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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Carr Junior School, Ostman Road, Acomb, York YO26 5QA

Contact: Laura Bootland  Democracy Officer

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Drop In Surgery 6.30pm - 7.00pm.


Residents had the opportunity to speak to Ward Councillors, Neighbourhood Management, their Safer Neighbourhood Team and Street Environment Officer.



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To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting of the Committee held on 15 February 2012.


RESOLVED:                That the minutes of the Ward Committee held on 15 February 2012 be approved and signed as a correct record by the Chair.


Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

A representative from the Policing Team will talk about and answer questions on their work in the ward.



PC Andy Chapman gave an update on the current crime figures in the Ward and recent initiatives carried out by the Policing team.


It was reported that crime was down 18% in the Acomb Ward, and anti social behaviour was down 24%. A problem address in the area had been closed down following Police and Council action. Burglary continues to be an issue in York and residents were reminded to lock doors and windows to prevent opportunist crime.


Residents were made aware that Acomb Police Station had been up and running since March and that they could call in to report crime, although the opening hours and services are limited and Fulford Police Station continues to be the main operations centre in York.


Residents queried if documents could be produced at Acomb Police Station. It was confirmed that this could only be done at Fulford.


In response to concerns raised, the Police team confirmed they would continue to monitor vehicle speeds along Boroughbridge Road and Beckfield Lane.



RESOLVED:                That the Ward Member noted the update from the Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team.


REASON:                     To keep Ward Members informed on policing matters in the Ward.


Have Your Say

At this point in the meeting you can raise any issues or concerns you may have in respect of the ward.



At this point in the meeting, Residents were asked to raise any concerns or comment on issues in the Ward.


The following matters were raised:

·        Dee Bush of the Older Citizens Advocacy addressed the meeting to outline the work of the Service and to raise concerns about the substantial cut in Ward funding being awarded. Councillor Simpson Laing explained that the new system would avoid organisations receiving money from more than one Ward budget and that the relevant Cabinet Member may be able to assist further.

·        Some residents queried how people can be persuaded to keep garden hedges short as it had been noted that a number over hang the pavements in the area. It was confirmed that details would be passed onto the Street Environment Officer for further investigation.

·        A resident asked about the possibility of introducing a safe place to cross on Boroughbridge Road close to Wheatlands. Concerns were also raised about the lack of speed limit signs in that area. Residents were advised that Ward Members were aware of the problem and were happy to request such measures be incorporated into future schemes.

·        Concerns were raised over the speed of traffic in Beckfield Lane as the addition of speed limit signs had not helped. Councillor Simpson Laing confirmed that the Police are aware and are continuing to monitor the situation.





Neighbourhood Working and Community Contracts

The Neighbourhood Manager will outline the process for grant funding for 2013/14 onwards and the Ward Committee will be asked to adopt the priorities under the Community Contract for 2012/13.


The Neighbourhood Management Officer addressed residents to introduce Neighbourhood Working and Community Contracts and ask Ward Members to adopt the priorities under the Community Contract for 2012/13.


Ward Committees across York are developing Community Contracts. They are agreements between each Ward Committee, the Community, Council Departments and other organisations that provide services.


Community Contracts were explained to those present and the key points were highlighted as follows:


·        They will tell the story of the Ward

·        They will highlight specific challenges in the Ward.

·        They will clarify the basic service delivery communities can expect.

·        They will list volunteering opportunities.

·        They will provide information relating to how communities can engage and be involved.


The priorities for Acomb Ward are as follows:


·        Increase and improve Community Provision.

·        Provide support that improves the lives of residents living in the Carr Estate.



RESOLVED:                That the 2 priorities for Acomb Ward under the Community Contract were agreed by the Ward Member.


REASON:                     To ensure that priorities under the Community Contract are adopted for Acomb Ward for the forthcoming year.





Ward Committee Funded Schemes 2012/13

To formally agree the schemes to be funded through the Ward Committee for 2012/13 (to view the schemes for the ward go to www.york.gov.uk/wards/)


The Neighbourhood Management Officer explained to residents how the ward funding had been spilt into three pots:


·        Ward Fund Grants:  Each ward had an allocation to use as grant funding to commission local voluntary and community organisations to meet identified needs.

·        Other Voluntary Sector Support:  A centralised fund to support those voluntary sector organisations that provide services to more than one ward.  It was not intended that this fund would be open to Council services such as Street Sport; however, it was proposed that in the first year only, whilst the Ward Credits pot was being established, Council services were allowed to bid.

·        Ward Credits:  A “credits pot” to be allocated to identified wards to be used to commission new services, either from within the Council or from other partners / sectors, to deliver on the Ward priorities. 


The proposed Ward Committee schemes for 2012/13 for the Acomb Ward would be:


·        Friends of Acomb Green, £1,500 grant towards their summer fair and improvements to the green.


·        Sovereign Park Residents Association, £500 grant towards their summer event


·        Carr Viking Football Club, £1,000 grant  to support the maintenance of the pitches, renew equipment and make sure training for coaches is up to date and current.


·        Community fund of £200 to support community activities/events throughout the year.  If any resident group would like to apply for funding they should contact the Neighbourhood Unit on 551832


Due to Councillor Horton sending his apologies, the schemes could not be formally approved at the meeting. Councillor Simpson Laing advised that the schemes would be ratified by the relevant senior Council Officer.


RESOLVED:                That the Acomb Ward Schemes detailed above be approved and ratified by a senior Council Officer.


REASON:                     To enable ward grant funding to be allocated to local ward schemes for the forthcoming year.





A59 Park and Ride

To receive an update on the bus priority measures along Boroughbridge Road for the A59 Park and Ride site.


Residents received a presentation from the Council’s City Strategy Programme Manager who outlined the draft scheme for the A59 Park and Ride and the associated bus priority measures along Boroughbridge Road.


The presentation highlighted the areas where the proposed Bus Lanes would be located, with focus on the Plantation Drive to Princess Drive, due to its location within the Acomb Ward on Boroughbridge Road.


Residents raised a number of concerns including:


·        How access from Plantation Drive onto Boroughbridge Road would be affected.

·        Where the funding was coming from and the costs associated with the scheme. Officers advised a government grant had been made to the Council.

·        Whether the proposed scheme would be cost effective in relation to how many people would use the Park and Ride.

·        Queries surrounding the movement of the kerb line and potential loss or reduction of grass verges.

·        Some residents had concerns about their properties being devalued by having a bus lane so close to the front of their properties.

·        The potential impact on Wetherby Road if vehicles use it to avoid the bus lanes.



Those present were advised that comments and concerns could be emailed to Council Officers via the Council website up to the 22nd June as part of the consultation. Officers were also happy to arrange one to one meetings with any residents who had specific concerns.


RESOLVED:                That the Ward Member noted the presentation on the A59 Park and Ride and comments made by residents.


REASON:                     To keep the Ward Member updated on major schemes in the Ward and residents views.






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