25pm- 7:40pm - Reducing the Risk of Falls - Jed Smallfield and Sarah Green-Crowther.


Cllr Myers introduced Jed Smawfield from the Reducing the Risk of Falls project.  Mr Smawfield reported that the project, which began in March 2017, was being piloted in Clifton for a year.  Residents can request a property assessment, which is conducted by a team consisting of a dedicated joiner and an occupational therapist.  Issues can be dealt with immediately where appropriate or referred on to other agencies.


Approximately 3500 properties across the Ward have been leafletted about this service, information posters and leaflets are available in public places and members of the team are attending community events to raise awareness of the scheme.


Whilst the project is available to every resident within the Ward, the team are targeting the two main groups vulnerable to falls: the over-60s and the under-5s.


Any ideas for new contacts within the Ward would be appreciated.  Di Lambert offered to feed through information about local groups working with children and toddlers.  She also suggested contacting the Local Area Teams.


Cllr Myers thanked Mr Smawfield for his contribution to the meeting.




Fire Safety


Cllr Myers introduced Julie Norton Smith, the Community Safety Officer from the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, who spoke to residents about fire safety.  She reported that all residents are entitled to a free fire safety check, which included the identification of escape routes and the free fitting of smoke alarms.


Referral leaflets were available at the meeting.


7:40- 7:50pm - Citizen Advice York - Susan Wood

To talk about the ward funded 'money saving events' they organised in Clifton.


Cllr Myers invited Susan Wood from York Citizens Advice (“CAY”) to update the meeting on various initiatives to help residents save money on their fuel bills. 


Susan reported that Clifton Ward, along with Guildhall and Micklegate, had consistently higher levels of fuel poverty when compared to the City as a whole.  These three wards have therefore been targeted by CAY to help address the issue of fuel poverty and to help reduce people’s outlay on fuel.  Advice and help are offered to find cheaper energy providers and to switch to better deals, as well as raising awareness and encouraging people to do this for themselves.  Advice is also provided about any CYC provision for energy efficiency.


A number of communication initiatives are in place, including a programme of events, targeted door to door advice, and leafleting.  It was discovered that CAY representation at pre-existing local meetings/groups tended to reach residents in the best way, as knowledge of the service spread by word of mouth and recommendation.


Feedback from the sessions was that an ongoing programme of services and support accompanied by publicity would encourage more people to check and switch for the best deal.


At the moment, CAY can provide specific appointments at West Offices and at Westfield Children’s Centre in Acomb.  Drop-in services exist at West Offices on Mondays and Wednesdays and at Tang Hall Children’s Centre on Fridays.  Alternatively, people can use the energy comparison tool at Citizensadvice.org.uk.


Several residents raised queries to which Susan Wood answered as follows:


·        The comparison tool does allow users to specify a type of energy supplier. For example, “green energy” suppliers could be compared, although Susan did point out that such suppliers are not necessarily a cheaper option.

·        Whilst the first generation of smart meters can communicate electronically with the initial energy provider, in addition to allowing the user to see the amount of energy they are using, they cannot communicate electronically should the user switch supplier.  The new generation of smart meters does allow for switching to happen.

·        Before a smart meter can be fitted, a gas safety check will be conducted.  If any issues arise, they may be dealt with immediately.  For example, the supply of gas to an appliance may be capped there and then if it is found to be faulty.  It is therefore advised that any potential issues are checked out beforehand.

·     A drop-in session at Clifton’s Children’s Centre can’t be supported financially for the time being.




8:00 - 8:10pm - Re-selection of Planning Panel


Geoffrey Williams from the Ward Planning Panel provided a brief overview of the role and duties of the Panel.


There were four nominated members for the Planning Panel:  Jacqueline Fenwick, Joanna Finlay, Peter Smith and Geoffrey Williams.


There were no objections to these individuals continuing in post and no other residents expressed an interest in joining.  Mr Williams, did, however, say that he would sound out any other potential Planning Panel members. 


AGREED: It was agreed that the aforementioned membership of the Clifton Planning Panel be formally recognised by the Ward Committee.




8.10pm Clifton Ward Budget and Priorities


In 2016/17 a total of £35,000 was spent from the Ward budget.  This included grants to Clifton Youth Club, Musical Connections, St Luke’s Church, Clifton Church and Colourful Clifton and Accessible Arts and Media.  There was a £14,000 underspend, and it has yet to be decided if the Ward will be allowed to carry this forward into 2017/18. A decision on this is expected in June 2017.


The 2017/18 Ward budget is £26,210 from which grants to Vale of York and Clifton Parish Church have already been awarded.


No money was spent from the Ward highways budget last year and this underspend is automatically ringfenced and carried forward into 2017/18.  Therefore, the Ward has a highways budget for 2017/18 of £37,462.


It was noted that an extensive piece of work is being drafted for Lumley Road and works to the green space outside the Spa shop (A19).  Although no cost to the traffic calming measures in Lumley Road has yet been discussed, it was pointed out that a typical scheme can range from £10,000 to £100,000.  Cllr Myers expressed his disappointment that the proposals had not yet been delivered and assured residents that the Councillors were persisting in pushing the project forward.


Applications for grants are still being invited from community groups and application packs are available on the Ward website.


The Ward was thanked for providing funding for the new noticeboard  in Clifton.


Ward Priorities


Cllr Myers reminded the Committee of the Ward priorities for 2016/17, which were:


·                    Improving opportunities and facilities for young people

·                    A greener, cleaner Clifton

·                    Engagement with residents for a more cohesive Clifton

·                    Reducing social isolation for a more inclusive Clifton.


Residents were invited to comment on whether these priorities remained appropriate.  During discussions, the issue of childhood obesity was raised and it was noted that the Ward had a number of primary aged children who were classed as obese.  It was further suggested that maybe some form of financial support could be made available for families who couldn’t afford for their children to join out of school sports clubs.  It was felt that a further Ward priority could be added relating to health and well-being within the Ward.


The importance of the role of the Burton Green Community Centre in feeding in to 3 of the Ward priorities was raised.  Cllr Myers commented that Councillors would keep an eye on the rolling out of the potential development, ensuring that there were community facilities which were both appropriate and easily accessible.


AGREED:  It was agreed to retain the 2016/17 Ward priorities for 2017/18 and to additionally adopt a new priority which linked in to the health and well-being of the Ward.  The wording of this new priority would be finalised in readiness for the next Ward Committee meeting.





The Clifton Residents’ Association are keen to recruit new members, including a secretary.  Meetings are held every second Thursday in the month at the Burton Green Community Centre, starting at 6:30pm.  The group has a pot of money to spend on improving Clifton.  Past projects funded by the Association include the new waste bins and the provision of notice boards in the community.


The Community Café is held every Friday morning in St Luke’s Church.  Many agencies which operate in the local community often attend and it provides a good opportunity for residents to meet with them informally over a cup of coffee.


The Christmas Tree Festival will be held again this year.  The Craft Group agreed to help produce the Angels for this project.


It was reported that as part of the Colourful Clifton project, the green triangle on Westminster Road was planted with bulbs and new trees and that local children had created a ‘bug hotel’.  A grand opening was held, involving local musicians.  The project was heralded as an example of how involvement can help benefit the whole community.


    End of Meeting


Cllr Myers thanked residents for both their attendance at and contributions to the meeting.



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