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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Holy Redeemer Church, Boroughbridge Road

Contact: Julie Hood 

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Drop in surgery

The drop-in surgery gives you the chance to meet and speak with your councillors, street environment officer, safer neighbourhood team, neighbourhood management officer and York Central project manager.  The Neighbourhood Management team will be at the surgery to get your ideas and suggestions about your ward, our service and our partners’ services.


Residents had the opportunity to speak with  Cllr Tracey Simpson-Laing, Cllr David Horton, Inspector Colin Moreton (Safer Neighbourhood Team), Michelle Watling (Street Environment Officer), Gordon Loftus (Group Response), Sue Houghton (York Central Project Manager), Ben Murphy, (York Northwest Development Officer), Lizzie Mower and Julie Hood (Neighbourhood Management Unit).


7.00pm Main Meeting

Welcome and minutes


Cllr Tracey Simpson-Laing welcomed everybody to the meeting.


Apologies had been received from Tony Hand


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed by Cllr Simpson - Laing


Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

The Acomb team will give an update on police operations within the ward and answer any questions you may have.


Insp Moreton gave apologies on behalf of the team who were unable to attend.  He followed with an update of their work and made the following points:


Crimes have been slightly higher compared to the same period last year due to an increase in shed and garage burglaries earlier in the year.  Operation Manganin and Operation Shadow were introduced to address these burglaries and have resulted in two successful prosecutions.  Crime is now much lower.


The Action Day on June 21st focussed on speeding in Beckfield Lane and Poppleton Road, other vehicle offences and bogus callers.  The DVLA worked with the Team and as a result of the targeted work a speeding ticket was issued, a formal warning was issued and several motorists were reported for other offences including not wearing a seat belt.


A cold calling zone was also set up.


PC Sarah Lacey has received an award for rescuing residents from a burning building earlier in the year.


The following questions were raised:


Q.        Was a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme set up in Millgates?


A.        Insp Moreton will follow up.


Q.        What can be done when there is a group of approx. 40 young people hanging about?  It can be very intimidating.


A.        This can be quite a concern, please telephone the Safer Neighbourhood Team who will visit and talk to the young people.


Q.        The bollards and telephone box on Beckfield Lane (near the post office) have been rammed and are damaged.  Has their been any reports and associated work?


A.        There have been nor reports of any incidents.  Michelle will follow this up.


Q.        Why do all the team have their days off together?


A.        When the team are all working at the same time they are much more effective.  


Eco Development

Rapley Planning consultants will give an update on the environmentally friendly housing project on the York northwest site.


Wendy Williams, Victoria Walker and Tony Topley, Rapleys Planning consultants gave an update on the project.  They made the following points:


Most of the buildings have been removed, there are just some foundations left.


There has been a full test of ground conditions, no major sources of contamination have been found.


A full flood risk has been undertaken which has determined that there is a relatively low risk of flooding.


There has been a tree survey undertaken.


Access will be via Millfield Lane primarily, with a secondary access of Plantation Drive.


There will be a consultation period prior to the planning application.


Several professional consultants are involved in the process:


Town planning                                              Rapleys

Master planning and sustainability            PRP Architects

Transport                                                        Acom

Ecology and trees                                       Atkins

Ground conditions                                       Scott Wilson

Community engagement                          BT


Other consultants will be involved as and when necessary.


Consultation will be advertised through the York Press, fliers to each house, radio York and Minster FM.


A database is being collated if residents wish to be personally invited.


Timeframe; Consultation on the draft master plan will be later in 2010 with the outline planning application in early 2011.


The following questions were raised:


Q.        Will a school be built?


A.        The build will be undertaken in phases.  Educational need will be identified at each phase and will be determined by the number of properties, types of houses being built etc.  Work is underway with education officers who will give the appropriate advice.


Q.        There are two main roads, the A19 and the A59, both of which, currently, are used heavily, building more properties will make the situation worse.

A.        Acom are the transport consultants and are actively investigating several options including public transport links and encouraging cycling.


Q.        Is there a possibility of access from the other side of the development?


A.            Consideration is being given to crossing the railway and river including the possibility of a tram/train service.


Q.        The master plan is not complete but the site for 60 houses has been identified.  How?


A.        All the information is being collated, it may be that the site is altered when all the relevant information is available.  The master plan must be in place before any detailed proposals are looked at.


Street Environment update

Michelle Watling will give an update on issues within the ward


Michelle Watling gave an update on the work undertaken by the Street Environment Officers . She made the following points:


Work is undertaken under four headings:


Engaging, includes raising awareness and education.  This work involves action days when work is undertaken with partners.


Education, which includes crucial crew (an event for 10/11 year olds which delivers several workshops around emergency/safety activities) and activities/events aimed at students.


Enhancing the area in which we live.  Community Payback (previously Community Services) work closely with the Street Environment Team.  There is a small budget which can be used to enhance areas, Michelle would welcome any suggestions.


Enforcement, which is always a last resort.  This includes moving on illegal encampments and fixed penalty notices for littering, fly tipping etc.


In the six month period from January 2010, 60 fixed penalty notices have been served.


The following questions were raised:


Q.            Sometimes the refuse men drop items out of the recycling bins, this is left to blow around the street.


A.             Michelle will follow this up


Q.        The new recycle bins have loose lids, not hinged ones.


A.        The bin lids should clip into place, if yours can not be clipped effectively please ring 551551 to obtain a replacement.


Q.        The walkway in Fishponds Wood cannot be used as the tree branches are very low and the area needs clearing and cutting back


A.            Michelle will take this forward


Q.        Viking Road play area also needs some work to be undertaken


A.        Julie to follow up


Q.        The footpaths on Beckfield Lane have overgrown shrubs and plants on them


A.            Michelle to follow up


Have your say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns


The following issues were raised by residents at the meeting:


Q.        The road outside Carr School is dangerous and a zebra crossing is not appropriate due to the narrow width of the road, can anything be done?


A.        There are bollards on the opposite side of the road and, hopefully, soon bollards will be installed outside the school.  The School continue to remind parents not to park outside the school and the Traffic Warden service are patrolling regularly.


Q.        What is happening with the alleyway between Beckfield Lane and jute Road?


A.        The consultation process is ongoing.


Q.        Road signs are being obstructed by foliage


A.        This is an issue throughout York and is being addressed.


Q.        There has been a proposal for yellow lines on sovereign Park which has not included a very narrow piece of road, how can this be included?


A.        It would be appropriate for the Residents Association to take this forward.  Yellow lining is a formal process, the outcome of which will not be known until the Autumn.


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