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Contact: Cindy Benton 

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Welcome and Introductions




Sgt Elaine Duffy reported that in the whole of the Acomb ward crime is down 34% overall.

·     Violent crime down 40%

·     Burglary (dwellings) down 26%

·     Burglary (other) down 20%

·     Theft down 20%

·      Criminal damage down 36%


·     The PCSO’s are to work on targeting potential victims of crime, 


·     There has been a 28% detection on all crime that has been reported.  But only 6% has been detected in autocrime


·     The road Policing group do concentrate on the main road thoroughfares into York.


·     On the 19th April the Police mobile unit will be on Beckfield Lane.


·     The PCSO’s for the Acomb ward are, Lucy Walker, Neil Thompson, Kelly Vause and one vacancy


Points raised by residents were;

·        Will there be any further patrols when the school building is closed and the site not used.

·        Residents of Millgates are again concerned with security of the school land


Acomb Library


Fiona Williams & Julie Travis spoke about the opening of the revamped library in Acomb and the facilities it has.  Main points were;

·        700 people visited on the first day

·        A greater partnership between the library and Adult Education

·        There are 4 learning rooms

·        The usage is now doubled compared to last year

·        A specially designed children’s area

·        An IT suite with 12 Computers

·        Grassed patio area at the back

·        A café that will be fully operational in June

·        A full educational curriculum from September]

·        Wifi access in the café


Points raised by residents were;

  • Do the library accept good quality second hand books
    • Yes
  • Is the Wifi free?
    • Yes
  • Will all the adult education be advertised in the Learning for Life brochure?
    • Yes


Sovereign Park


Michelle Womersley from Trinity Estates was here to answer any questions relating to the properties and parts of the estate that they manage.

Michelle expalined that she knew there were some issues on the estate and is quite happy to listen to residents complaints nad issues and respond individually following the meeting.  Issues raised were;

·        Parking area at Consort House, cars keep blocking some residents in.

o       Michelle to look at getting some signs up

·        Who is responsible for the road signs?

o       Michelle to check with Barrats.

·        Can the communal bin areas be gated?

·        There are some problems with getting in and out of Princess Drive


The road appears to be too narrow so CYC will not adopt a sub standard road (in terms of width).


The fencing at the end of Princess Drive should not have been there as access is required.


St Peters Quarter in Leeman Road has still not been adopted after 7 years.


Cllrs & Neighbourhood Management Officer to work residents to form a Residents Association of Sovereign Park.


Have your Say


·     What is the point of having regulations in the planning department if they are not enforced by the Council.

·     The Civil Service Sports Club is on Green Belt so it can not be built on by developers.

·     When can we expect Double yellow lines opposite the household waste site.

·     Anytime after today

·     Who owns the land that the school is on?

·     Has it been stopped to seal Cranbrook Avenue off at Cranbrook Road

·     Yes

·     The bus shelter on Beckfield lane just before Norman Drive is still placed at the back of the footpath

·     What is the reason for cutting the No10 bus service?



Next Ward Committee Meeting – JULY 2008


Ward Surgery


This was an opportunity for residents to talk to their ward councillors, report any street environment or any other ward-based issues.


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